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Yuna's One on One Search

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by princessyuna, Jan 11, 2014.

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  1. Keep to the Code
    1. I really do enjoy descriptive writing, but it is really not required. My only request is no one liners if I give you a paragraph. It's not all that fair.
    2. Do not control my character unless you absolutely have to for a certain part of your post. I don't like to control other characters, so I don't even do it.
    3. I only do straight pairings as of right now.
    4. Doubling is really a must.
    5. I do not have any boundaries, but please let me know if you do. If you wish for a certain rating for the role play, please just let me know.
    6. Let's have some fun.
    7. I usually play as an OC and a canon. Therefore, I do like romance.


    Rurouni Kenshin
    Death Note
    FullMetal Alchemist
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Fruits Basket

    [TV Shows]
    Once Upon A Time

    One Direction
    Jonas Brothers
    Pierce the Veil
    Metro Station
    Dir en grey
    Malice Mizer

    Lord of the Rings
    The Hobbit
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Harry Potter

    [Video Games]
    Final Fantasy VII
    Final Fantasy X & X-2
    Kingdom Hearts

    Demon x Mortal
    Princess x Knight
    Vampire x Mortal
    Vampire x Vampire

    Mystical Beast Market
    Greek Gods and Goddesses
    Medieval Fantasy

    If something isn't listed, please feel free to ask if I do it.
    Also, when it comes to pairings, we will discuss further in a PM. :)

    Can't wait to hear from ya'll!

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  2. Is my eyes not kidding me?

    Did I just read Greek gods and goddesses?

    I want to do a Greek god x mortal one. c': It's been a long time since I last roleplayed with Greek mythology characters. I really miss it. ; ~ ;
  3. The demon x mortal or vampire x vampire sound great. We could do either of them if you want
  4. I'd happily RP the Demon x Mortal story with you.
  5. Yes, we can totally do it. :)
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  6. Vampire x vampire, perhaps?

    Message me. :)
  7. Message me if you wish. :)
  8. @princessyuna Do you mind if you PM me with the details? I wouldn't be able to be online for a few minutes. Family matters got to me right now. :l Sorry! :I
  9. I'm interested in doing:

    Lord of the Rings
    Vampire x Mortal
    Medieval Fantasy


    I'm open to any of those ideas. I must say though that I've been DYING to do a LotR RP FOREVER!!! Whenever I have joined one it ends up dying before it really began :(
    For the Vamp/Mortal I would like to be the Mortal
  10. Let's go ahead and do Lord of the Rings. :)
    Let me PM you~.
  11. >>EDIT<<
    I edited my role play list and added bands to the categories.
    Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have another band in mind. :)
    I can do artists too.
  12. Would you be willing to play any of the following characters for a romance?

    Captain Jack Sparrow

    It would be with a female OC, and I'm willing to double as any of them except Snape and Loki.
    (Loki and Legolas are my two favorites currently)
  13. I can certainly be Legolas. :3
  14. Yay! Can you pm me please? :3
  15. Bumping this uuuup.
  16. >>EDIT<<

    Added more to the anime list.
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