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  1. Siegfried sighed. He hopes his decision to move himself and his brother to domimo High isnt a mistakd.
    However the idea of pestering Kaiba every day made him smile.PLus meybe he would find leon a girlfriend.

    Leon smiled as he got ready. he was finally going to school with Yugi. He couldn't wait.

    Anastasia Gavin left her brothers office in a huff. Murder boywas she glad shelived in her own apartment. she made her way to school.
  2. [​IMG]
    Ryner lute was sitting in class having a small duel against a friend, Takara. Both had placed high in the battle city tournament. They had gathered a small crowd because each one was making incredible moves and neither held the advantage for long.

    Takara was having a duel against her long time friend ryner. She was doing her best to keep his onslaught at bay knowing full well what would happen if she let him get going, but it was also hindering her from getting the advantage.
  3. Tristan Taylor, who had decided to walk to school that morning in order to think some things over, was heading to Domino High School after meeting up with Yugi Moto and Joey Wheeler at their homes. He had gotten some disturbing news earlier last week and now he was having to start his Junior year in high school which was stressful in itself with a equally stressful and majorly huge decision weighing on his shoulders. He didn't want to have anything to do with this particular decision he was having to mull over, but the only problem in Tristan's case was that time was running out very quickly, as it was a family inheritance matter, and his father had a form of heart cancer that was at the terminal stage, the inheritance that had to have a heir to take it on, being his family's, really his father's, corporation level business. It wasn't as Tristan's family's corporation business reached the ranks up there leveled the same with Seto Kaiba's business, but the corporation level business in Tristan's family was still at a pretty high level on the charts and had major rival corporations running up against it equally in rank just as Kaiba's gaming corporation had their rivals. But Tristan's kid brother, Audrey Taylor wasn't of age yet until his next birthday to be able to become the heir to get the corporation, as the age one had to be, exclaimed in their dad's will, that in order to inherit the family's corporation, was 12 years old at least. The corporation inheritance was the only thing that had a rule involving the age though. Audrey's 12th birthday was coming up soon, just a month away in fact, but it didn't seem according to their family's main doctor that Tristan and Audrey's father, a man by the name of Mark Taylor, was going to last that long. So the corporation was going to be inherited by Tristan, and it was making Tristan's blood boil, as he didn't want to run his family's corporation. In earlier years, Tristan might have been content with it, but after what his father did, he for sure didn't care about it anymore.

    Yugi and Joey can tell their friend has been majorly irritated and furious all morning. They are both unsure if whether or not to ask him what is going on, Tristan having not told them about the situation he's in, nor anything about his family at all for that matter, as Tristan was already living on his own when Joey and Yugi met him, Joey having met him first, and Yugi having met the both of them later. But Yugi has known having been told by his grandfather and also by the spirit of his millennium puzzle, that even though Yugi's heart is in the right place, and he wants to do his best to help everyone in anyway he can, especially if the one that needs the help is one of his friends, sometimes unless the individual who needs or looks as if they need the help to be given, the matter the individual is dealing with, is one that others don't really have any business getting involved in unless asked to. And Joey, though feeling more of an inclination to interrogate Tristan about why he is so angry, knows this very well too himself.
  4. By chance both teams meet up at school and an immediate reunion scene happens between LEON and Yugi.Leon hugs Yugi,"It's been too long!!" He said excitedly.

    Siegfried was just all cpoll and collected looking at Seto with cold eyes. However to Mokuba he had a smile on his face.Maybe Mokuba was too cute to be hated.

    Anastasia PEGASUS was checking her toon deck adding Leon's toon Fairytales into it.She simply waved at Yugi and the others,Winicing from the Millenoum eye.
  5. Yugi says to Leon "Hiya Leon. I didn't know you were going to be coming to our school." He then hugs Leon back giving him a smile afterwards. He then looks to Leon's brother and says "And it's also been a while sense I've last seen you Zigfried. I welcome you and Leon to Domino High School."

    Joey having the sting of his defeat at the hands of Zigfried, and Zigfried having done it to him with one move, even though it's been long in the past, still is feeling humiliated by it a bit. But seeing Yugi being so polite, still tries to also be a least a little polite to him too. He says "Yeah..Welcome to our school.." Joey then turns to Seto Kaiba and shruggs his shoulders. Joey though as he turns to greet Leon smiles at the younger Von Schroeder brother having no gripe with him like he does with Zigfried and says "I do welcome you though without hesitation Leon. I hope you have a great time here." He then smiles at Leon as well like Yugi.

    Tristan neither looks nor speaks to anyone but just waves hi as he passes them going into the school.

    Tea who had see it says "What's with Tristan today? He just walked right on by with nothing but a wave of his hand. That's not like him."

    Joey "Yeah. Well Tristan's been very angry this morning for some reason. But he hasn't said a word to me nor to Yugi. I don't know what's going on."
  6. the duel between takara and ryner finally ended when ryner made an amazing play with his dragon rulers. as he and takara made there way to the front of the school, thats when they noticed yugis group and the von schroeders. ryner was eager to greet his rivals knowing full well that he had lost to yugi in battle city. "long time no see guys. he looked at yugi. how is it being the winner of battle city yugi." takara came up behind them. "well you guys are a sight for sore eyes. now i have more people to duel than just ryner over there."
    (do any of you have dueling network)
  7. Yugi "Uh..It feels good I guess."

    Joey "Oh come on Yugi. You know you enjoy it. Heck I know I'd enjoy being on top if I got there." Joey then turns to Takara and waves to her with a smile saying hello.

    Yugi "Yeah. Well it's also a bit rude to brag. I mean yeah I enjoy my win, but I don't want to make others feel bad by boasting about it all over town.
  8. "Not as bad as being intercontinental champion." LEON said laughing

    Siegfried Suddebly had a cursed rose and threw it at kaiba-Hopeing to get Kaiba on his side.He saw Ana's staur of disapproval

    "really siegfried?!" She yelled,having just Transfurred in from America. "Hello Yugi..Sorry about when I was a kid.My dad didn't mean too much harm
  9. Yugi "It's alright. It's true that my friends and my grandfather were threatened by your father, but in the end they all managed to escape safely, and that's all that really mattered to me when I was in that tournament anyway. Kaiba's probably the one who'd be the most sore about it."

    Mokuba sees Seto dodge the rose, not really knowing what the big deal was about a flower having heard Anastasia scream at Zigfried for aiming the rose at his brother. Mokuba then watches Seto simply pay no mind, as if the flower being thrown at him even if Zigfried was the one who threw it, didn't phase him one bit, not that Kaiba believed in curses, to which Mokuba didn't know that the purpose of Zigfried's rose was to put Seto under a spell, had it hit it's target, but the rose didn't hit him. Mokuba was about to follow right after his older brother, but he was looking around for someone first before going inside himself.

    While Yugi and Anastasia had their conversation about her father Maximillion Pegasus and what all happened at duelist kingdom, Joey followed behind Kaiba and walked into the school, not to catch up with him necessarily, but to look for Tristan being concerned for him. Tristan was one of his best friends. They were like brothers and yet Tristan wasn't talking and it was bugging Joey to no end to see his long time buddy in so much pain and so angry.
  10. Anastasia sighed."Perhaps the eye can help for once-I can find out what's wrong by reading Tristan's thoughts."

    Siegfried threw a rose at Mokuba instead.

    LEON seemed to still have the golden castle and passed it over-Was Somthing up?

    "L LEON..I see.Lets hurry then! I'll try to find out what's up with Tristan!
  11. Tristan grits his teeth as he reaches his locker to test his locker's combination. All he can think about is how he's going to inherit his family's corporation and the more he thinks about it the more angry he gets, his father having not trusted him from the get go, yet having the nerve to trap him, as Tristan sees it to be because his father never trusted him, and make Tristan run their family's business anyway. He can't see a way out of it though as he knows that his brother isn't old enough, according to their father's terms, to run their family's company. But Tristan is unwavering none the less. He refuses it to be him that takes their family business over. One way or another Tristan says to himself, not knowing that Anastasia is trying to read his mind, that he is going to revise a plan of some sort to where he doesn't have to run the company, and if Audrey isn't old enough to run it, then Tristan is determined to get someone else to, not that he knows how he's going to do that yet.
  12. Anastasia has a look of shock as she finished.She explains to everyone what's up with Tristian.

    Siegfried throws another rose at Mokuba.
  13. Mokuba looks at Zigfried seeing the two flowers at his feet and gives him a questionable look. Mokuba doesn't say anything though as he still looks around. He says to himself "I know she said she was going to be here..I still can't believe she turned out to be not just a character in that video game..I mean it made sense what Yugi and Joey said that Seto could have based her looks on me..But where was she when Seto and I were younger I wonder?.." He's talking to himself but says it to where Zigfried can hear him.

    Yugi blinks his eyes at Anastasia's explanation and says "Poor Tristan. I didn't have any clue about his father having terminal cancer. No wonder he's hurting."

    Joey is completely shocked when he hears Anastasia's explanation as to what's been bothering Tristan and says "Yeah..and if what Anastasia says is true, that's only half the reason. Tristan never said a word that he was rich..much less that he was almost as rich as Kaiba. He sure doesn't act like it."

    Tea "Well Joey. Kaiba doesn't like you. Just as Tristan said back then when you were wondering why Kaiba didn't deem you good enough to duel in his battle city tournament, even though you placed second in Anastasia's father's tournament just before that."

    Joey "Okay I get the point about Kaiba. But Tea, Tristan still didn't say a word to me about his family owning a business corporation just as Kaiba's family does, nor a word about being the heir to take it over when his father passes on..He didn't say a word to any of us.."

    Bakura walks up and says "I know why that is. You see when Tristan was only twelve years old..well you remember he met you around that time Joey."

    Joey "Yeah. So what?"

    Bakura "Well his father Mark Taylor was sort of a reputation freak back then. He didn't want Tristan befriending any kids who were lower class than he was. Needless to say, Mark didn't approve of Tristan having you as a friend Joey, sense you were way beneath Tristan's level of class. Now Tristan had other friends who were rich like Tristan and who his father did approve of Tristan befriending, but let's just say Joey that you were the only friend of Tristan's back then who wasn't taking advantage of him, of course I was friends with Tristan too and I didn't take advantage of him either, and Mark Taylor did accept me in his approval list of being Tristan's friend, but that's something that can wait for another time. But anyway the other kids who Mark Taylor did approve of, took advantage of Tristan's friendship, you could even say they betrayed his friendship, in fact that'd be more the more accurate term, a complete and utter betrayal..as those boys only wanted to come over to Tristan's house, they didn't want to meet up with him anywhere like the park or nothing..they just wanted to come to his home to hang out. Least that's what they told him, but he soon found out they weren't there to hang out with him, but rather to spy and sneak around. They acted like it was just a game at first, like they'd play hide and seek, or hot and cold, or stuff like that, something Tristan's brother would enjoy doing, as they had to accommodate him..But after a few weeks Tristan caught one of them making copies of something. He didn't see what it was. But then that boy's father suddenly knew the ins and outs of one of Tristan's father's business investments, and Mark had no idea how the father of Tristan's friend got that information. But soon all of the boys got information on other different investments that Mark Taylor was developing, while playing those games at Tristan's house, and keeping it secret from Tristan, to where even he wouldn't find out until it was too late to do anything. Tristan after finding all this out certainly took his own course of action and stopped inviting them over..In fact he tried to avoid them..though they would find a way to bump into Tristan whenever they could..But yeah instead the only ones Tristan hung around mainly were me and you Joey..But that made his father angry..furious in fact..at least the part of Tristan hanging around you..Mark tried to encourage meet ups and soon he was inviting the other boys over to the house himself..without Tristan knowing anything..Tristan tried to explain to his father that he didn't want those guys coming around anymore..But Mark didn't know what the boys were really doing, much less their fathers, whom Mark had been business friends with for years, using Tristan's friendship with their sons in order to take his father's company over. And Tristan knew it would not stop, unless he wasn't there for the boys to have a reason to come over in order to do the spying work. So Tristan let me in on what all was happening and when he was 14..I helped him move away from the neighborhood..Of course Mark found out about it..it infuriated him..And he felt that Tristan betrayed him and their whole family..I of course at Tristan's request met with Audrey after school one day shortly after that and told him everything that happened before Mark picked him up..as Tristan had no time to tell him before he left..So Tristan's brother knows..But Tristan didn't want me to tell his father about it.."
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  14. "Damn that's rough.." Anastasia Said sighing."I wish we could help him."

    Siegfried seemed to smile and pin a rose on Mokuba-The curse corsing through his soul making him a VON schroider in thought.

    Class soon started with ANA sitting next to LEON and Yugi.
  15. Mokuba was sitting in the back of the classroom at his desk, having followed Zigfried into the school. He was in the class Anastasia, Leon, and Yugi were in while Joey, Tristan, Tea, and Bakura were in the same class as Seto Kaiba and Zigfried were.

    Tristan is in the front sitting in his desk, his desk next to Zigfried's. Tristan has his hand to his forehead as a headache is coming over him. He doesn't have any clue what to do, nor does he know Bakura told his friends what was going on with him.

    Joey, who's sitting next to Kaiba, feels he should say something to him, knowing that sense Kaiba owns a corporation himself, he may know how to help Tristan with his own when its passed down into his hands. But then he thinks about what Anastasia said before, and according to her Tristan doesn't want to own his family's corporation. So Joey stops himself from informing Kaiba, knowing Tristan may not want Kaiba's advice about how to run his family's company when Tristan doesn't even want to run it.

    Bakura sits at his desk, not knowing what to do to help Tristan either, while at the same time harboring some secrets of his own, that he's been keeping from Yugi and the others and unbeknownst to her, Bakura's been fighting the power of her eye with his ring, though it being hard for him considering that the spirit of his ring isn't that nice of one, but so that she wouldn't be able to read him like the others, sense he's trying to keep one certain secret he has in his arsenal, the secret about his own family, from Anastasia specifically, especially sense her father, Maximillion Pegasus, doesn't know anything towards the truth about Bakura either right now.
  16. Ziegfried sighed,"If worst comes to worst Herr-Kaiba we must duel.

    "Oh give it a rest already."-Sanastasia had snuck into their clAss like a boss.Leon and Mokuba behind her.How much trouble were they in tomorrow? Who knows
  17. Seto "What on earth are you talking about Zigfried? Duel for what?"

    Zigfried had already turned to see Anastasia standing in the doorway with his younger brother Leon, and Seto's younger brother Mokuba with her.

    Seto then turns his attention in that direction and sees the three of them as well.

    Bakura seeing Anastasia in their classroom suddenly, puts his defenses up using his millennium ring's powers, for in-case Anastasia had the powers of her millennium eye active, seeing as how Leon and Mokuba were at her side, and Anastasia was glaring at Zigfried.
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  18. Leon immididty knew his brther hed done somthing to ppiss his best friend off. You okaY ana? he asked.

    oh im just fine.. she hissed, other then him turning mokub into his brother, steling him from seto

    this strtled the whole in entire clss.
  19. Seto hearing Anastasia from his seat immediately stands up giving a mega fierce glare to Zigfried himself "You did what?!" He grabs Zigfried by his collar and pins him against the wall and unfortunately for Zigfried, the teacher of their class was at the moment out of the room, and would be for a few hours at least, their teacher being at a teacher's assembly meeting. Seto then says angrily "That is something I won't tolerate! You change him back!..You hear me Zigfried?! Now!!"
  20. Siegfried grinned, putting one through him too. now your both mine.e kaibas are no more

    (Xd Anas half kaiba half egasus)
    A++nastasia quickly hide behind joey she knew s+he was safe behind him.
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