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  1. Anyone interested in doing a group rp of this?
    I think it would be really call to let people create their own decks and cards, but I'm a bit nervous about that, because I'm sure someone will try to do something OP. So some rules would have to be put up for that.
    Also, the big question is how would the drawing work? Should anyone be allowed to just choose what cards they pull, or should the GM, me, use a number generator and assign the draws?
    Well, that's about it. I don't really have a plot right now. I just think its something that would be fun.
  2. I was once part of a yugioh rp on another site, There, we would play the game on dueling network. and roleplay the battles as we played, it was fun but short lived.
  3. Dueling network? I've never heard of that. Well, we wouldn't be able to make up our own cards, but that would deal with pretty much all the issues I saw.
  4. Yeah it's an online dueling site that keeps up with cards and rule changes, it has a chat feature that we used to rp during battles. The only downside is that it's super manual and not automatic like some official games are, so the interpretation of card effects that are iffy are up to interpretation by the players and not a computer, of course this also means no computer bullshit
  5. Cool. I'll have to check it out. ^.^
  6. i... actually kind of want to do this. i mean, i duel with plenty of people at school, but i have to admit that i want to get my Ancient Gear/Machine deck out there more and test it against more people.
  7. My only question is are Xyz and Synchros allowed
  8. I don't see any problems with them, so yes, those would be allowed
  9. Ick those things are game breakers especially Xyz
  10. So would you rather we didn't have the xyzs?
  11. That's my vote, same goes with Synchros. These two additions were what killed the franchise. A lot of people feel the same way.

    If you want, we could duel at some point to test run stuff
  12. Yeah. WE should set something up.
    And as for the pseudo fusions, I guess we can do a vote on that, once there's enough people.
  13. I live in US central time zone, when do you want to have the practice battle?