Yum! or Yuck!

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  1. The person above you will name a type of food or drink, and you will reply with "Yum" or "Yuck".
    Then you will name a food or drink.

    Melancholy: Corndogs.
    Some other person: Yuck! Fried Okra

    Grape Soda
  2. Yuck~
    Shrimp lo mein (which is what I am currently eating, ha).
  3. Yuck
    Cheez its
  4. Yum! ( Love those things)

    Fried clam strips.
  5. Sounds kinda yuck.

    Lebanese garlic dip.
  6. Sounds yummy to me!

    Shrimp Scampi ravioli.
  7. That sounds delicious!

    Hot pot! <3
  8. Yum.

    Sea urchin.
  9. Yuck!

    Bitter-sweet chocolate?
  10. Totally yum

    Carrot cake
  11. Yuck!

    Chicken tikka?
  12. The hell is chicken tikka?

    I will hazard yum because I will try anything twice.

    Bullot (boiled duck fetus, still in the shell, Filipino delicacy). I totally love this stuff. It's like a crunchy hard boiled egg
  13. Yuck!
    ... but I could be convinced to try it.

    boerenkool (steamed kale and boiled potatoes mashed together with a pinch of salt and nutmeg). Served with botersaus (Browned butter with some water) and smokies.
  14. Yum. My wife and I love kale. And I was always a meat and potato guy.

    Homemade hummus, olive oil, some paprika to garnish with pita chips, my breaded chicken bits with grape tomato and a piece of mozzarella as entree
  15. Not something I'd personally go for but it sounds good, so yum!
  16. Totally yum~! If it is cooked right.

    Cheese and peanut-butter sandwiches
  17. Yuck. When I was little I use to eat PB sandwiches everyday. Now every time I see one, I wish it would blow up despite if it had cheese or not on it.

    Crab Legs and/or Lobster <3
  18. WTH is that! Looks YUM
    Better be an exotic fruit... tell me more~

  19. Yum. Fruuuits.

    Turtle cheesecake
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.