Yummy Plots! MxM and MxF Roleplayers Wanted!

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  1. Ok, so I'm trying to build up my MxM roleplay resume, however I always enjoy doing FxM roleplays also! I need some partners who enjoy doing MxM and FxM roleplays whether they be Libertine or not. I have a few ideas. If you are interested in any of them, please let me know via this thread or in a pm.

    Just as an FYI- I do and will reply at least twice a day. However, if you happen to be on at the time I am, I will reply until I get off my phone or computer. I also will reply at least at least a paragraph or two, depending on how busy I am. If I am busy, I will only have time to reply with one or two paragraphs. However, if I happen to be doing nothing at the time, I will and usually can do about 4 to 5 paragraphs or more depending on my mood that day.

    Enough of that! Onto the Plots!

    Plot Idea 1 - Person A is a newly graduated and placed Doctor in an ER department. Person A, on his first shift as an ER Physician, comes across Person B, a person severely injured in a domestic abuse fight. Person A fights to save Person B's life and succeeds. When Person B wakes up, Person A starts talking to them and starts to get to know them. Person A eventually starts developing feelings for Person B, however, Person B's partner finds out and chaos ensues.

    Plot Idea 2 - Person A has been abandoned by their spouse. However, Person A isn't alone. Person A has a child they must take care of and have won court rule for sole custody. Struggling to take care of this child alone, Person A does everything they can to take care of the child. One day, when Person A takes their child to the park, Person A meets Person B through connections his child has already made with another child. Their interest in each other is piqued and they start to get to know each other. Eventually Person A starts falling hard for Person B, but Person B's dark past may prevent them from ever trying a relationship together.

    Plot Idea 3 - Person A grew up in the foster care system. Each set of parents Person A was sent to were usually later found to be unfit to be parents due to abuse that had happened to Person A. Person A had been passed family to family, not knowing love or stability in their lives, growing up, Person A got out of the foster care system and out on their own. While working their minimum wage job, Person A meets Person B, a carefree and very outgoing individual. Person A is unknowingly drawn to and interested in Person B and by what means makes them so happy. Person B is eventually introduced to Person A through business acquaintances and they start talking and getting to know each other. Because of Person B, will Person A ever come to know what true love or stability is in their lives?

    Plot Idea 4- (For those who want to do a Supernatural type Roleplay) Person A is a human. As a child, Person A witnesses the slaughter of his whole family by creatures with wolf-like tails and Red eyes. Ever since, Person A has been afraid of anything that even remotely resembles the creatures he saw that night. Person B is one of those creatures and moves into town, right next to Person A. Person A, wanting to be a nice neighbor, goes over to meet person B and they start getting to know each other. They start liking one another until one night, Person B's true form is revealed to Person A when Person B shifts in order to Protect Person A from a home invasion. Will person A overcome their fear for the sake of their relationship or will Person A run away again?

    Ok, These are my ideas for now. If you have any ideas that don't pertain to my ideas, please let me know! I'm usually open and willing to Roleplay anything and everything! Thanks for reading this and if any of these ideas strike your fancy, please don't be shy to shoot me a message on this thread or a PM! Thanks!
  2. Plot #3 sounds pretty interesting
  3. Hi! Would love to do a MxM roleplay! I like all your ideas, but I have a character I think would be perfect for plot 3. He is very sweet and outgoing.
  4. I'd be interested in plot 4 possibly.
  5. Plot 3 sounds like it could be a good one to put a lot of detail and work into. I was also thinking- Person B could also not be as happy as he seems? I love twists and drama in my Roleplays! If interested, please do message me.
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