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  1. Ello all, I'm talking about the card game and not the show!

    I was thinking about creating a Harpy Ladies deck! What cards should I try to hunt down?
  2. Anything harpy related?

    That stuff was super fun back when I was in school. Kids still play it here where I WENT to school.

    They went a little overboard adding new types and ways to play. But it's probably just because I've been out of the loop for years.
  3. I'm actually astonished to hear Yugioh is still a thing. I mean, that was around when I was in elementary school, which was eons ago, back when all the continents were one.
  4. "It's time to-"

    Yeah, I still have my elementary school deck... Somewhere.
  5. Ya, it's still clinging on... Me, my boyfriend, and a couple of our friends play it, and I'm getting annoyed with my boyfriend constantly beating me with his blackwing deck. So I need to put together something to make him regret going ultra competitive.
  6. People are shocked this is still a thing? o.O
    Any magic the gathering player can tell you that, because most of the stores will cater and host events for both card games.

    Entirely different fan bases, but they constantly share the same roof.
  7. Sigh, my question's still unanswered :'(
  8. Oh yeah, there was a question....
    I honestly don't remember IF I even knew.
    It was all about the magicians in my day.

    Maybe you should check the Wikia?
    I dunno.
  9. I've been checking all over the place, I just wanted to see if I could get some input on here.
  10. All of the good fun cards are now banned. Kids will look at you and think you're old just because you still have a Monster Reborn somewhere.
  11. Those were banned? :(
  12. Harpie Wiki

    I wish I could give you my 2 cents but I never made a Harpie deck, yet. I did just buy the Spellcastor commander deck and holy moly, is that a blue magic the gathering deck, I've ever saw. Just spent over couple hundred dollars on Yu-Gi-oh cards,deck boxes, and sleeves for my son XD I'm a Magic the gathering girl fan but I play Yu-gi-oh almost every night with my son! It also helped him read on his own allot better! (He just turned 8 two days ago) lol how can a mom say no to that?

    Anyways, hope you find what your looking for. I'm still trying to learn the game myself.
  13. Wow! That's alot of cards. I recognized allot of them, actually lol. I bought my son three of the Egyptian god cards, had no idea it said, Forbidding in duels, it doesn't even have the print of what it does. Must be high end cards or something. We just play for fun.
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  14. I remember when Yu GI Oh cards were as valuable as money and for my 6 or seventh birthday...it's sooo long ago that I've lost interest just talking about it. I reccomend getting the Harpie's Pet Dragon and putting him in your deck because that was a mighty monster at the time.
  15. I remember when God Cards were 60 dollars each.
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  16. Nope, not high end at all. Of course you can use any of them for home play or for fun. It's likely limited to tournaments and those Saturday morning card clubs I used to tag with.

    Most of those cards weren't that powerful, just a bit obnoxious in their simplicity.

    Flip this card, destroy an enemy card.
    Play card, draw three cards.
    Play this card, if it hurts life points, put it back in your hand (making it near unkillable on your turn).
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  17. What? You didn't print a bootleg on high quality paper on a school printer and put it in a sleeve to gloat?

    Made so much lunch money off doing that for like five bucks a pop.
  18. *Checks age difference*

    Yup, you're 5 years older.
    You had the resources at that time to pull such a scam.
    I was still in the early grades where teachers yelled at you for operating a computer mouse.
  19. And to think that people were actually spending sixty dollars just for one card made out of paper XD Then again, the people who made those Skylander games are doing the same thing. Ultimate business tactic: Manipulate the children and the adults are sure to follow.
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