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  1. Hey there again!

    I hope that those for who this thread is meant, understood my message. If not and you are reading this with thoughts like 'What the hell is this about?!' Let me clear you confusion with few letters......... YAOI Ha! Gotcha! Yep, this is going to be about Yaoi in a certain way.

    I was searching Iwaku world for some Yaoi thread comparin and reviewin stuff about Yaoi like books, manga, movies and others, though I haven't found anything that satisfied me enough to post in there. So here I am, posting my own thread! Hoooray!

    Lately, I was thinkin of buying a Yaoi book for my Kindle an what really caught my attention was Yaoi book called Maelstrom. Does any of you have any knowledge of this book? Have you read it? How was it? Please, tell me so that I know whether to buy it or not.

  2. We have groups =| Talk to Dawn, she has all the yaoi.
  3. Kinky! Yaoi can be pretty awesome
  4. I know we have groups and I personally am member of two. But we down have thread that would be open to discussion.

  5. Heck it can! ;)

  6. If you end up buying yaoi on your kindle from digital manga, you might get something I've worked on. :P I can't legally say /what/ I've worked on yet, though. Personally, despite working in lettering yaoi, I'm not too into it. HOWEVER, I really love Princess Princess by Mikiyo Tsuda. I love her art style and her mangas are actually pretty awesome- she does both Yaoi and Yuri. :P
  7. Really? That would be awesome! Give me a little hint about your work please so that I know what I should look for ;)

    Anyways, i was planning more to get a written story then manga because I can't imagine having manga on the small screen of Kindle.