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  1. This role play is made for Yu-Gi-Oh fans, but non-fans can play too!

    Firstly, the rules we will be using are the Game rules. If you don't, please read this first (http://www.wikihow.com/Play-Yu-Gi-Oh!). If you have any other uncertainties on how to play, please PM me. I'm sticking to this set of rules, even if we use the GX time frame. If this creates any uncertainties of what's allowed, i'll be the one who make final decisions.

    When creating decks, cards from the original Yu-Gi-Oh series, the duelist series, the millennium world series, and the GX series will be allowed. I will not allow cards that are only in the 5Ds series or the Zexal series. This decision is final, there will be no changing it. I made this decision for a reason, if you have a problem then go role play somewhere else. There is a card list here (http://www.yugiohcardguide.com/card_list.html) and here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Yu-Gi-Oh!_cards), but i'm not sure if they are totally reliable. Instead I advise you to base your OCs deck off your own if you have one. If you don't, base it off a starter deck or a characters deck and adapt it a bit. If you’re not sure your decks ok, please PM me and I will tell you.

    For Drawing. We'll use this Generator.

    Everybody is allowed ONE character. There will be no canon characters, OC's only. There will be no character deaths, and keep all the content to PG-13 like the series. Try not to create characters like other peoples or a canon character.
    And For the Cards: Last op didn’t know how to Balance >.< So, I’ll do it differently. It will work by currency, at TCG players. Cards will all be waged by their official, original pack. No Anniversary Editions, not special pack, and No structure decks (It Ovverides the pricing of some cards with really, really cheap prices, and I don’t want that.), unless the very card ONLY exists there. (Black luster soldier, the ritual Card is an example.). Each Character will have a 15$ allowance, and must come up with a deck that will go to at least 40 Cards. Oh yeah, No Archetypes like The Sacred beasts, either God variants like the Egyptian gods, and even less the wicked gods.

    For card Rarities, go there. it seems TCGplayer has problem with recognizing rarity.


    Oh yeah. We'll use the September 2008 forbidden list.


    Character template:

    Name: (First then second)
    Age: (Don't mention birth dates until the time frame is decided)
    Likes: (At least 5 likes)
    Dislikes: (At least 5 dislikes)
    Personality: (At least 3 lines)
    Deck: (Yes, you need to list the name of every card in your deck. Minimum of 40 and a maximum of 60. All cards must be to the equivalent or 15.00$ USD. If you really have no idea, go to TCG player. >.<) (Either 3 lines or a picture. They must be human, and they don't need to look like duelists.)
    Any other notable things: (Weapons they own that aren't guns, pets, family, or whatever you feel is important to say about them. You aren't required to fill this in, it’s optional.

    Note: All chosen Card Pricing will be in med.

    And also: All characters must Choose an Archetype, and May Choose 15 card from said archetype, being 12 commons, 3 normal rare.15 commons is fine too.

    And as a Bonus: One Free signature card From Said Archetype. (As long as it fits within the Rules of no special/premium packs, timeline following, and allowing the structure deck card, if found nowhere else.)
    Mark that card in red.

    And when I Said no 5ds Or Zexal, or promo packs: This Is what I meant.

    List of packs allowed.

    And All Card pricing goes From the ORIGINAL PACKS. Not a special edition.
  2. Yeah, I'm a pretty rubbish OP! >.< (Especially since I can only come on biweekly, thanks to my stupid computer!)
    Glad to see some of my work has survived though! ^^
    Anyway, good luck Tensa! I might even join if there aren't enough people (but probably not, as i'm a fail).
  3. If Ever it works, that is.
  4. Ah this is much more understandible ,will have character profile up tonight.(curse educationry institutions in all their forms.)
  5. It's okay, Take your time. XD
  6. Name: Guy Rasini

    Age: 16

    Likes: Formal ware, drawing,( rather angular art style rarely uses color,) slow gentlemanly duels,

    Dislikes: orange, lime green, Overconfident or aggressive duelists, Sports or athletics of any kind except fencing or running with an equally unathletic individual, syncro monsters

    Personality: Has a fondness for engaging in mocking banter with both friends and opponents but little malice is intended, he views this as just another form of contest. At large he is fairly solitary except for when he wants to test a new tweak to his deck. He is quiet in lessons but at large is fairly attentive.

    Experience: Guy has played on and off since he was eight however he finds all the new extra deck card types to be irritating and refuses to use them.

    Deck: He uses a deck mainly consisting of dark dragons and spellcasters.

    Appearance: Guy stands just over 6'2 in height but has a rather thin build his skin is fairly pale and largely devoid of acne although some remains on his forehead. He has long,(just beyond collar length) unkempt brown hair that inspires terror in any hairbrush in the vicinity. His hands and feet are fairly small in contrast to his height. While not in uniform he usually wears black trousers, shirt and blazer. He keeps his deck in his side pocket. He wears some fairly unremarkable spectacles because of his squint.

    Any other notable things: He has a preference to rather morbid aesthetics.
  7. Achertypes. Red eyes, Charmers, Princesses, are 3 achretypes.

    And Cpt of the EVil Word is a Zexal Card. >.<

    Luster Dragon isn't part of any Archetype..

    So, I literally posted the Packs allowed, for clarification reasons.

    Go See Yugioh Wikia for Archetypes, if you really don't know what I mean.

    And LADD is only released on Storm of Ragnarok. The rest are special packs and Promos, And I don't allow those for obvious reasoning.
  8. You might want to elaborate on what constitutes an archetype. Does it have to use the key word or can they be extremely relevant support?

    For example, would a maha vailo equip deck have only 3 relevant cards in the archetype (the 3 maha vailos) or would common equips also count as on archetype?

    Oh, and Raven Cultist, Twin Headed Behemoth was limited in 2008.
  9. Maha Vailo isn't an archeype. but it's a specfic theme. Grr. I'll Elaborate soon, then, so you people might get an idea.
  10. This is why I chose that. Because it isn't a "konami mandated archetype" but it is a "deck type" and not all "archetypes" are built into the game. For example, macro cosmos is not technically a DD card because it doesn't contain the term but it fits the ticket and fits it so well that they are hardly ever seen apart.
  11. Bingo.



    Simply put: Archetypes are Cards that are linked together, sometimes by a name (Red-eyes/Six Samurai/Neos), with contains support Cards for them. (Inferno Fireblast for Red-eyes, Gates of the six for six sam, Neo-space for Neos.) Sometimes, yes Anti-support cards exists against them. Though Red-eyes is more of a series, along with lv monsters, it's already counted as an archetype, due to the support SPECIFICALLY made for them. Example: For dark Magician; Magic Formula and Dark magic curtain are part of the archetype, but book of secret arts isn't.
  12. Then let me give you a trickier example. Gravekeepers and Royal Tribute. Nowhere on Royal Tribute are Gravekeepers mentioned. Yet Necrovalley is the Gravekeeper field spell.

    Or an even better one, Elemental Heroes and H - Heated Heart. It is obviously an elemental hero support card... but it has elemental hero nowhere in the name or text.

    And another excellent one. Dark deal with dark worlds. The spell was literally printed for Dark Worlds and works with their effects perfectly... but does not contain the term dark world.
  13. Royal Tribute = Not really related to any Archetype. just Because It needs necrovalley, doesn't mean it needs gravekeepers.

    H - Heated Heart = it's Made for them, it's related to them. But it's NOT a E-Hero specific support.

    Dark deal = Really, now? It was NEVER a Dark world card to begin with. It's a Normal spell Anti-support. A card you nag people with when people uses cards like dark hole and Monster Reborn.

    Look. I can assemble a deck with those three, and they'll still be usable.
  14. I just listed dark deal because it was specifically worded to work with dark worlds and printed in the same sets. Heck, there's even a dark world IN THE ART.
  15. People are wankers. Not my problem.
  16. Down to business.

    Signature card

    Cloudian - acid cloud

    Rare archetype

    3 Cloudian - Cirrostratus

    Common archetype

    3 Cloudian - nimbusman

    3 Cloudian squall

    2 Cloudian - Ghost Fog

    3 diamond dust cyclone

    1 lucky cloud

    Other cards (24)

    2 lucky cloud -- $0.21

    2 summon cloud -- $0.21

    3 Cloudian - Storm Dragon -- $0.17

    1 Cloudian - Atlus -- $0.63

    3 Cloudian - Sheep Cloud -- $0.56

    2 Spirit Barrier -- $3.80

    3 Rain Storm -- $0.20

    1 fairy box -- $0.41

    1 Cloudian - Acid cloud -- $0.98

    1 Mother grizzly -- $0.39

    1 xing zhen hu -- $0.25

    2 umiiruka -- $0.34

    1 Cloudian - Turbulence -- $0.21

    1 Cloudian - Smoka Ball -- $0.21