Yuna's List (Always Looking)

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  1. I am looking for a writer who can write stories with me. I wish to go in depth, make new worlds, describe new things, and feel emotions. Make our characters experience a variety of different scenarios from dark to light. I want something fantastic.

    I am looking for someone who will create plots with me from a pairing, or fandom, out of the list. Someone who can play any gender without question. If it is a fandom, someone willing to double up. Someone who is capable of bringing in side characters to help the story move forwars. Someone who is as aggressive when it comes to spewing out ideas, and just throwing it in the role play for surprise.

    I want to be kept guessing as to what is going to happen. Keep me on my toes like I am reading a novel.

    I post at least once every day, depending on how much I am writing as a reply. I do expect the same. You do not have to tell me that you can't post, unless you will be gone for days at a time. I understand that there is life outside of Iwaku, I am fine with posts once a week. If you need to drop, please let me know. I am pretty relaxed and understanding, as a lot of my partners know.


    Arabian Princess x King of Thieves*
    Mermaid x Human
    King x Servant*
    Queen x Knight
    Gypsy x Pirate
    Space Pirate x Bounty Hunter*
    Boss x Employee
    Kidnapper x Captive
    Correction Officer x Inmate
    Jazz Singer x Mob Member/Boss*
    Native x Explorer*
    Demon x Human
    Assassin x Target
    Spy x Spy
    Agent x Target
    Hero x Villain
    Celebrity x Fan
    Model x Photographer
    Hooker x Married Man*
    Escort x Client*
    Oracle x Protector*

    Harry Potter*
    [Draco x OC, Sirius x OC]

    Lord of the Rings
    [Haldir x OC, Aragorn x OC]

    Pirates of the Caribbean
    [Norrington x OC]

    Twisted Disney/Fairy Tales*

    [Steve Rogers x OC, Tony Stark x OC, Loki x OC, Wolverine x OC]

    [* indicates what I am craving.]
    [Bold indicates what role I wish.]
    [If pink then the role I want will be female. If blue then the role I want to play is male.]
    [If a pairing does not have bold, or coloring, I am open for suggestions.]

    Pairings will be fxm only.

    Regarding Fandoms: The characters listed is who I want YOU to play. I can double as anyone of your choice.

    That is it for now.
    This list will constantly be updated.

    Message me, or comment below, if interested!