Yu Yu Hakusho, looking for multiple partners!

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  1. Hey everyone! I'm going to make this thread quick and dirty because I'm dying to get to the role play!

    About Me:

    1. I'm a student who also works so I won't always be able to sit on the computer for hours on end and put out twelve replies a day, BUT I should be able to get a reply out every other day at the latest and there will be times when I can do multiple replies a day, it just depends.

    2. My post lengths are sometimes inconsistent. I'll never do less than a fat paragraph unless the rp is super casual and I can go up to ten to twelve paragraphs if I'm feeling it.

    3. Kinkwise, I'm down for everything but hardcore goura type stuff and anything that should be in the toilet. If you have more questions about this send me a pm.

    4. I like to talk over pm but it isn't a must. Sometimes there's no need to talk.

    Partner preferences:

    1. Please help me move the plot along, nothing is worse than typing out some huge scene only to have the other person's post be like 'they looked around in awe and said nothing.' Yeah. No. Give me something to work with.

    2. Post length isn't a big deal as long as I have something to work with. If you're a mega poster that's fine, just don't expect me to match your length every time.

    3. Be nice and courteous and don't, for the love of God, come to me saying 'I ONLY PLAY GIRLS.' or 'I ONLY PLAY SUBS/UKES.' It's unrealistic and really annoying.

    Some notes on the below pairings and what I'm looking for:

    I'm rewatching Yu Yu Hakusho and am absolutely in love. I adore the show and most of the characters.

    Setting: As far as setting we can do an AU or stick to the show's setting. Doesn't matter to me either way.

    Themes: I love dub con turned consensual, abusive, controlling relationships, hardcore bdsm, I like fluff in the right pairing in the right setting, ANGST, angst, angst, hurt/comfort, yeah pretty much any genre that guarantees good sexy times : 3

    Pairings: There are mostly m/m pairings below with the exception of Toguro/Genkai. If I can't or won't play a character in one of the pairings I will underline that character's name. Also, a lot of my pairings below will inclue 3 characters. I like the dynamic of a third and am more than willing to do even more characters or multiple pairings. If there's a pairing you'd like that isn't listed below just pm or post here.

    Number of roleplays: I'm wanting multiple roleplays and pairings for this fandom. I'll list what I already have below at some point and if I'm tired of a certain pairing I'll strike it out.

    If you're interested, please either leave a comment below or shoot me a pm. I have some plot ideas floating around in my head but we will probably have to work something out on an individual basis. Pairings are below <3
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  2. Pairings

    underline= I can't or won't play this character
    Young Genkai x (Big) Toguro
    Toguro x Yusuke
    Toguro x Kurama

    Yusuke x Hiei
    Yusuke x Kurama
    Yusuke x Kurama x Hiei
    Yusuke x Kurama x Karasu
    Hiei x Kurama
    Hiei x Kuruma x Karasu
    Kurama x Karasu
    Yoko Kurama can fit into any of the above
    Karasu x Bui x Kurama
    Sakyo x any of the above
    Sakyo x Shizuro

    And plenty more. These are what I'm mainly focused on at the moment and I'm not overly familiar past the dark tournament but if you have something else burning a hole in your heart just let me know.
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  3. Still searching~
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