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    Anyone else here a fan of this awesome card game?

    I first became a fan by watching Yu-Gi-Oh on FoxBox/4Kids and Cartoon Network along with GX and 5D's which soon lead to me collecting cards and the games which I still own and collect to this day.

    I haven't watched Zexal or ARC-V yet but I might give them a try when I have a chance. I've kept up with the card game but haven't bought any cards in years so dueling is out of the question :( Plus Konami keeps banning unnecessary cards (Free my nigga Stratos damn it!!)

    As for the video games, I own several of them and plan to keep buying them as long as they're good. It's the closest I can get to dueling right now :(
  2. I used to have some of the cards and dueled with my brother and a few other friends. Kind of fell out of it once I didn't have people to duel with, though. Sold my cards a while back. I was never hugely into it, anyways, and it's not like I had a massive collection. :/

    I used to own some Yu-Gi-Oh Gameboy game way way back. Long before I ever actually got into the card game. As a result, I didn't actually know how to duel when I played that game. I don't think I ever won a single duel. Probably because I literally didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. o_o I'm not sure how or why I got that game in the first place...
  3. I still play with my boyfriend, but I have only watched Duel Monsters so am limited. I don't really care to watch the other ones, and am content dueling with just the cards from the original series.
  4. Oh boy, I still play Yu-gi-oh, but through YGOPRO.

    I've watched pretty much most of the Yu-gi-oh Animes.
  5. Oi, I love this card game to death. I used to have a pretty nice deck but after constant moving about it became lost. Now mostly I play around on YGoPro or the Dueling Network, experimenting with different cards and all that jazz. The anime is what got me into the card game. Growing up I was always obsessed with dragons, and I thought Seto Kaiba was the coolest dude ever!
  6. *cough* card games on motorcycles *cough*
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  7. I used to play yugioh when i was like 11, checking it out now...why exactly do they ride motorcycles while playing?
  8. What other way is there?
  9. From what I remember, Turbo Duels are a sign of "freedom"
  10. I still have a soft spot for the Charmers. Dunno what's up with card games on motorcycles and all the future stuff now.
  11. I play!

    Or, I would if I had anyone to duel with T.T it's been over a year, but I hold onto both my Ancient Gear and Different Dimension decks because hope springeth eternal
  12. I also play (Six Sams and Noble Knights)
  13. Season 0 was the best in my opinion, alongside the original Yugioh manga.

    Season 1 still had some high stakes with the Shadow Realm, but it wasn't as hardcore as Season 0, though it did have moments (though filtered out by 4Kids)

  14. The last time I played was when 5Ds was coming out. I only watched the first series to the end. I adore the abridged series. I even still have my Slifer model. Good times.

    Does anyone else play the PC games? I get wrecked by Kaiba. XD
  15. theres a yugioh pc game? omg where
  16. My opinion about Yugioh is that it is most fun to play when either:
    A. Nobody is playing with an actual competitive deck
    B. You are both playing structure decks

    Competitive Yugioh is basically like a more expensive version of rolling dice.
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