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Hey, y'all! I'm real bored and am really craving a good, exciting roleplay. So I decided to make a thread of my own; but a quick warning before I get into this: I'm weird. Like, super duper weird. Now let's begin with a list of random and/or craved pairings, shall we?

[MxM is preferred for romances]
Roles I prefer to play will be in bold. Cravings will be in  italics.

Curious mortal x Monster/creature
Bounty hunter x Wizard
Noble/wealthy x  Commoner
Royal human x Elf/ Angel

That's all I have at the moment, it's pretty late so I'll update the list, and the post, a bit more later on. If you think you're interested, please DM me, rather than post here! Thank you; we can brainstorm on plot/s together if you'd like!
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