Yumerio Patissiere RP???????

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  1. You arrive at a large Academy, it is quite elegant and almost looks like a castle. There are four dormitories, two large main buildings, a few cafes, a large lake, and their own garden. It's quite magnificent indeed. One of the main buldings is meant for middle school students, while the other is for high school students. There are the middle school dorms and the highschool dorms. The Highschool dorms are much more high-class than that of the middle school dorms, which look like normal dorm rooms. Each main building has a very large kitchen with 7 or 8 work areas (seven-eight ovens, seven-eight islands, seven-eight stoves, etc. etc.) meant for the students to learn how to make specific things, and to hone their skills on making sweets in class. These kitchens are open from maybe 7 a.m. to almost midnight for students to do their own self practice. Along with that class you have other classes that are meant to help you on your way of becoming a patissier, and you have classes such as science, langauge classes, history and normal middle or highschool classes.
    The cafes are usually run by the high school students and are where the students go to get the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of the other cafes sell sweets with one being run by the high school's number one student.
    The garden is filled with ingredients of all kinds and is also filled with flowers and plants of all kinds as well.
    Overall this academy is very high class class.
    But what exactly are you doing here?
    It is because you were accepted here.
    The letter of acceptance read
    Dear -Your Name Here
    I am glad to inform you that you have been accepted into St. Marie's Academy Japan Branch! There you will learn everything you'll need to know about becoming a Patissier. Along with your normal classes such as Language Arts, Language classes, Science, etc. etc. you will be in classes that will help with becoming a patissier. In your home room class you will learn different skills, and how to make different sweets.
    There is much for you to learn at this academy and We cannot wait for you to arrive! The Entrance Ceremony will start next week and we would prefer it if you come a few days a head of time to get used to where you will be living for the school year or the rest of your middle or high school years if you choose to stay.
    Depending on your skill you will be put into one of the seven groups in your class
    A is the for the students with the best skills while the F group is for students who, well, ya know need a long a way to go before they reach the top. There is four to group and you don't know who you will be paired with so make sure to become friends or acquaintances with everyone in your specific grade level.
    When you arrive at the school we will give you your assigned dorm. Whether you are in a two person dorm or a one person dorm isn't really up to us, but make sure to get along with whoever you are paired with!
    Once you arrive on the academy we will give a tour and more information on the school. We can't way to meet you!
    Head Master Hiroshige

    The letter didn't actually sound like that though, it was more formal.
    Why exactly are you in the school?
    Maybe you were forced into the school because your parents want you to be the heir to their confections company!
    Maybe you are a daughter or son to a confections shop or company but just entered the academy because you really do want to become a patissier!
    Maybe your a normal girl or guy who just loves sweets or loves to make them and your dream is to become a patissier!
    Or maybe you were scouted for you amazing skill at palette ( your sense of taste)

    Either way your stuck at this fairly intimidating school.

    Maybe if you're lucky you'll encounter a sweets spirit who wants to be your partner!
    What is a sweets spirit you ask?
    Sweets spirits are what are rumoured to exist at the school in a place called the Sweets Kingdom. If you are met with one and they are partnered with you that means they will help you on your way to becoming a patissier. This partnership is also their training to becoming a court patissier in the sweets kingdom! Just because you meet one doesn't mean you'll gain new skills in a blink of an eye! They help you gain those skills and create different sweets! When you successfully make a sweet they make a card that is sent to the queen of the kingdom!
    Though it is said to be a rumour it might actually be true! Some people have said to have scene or heard the sweets spirits when they are with their partners but who knows! ---------------

    Well that's the basical plot of this RP. I've managed to start this before on the old RPing site I go on, but it sorta died because people stopped posting. Whether you have knowledge about the cullinary/pastry arts field doesn't matter all that much really. I spent hours looking up references for people to use, for this RP alone and I don't mind doing it again. I just always liked the anime this is based off of and it's one of the reasons I'd like to pursue a career in the culinary or pastry arts. I just want to try starting it! Maybe While we are w8ing for more people to be interested, anyone who's already planning on joining can do some studying yourself. You can always PM me for information! I don't mind looking for things you may need to know! I don't know much about this particular career choice and such myself, but I'm only 15 what do you expect???????? I still like to research stuff about it once and a while. Anyway, I just want to see how much interest I can gain! I at least want to have 3-5 people intersted. Whenever I do get CSs up, for student characters youi can pick any grade from 8th to 12th. There are 6th and 7th graders in the anime, but in the anime they never mentioned those grade levels much, plus when I first made this RP no one really seemed interested in applying for those roles. Anyway I hope people are intersted.