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  1. Plot (open)
    It has been years since the devastating Grand Championship that left Zigfried with nothing and hanging out on a limb.He vowed revenge in his heart, he may have told everyone he changed but his heart had not. Now, he has a new plan that could endanger the Lives of the ones who stopped him before.The only hope are the Children of the original cast, and an unlikely ally, Zigfried's Younger Sister, who had been adopted in by the Kaibas at a young age. She could't make a move to intervene last time, but this time she will fight too. But will the combined power of the Main cast, Anastasia and PEgasus be enough to stop Zigfried's dastardly plan?Also, what happened to Leon,as he has begun acting more Like Siegfried every day.Plus what is this about Time travel and the Mystirious future Anastasia speaks of?Could their really be such a thing, and if their is- Can they pull allies out of other times to help in their fight?

    Major Rules (open)

    1.All IWAKU RUles Apply
    2.Please if you use a custom deck tell me and we will set up a typed out duel. If you use Dueling Network, tell me.
    3.No bullying in or out of charecterly.
    4.No mature content.
    5.Have fun
    6.No 1 Liners

    Application (open)
    Post picture OR fill in description.
    Picture (optional):
    Description (optional):
    Dueling equipment
    Deck (max. 3):
    Duel Disk/pad:
    Duel Abilities
    Deck list[every card in your deck]:
    For decks i often use http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page this wiki. Just type in the type of deck you want and it gives you usable decks. Just link the page you used back.

    Available Canons? (open)

    Yugi Mutou-Jessica
    Anzu Mazaki:me
    Maximillion Pegasus:me
    Seto Kaiba:Jessica
    Mokuba Kaiba:me
    Mai Kujaku:mne
    Rebecca Hopkins:ome
    Leon Von Schroeder:jessica

    Jaden yuki-Open
    Alexis rhodes-Open
    Chazz Princeton-Open
    Syrus truesdale-open
    Aster phoenix-open
    Jesse Anderson-open
    Jim Crocadile cook-open
    Axel broady-open
    Sartorius kumar-Open
    Serena kumar-Open
    princess Rose-Open

    Akiza izinski-Open
    Yusei Fudo-Open
    Jack Atlas-open
    Misty tredwell-open
    Kalin kessler-open
    carly carmine-Open

    Kite Tenjo-Open
    Yuma Tsukumo-Open
    Tori meadows-open
    orbital 7-open

    Claimed Cannons (open)

    Siegfried von Schroeder -me

    Charecters Already in- (open)
    Name:Anastasia Von Schroeder/Lucky Kaiba[Adoptive name]
    Personality:Calm and collected, Always willing to make friends. however, she is now extrremly paranoid
    Bio:Lucky was born as Anastasia Von Schroeder, but Mrs. Von Schroeder, not wanting a daughter to get mixed up in any affairs figured she'd be safer if she were adopted. For years she lived in an orphanage, before Seto Kaiba adopted her.
    For a long while she loved her life, and even attended school with Yugi and his friends. She traveled with them on all their adventures, and her world crashed down at the grand championship..Leon was the one to Recognize her first, though she didn't know him. She didn't know either of her siblings. At the castle, when backgrounds came out hers did too. Seto said something about not caring who Anastasia was born as, she was a kaiba at heart always.
    Upon hearing this, she left the top balcony and joined her friends on the bottom and began cheering Yugi On. She took her original name but became known as Anastasia "Lucky" Kaiba. Still however, she worried about her brother Leon returning home with Zigfried after all he had done.
    She moved to europe a year later, moving into her family home to keep an eye on Leon.Soon, she heard the newest plan and she noticed leon had begun to act a lot like Zigfried. Scared for he rown Sanity, she fled back to japan, moving back in with Kaiba. Now, We reach the current day.
    Post picture OR fill in description.
    Picture (optional):[​IMG]

    Description (optional):
    Dueling equipment
    Deck (max. 3):Water Deck
    Duel Disk/pad:A Rose encrusted dueldisk, battle city style
    Duel Runner/board:Silver and Blue with Some roses on it
    Duel Gazer:Silver with a rose on the eyepiece
    Deck list[every card in your deck]:

    Levia-Dragon - Daedalus
    Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus
    Giga Gagagigo
    Terrorking Salmon
    Mobius the Frost Monarch
    Armed Sea Hunter
    Abyssal Kingshark
    Deep Sea Diva
    Abyss Soldier
    Treeborn Frog
    Amphibious Bugroth MK-3
    Mother Grizzly
    Nightmare Penguin
    Penguin Soldier
    Warrior of Atlantis
    Spined Gillman
    Mermaid Archer
    Snowman Eater
    Reese the Ice Mistress
    Hammer Shark
    Extra Deck
    Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon
    Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
    Evigishki Merrowgeist
    Bahamut Shark
    Number 32: Shark Drake
    Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss

    A Legendary Ocean
    Aqua Jet
    Big Wave Small Wave
    Moray of Greed
    Water Hazard
    Hydro Pressure Cannon
    Level Limit - Area B

    Forgotten Temple of the Deep
    Tornado Wall
    Fish Depth Charge
    Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord
    Gravity Bind
    Gozen Match
    Spiritual Water Art - Aoi

    Mathias Von Schroeder-jessica
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