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    Long ago, the ancient Egyptians called upon monsters- spirits of great and terrible power often born from the sheut (which is the shadow) of a man's soul- for a great many things ranging from combat to construction. There were three, the Egyptian God Monsters, that reigned above them all. However, there was one invincible force that reigned above even them: Exodia, the Forbidden One. Exodia himself was among the Egyptian God Monsters, but he was so much more. Eventually, Exodia agreed to be sealed by and within the Millennium Key, one of the seven Millennium Items that administered judgment and primarily controlled the magic of the shadows. In our time, these monster spirits have been reborn as duel spirits in the card game Duel Monsters.

    In recent years, the Millennium Items revealed themselves when Yugi Muto and the spirit of the Millenniums Puzzle, Pharaoh Atem, conquered the world of duel monsters and became the King of Games. In time, they were all returned to the Stone Slab of Kul-Elna to rest, with the Millennium Puzzle once again shattered into pieces. However, the Millennium Items have will of their own, and soon sought new wielders. With the Millennium Puzzle empty with no spirit remaining inside, only the Spirit of the Ring and Exodia remained within their respective Items. However, Exodia saw a great destructive Light in the future of men, one that wished to eliminate the Shadow for all eternity to that it may conquer the world. And it was such that the Millennium Key took ahold of the mind of one of the acolytes who guarded the Millennium Items, having him leave Egypt and search for the one who would wield the Millennium Key, searching across the world until landing in the state of Virginia in the United States and eventually stumbling upon a regional Duel Monsters tournament for children, he then spotted an eight-year-old American child named Shade Murdock who held in his hands four of Exodia's five pieces. To the acolyte this was a sign, that if this boy could summon Exodia then he was the one destined to wield the Millennium Key. And soon enough, it was so. The acolyte place the Key about the boy's neck and vanished, returning to Kul-Elna without the Key as the young man would soon learn of the power he now wielded.

    It began with at first appeared to be a dream that very night, as the boy held onto his gift as he went to sleep. At first, as the boy was fairly versed in ancient Egyptian mythology for his age, he believed it to be no more than a mere ankh. But he soon learned otherwise. He saw it for the first time. He had what many didn't: two rooms within his mind. The one to the right was his, his dreams and aspirations before him. Then he turned around, opening the door to the initial left. The door itself was adorned by a five-pointed star within a seal, and it was clearly made of stone. He gingerly opened it and walked past it, looking around as he saw the room had five shrines connected by a five-pointed star like on the door. However, within the center of the star there was a keyhole. He did not pay heed to it initially as he looked down, seeing the Millennium Key glow with a bright. He then used it like a torch as he walked about the room and examined the hieroglyphs carved into the walls and examining the five tablets found within the five shrines, noting that they looked like his Exodia cards. It was then that he saw the keyhole, kneeling down onto the ground and wiping the dust away, pondering it for a moment before removing the Key from around his neck and putting it in the slot, twisting it as a pillar of light emerged from it, surrounding him as the room before him crumbled, the sound of chains breaking as before him emerged what was none other than the head of Exodia. The spirit spoke, speaking to the boy in a deep, commanding voice. "So you are the one who has chosen. I am the Forbidden One, Exodia, the spirit who lives within the Millennium Key. By your act our souls- our very fates- are now intertwined. Not only yours, but five others, as well." It was then that the Eye of Anubis appeared for the first time on Shade's forehead, glowing brightly as he looked Exodia, speaking up. "But why me? What am I supposed to do?" Exodia thought for a moment, unsure of what to say. "I do not know. The Millennium Key has decided that we should become partners. In time, you shall control my powers and the Key's to defeat a Light that would wipe out the Shadow that has let mankind and monster flourish together in ages past, and now through your Duel Monsters game." Shade was somewhat scared, but like all children excited, speaking again. "Wait... so every Duel Monster has a spirit inside of them?" Exodia nodded, speaking once more. "That is correct. But now it is time for you to awaken..." And it was then his alarm sounded, the boy excited and curious about the days to come.

    As years soon passed, Shade became a stronger duelist passing every day as every passing night he trained with Exodia regarding using his powers and fighting in Shadow Games. Exodia and Shane soon became friends of a sort, trusting one another almost wholly. Shortly after Shade's eleventh birthday, Shade's father, a U.S. Air Force major by the name of Cain Murdock, was transferred to Japan and his family went with him. As a result, Shade learned Japanese and (due to his research as a result of further interest in Egyptology) finished his studies to become fluent in ancient Egyptian. From then on he spent his vacations in America and his school days in Japan as the family traveled back-and-forth, until the accident. Cain was a test pilot for the F-35 Harrier, a new jet the American military was planning on utilizing. The model Cain was testing, however, had faulty wiring near the fuel tank, and one wayward spark caused an explosion at five thousand feet. The military would pay for their expenses until Shade was eighteen, afterwards Shade's mother, Delilah, would receive a monthly amount equal to what her husband's pension payment would have been. Shade, however, didn't exactly react to it and barely even talked to Exodia about it as the remaining two members of the family soon moved to the suburbs of Domino City.

    A few years later, after his fifteenth birthday in August, Shane applied for Duel Academy Central in Japan, with his initial paperwork being accepted. It was not too long after in the last week of September that Shade, now standing at five feet and eight inches, would prepare for his entrance exam duel. The Millennium Ket hung around his neck and rested on his grey t-shirt as he put on jeans into which he tucked in his shirt, a black jacket, a belt, and his tennis shoes. Afterwards he held his deck, shuffling before inserting it into the carrier he kept on his belt and putting on his Battle City Duel Disk. His brown hair remained in a bedhead as his blue eyes were agleam with excitement, soon walking out the door with his packed bags. He gave one last hug to his mother before hopping on the buss that would take him to the testing center, which was a dueling center where he had won the utmost recent regional championship. Shade would hop off and register, trading in his old Battle City Duel Disk for an Academy Disk, finishing up most of his student registration and turning it in about ten minutes before his entrance exam duel. However, there were an odd number of students so as opposed to dueling one of the supplied examiners. He was then approached by an oddly feminine man, standing a good few inches taller than him with blond hair that was more likely than not died as well as wearing full make-up. Shade used every bit of willpower to ensure he didn't cringe or, as he truly desired, to burst out laughing at the sight. The man spoke up, looking at Shade.

    "Shade Murdock, I presume? I am Dr. Vellian Crowler, the proctor for all of the entrance exams today. Unfortunately we are running short on examiners, so you'll need to duel one of our viewing professors. Is that acceptable?"

    "Yes, sir."

    "Good. Follow me." Crowler was clearly pleased to not be confused for a woman for a few brief moments before he lashed out at a passing student for doing so shortly after they began walking. Shade chuckled beneath his breath where Crowler wouldn't hear as the two continued onto the floor. He was introduced briefly to one of the professors awaited him. They were introduced and shook hands as well as other pleasantries before the exam begin.

    The duel itself was a nail-biter at first given that the professor he dueled against used a "Dark World" deck, but Shade and his spellcaster deck made a quick rebound, with a single use of "Jar of Greed" sealing Shade's victory as he drew the final piece of Exodia. Everyone who watched the duel felt their jaws drop as Shade celebrated as he saw Card Spirits from his deck join in on the celebration. However, when Crowler walked up to him his face was pale despite his blush, stuttering and convinced that Shade had somehow cheated his way to victory by rigging his deck. Checking the Academy Disk afterwards and discovering he hadn't done so, he sighed and, instead of making Shade and Obelisk Blue like onlookers expected, sent Shade to get his new Slifer Red uniform and change into it. Once he did so he was escorted to the ferry to Duel Academy Island, sitting with two people who appeared to be siblings in the cabin he was put in. They looked oddly familiar to Shade, as if he had met them and knew them long ago. He put that aside, striking up a small conversation.​
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  2. Isabella Sorens, or Izzy as she (greatly) preferred, wasn't usually one to worry much about the past but for the time being there wasn't much else to do as the ferry carrying her and many other new students to the island that held her new school and home for the next year, Duel Academy. She thought chiefly of her test duel, she'd managed to beat her proctor rather easily but only earned Ra Yellow as he didn't think very highly of the "luck over skill" design of her deck. "Luck decides who wins in the end anyway, I just put more faith in it than most" she had said to him in response.

    Being bored all cooped up in her assigned cabin and not too keen to remain there stuck next to a snobby Obelisk Blue student who wouldn't keep her mouth shut for more than three seconds, Izzy took her things and sat on a bench on the ferry's deck as it traveled towards Duel Academy. She was still rather surprised she'd won free tuition for her first year but she happily rolled with it. She would've preferred being sorted into Slifer Red instead of Ra Yellow as she greatly favored red to yellow, and because she thought Slifer the Sky Dragon was the best of the god cards both due to its effects and its use by Yugi Muto. "Oh well... mom would get mad if I did badly just to get a different dorm" she thought.

    Right now however her thoughts were getting interrupted by how much she hated the uniform she was now stuck wearing. She had the jacket open, showing the black tank top beneath, to make it a little more comfortable but she still despised it. "Why the hell does the uniform have to have a skirt... I can't sit comfortably without feeling like I'm flashing everyone and this stupid collar is way too tall" she muttered to herself in frustration. She distracted herself from the uniform by adjusting her duel disk, her own personal battle city style one she'd insisted on bringing from home instead of using the standard issue disks given to students. Izzy had just purchased a custom magnetic part to make it fit her artificial left arm a bit better and it still needed fine tuning as it was a bit loose.

    She managed to relax for a bit until a boy in a Slifer Red uniform passed by her, she felt strange warmth, seemingly from her backback next to her. When she checked it out she dug out her lucky item, her Millennium Eye, "Huh... weird... must've been a warm breeze or something, this thing isn't warm at all. Eh whatever" she thought, dropping the Eye back into its pouch in her bag and returning her attention to her disk.
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  3. Location: ferry to Duel Academy Island.
    Interactions: attempting to talk to Isabella Sorens but open to anyone.

    Amongst the students being transported to the island was Penny Ibis. Her eyes were narrowed in irritation which complemented horribly well with her usual grouchy body language. Her vision was focused on nothing specific in particular as they stared, but her mind's eye was replaying the incident earlier during her entrance examination duel which had so easily mutated her anticipation into disdain.

    The duel itself was pleasing to her - her opponent had used a steady strategy turn after turn in order to build up their offense, and they were no pushover. After being one of the strongest duelist within her small town, it was a refreshing experience. The source of her irritation was not the duel itself, but rather the person who had voiced the student ranking she was to be given.

    Penny had no qualms about being designated as Ra Yellow; she did not need to wear those embarrassing red uniforms which was equivalent to broadcasting one's incompetence at dueling, as well as having a rank above to strive for. The problem however was the announcer's reason for her placement; simply put, they were not in favour of her beatdown strategy.

    Closing her eyes, Penny mentally pushed the incident to the furthest corner of her mind. There was no use continuously thinking about it, and she knew she would be the only one to suffer if she let such trivial things affect her future. After a small sigh, she leaned back on her seat with her arms going behind her head as support. Her forest-green eyes focused on her surroundings to the interior of the cabin she was placed in during the ferry trip. Her gaze briefly landed on the others occupying the same cabin, but did not make any attempts to converse with them after seeing their bright-red uniforms. They, too, did not seemed interested in making friends much to her relief, though if they were bold enough to initiate a conversation she was not in a heavy mood to ignore their words.

    Perhaps now that she was out of her irritation, she realized how bored she was of sitting and waiting for the ferry to reach their destination, and the two Silfer students did not seem like they would talk any time soon. With those thoughts in mind, she got up from her seat and decided to explore what little area in the middle of the water that she was able to traverse in. If she met any students in blue uniforms, that would be an added bonus; at the very least, she could burn their faces into her mind so she can challenge them later.

    Not long afterwards she reached an area of the ferry where she finally spotted someone worth the attention; a fellow Ra student, judging by their uniform. Penny had been reluctant in barging into other cabins as she could imagine the awkwardness of entering uninvited, and it seemed as if the majority of the students were content with staying within their cabins which made the search uneventful. The Ra student however had striking features, or lack thereof, which convinced her that she would definitely remember her whenever they meet in the future. The way she wore her uniform also, such as how her jacket was open served as another eye-catcher, giving a clearer impression of her body shape than if she would have had her jacket closed. The Ra student's attention seemed to be fixed on their duel disk as far as she could make out, which meant she would have to voice out her presence in order to talk.


    Penny called out as she approached the Ra student in a collected tone, her left hand moving to curl her coloured side-fringe behind her ear out of habit.

    "I see that you are also a Yellow Ra student. Call me Penny, Penny Ibis. May I join you?"
  4. Izzy raised an eyebrow at the girl who approached her, glancing over her for a few moments before shrugging her shoulders, "do whatever, I don't really care" she answered, returning her attention to her duel disk once more. She felt it was finally finished and attempted to wiggle the disk on her arm and was happy to see it didn't budge. "There we go, finally got it, I was getting really sick of having to adjust the damn thing over and over" she muttered to herself, apparently paying no further mind to the other girl who wanted to talk to her. Or at least, paid her no mind until she found that even after turning off her duel disk the device didn't seem willing to release her arm. "Oh god dammit..." she cursed under her breath. Looking up at Penny, "Hey, help me out here a sec" she says but doesn't wait for an answer.

    With a quick motion she reaches up to her shoulder where her artificial arm connects and tugs it off, letting out a restrained grunt of pain as it disconnects from her nerves. "here hold this a sec, I gotta fix it and I can get at what I need easier this way" she explains as she thrusts the limb into Penny's arms and promptly gets to work rectifying her mistake in adjusting the device. "I take it you wanted to talk to someone or whatever? Otherwise I doubt you'd have bothered getting off your butt to come out here" she says as she yet again re-calibrates the addition to her duel disk, thinking how she had opted to install it without reading the instructions before hand because she figured it wouldn't be too complicated.
  5. [​IMG]

    Soon enough, the Millennium Key began to glow and the young man would find himself inclined to follow it until the glowing ceased. He stood up, having just won a two-against-one Duel with the people that were in his cabin. Regardless, he was spoken to various times as the fact he had passed his test with the Forbidden One had already gotten him some renown. He was polite, but rushed through as something felt... off. The last time the Millennium Key glowed like this, it was almost stolen from him. While he doubted he was in danged, he just kept his bags on him and walked around.

    The Millennium Key continued to glow until it was blinding, as would the two Millennium Items inside the room ahead one of their fellow Items was just outside. He could sense that Duel Spirits were stirring, something that intrigued him as he saw various Spirits throughout the ferry. It mattered not, as the Duel Spirits dissipated near this area, meaning that, like himself, the Duelists inside had not encountered their Spirit Familiar.

    It was then that he knocked on the door and, hearing a feminine voice invite him in, stepped inside, the Millennium Key ceasing to glow as its bearer saw the briefly illuminated Millennium Eye and Millennium Ring near their respective owners. Somewhat embarrassed and confused at seeing the taller of the two reattach her arm, Shade cleared his throat, beginning to speak as Exodia contemplated showing himself. Mentally, the young man stressed that the ancient being do not do so, as both of them were equally clueless as to what the pair knew regarding the ancient artifacts in their possession.

    "Well... hello, there, you two. I'm Shade Murdock, and it's a pleasure to meet you both. Either way... I noticed you two both have a Millennium Item, as well. As you can see, I wield the Millennium Key. I may need to talk to both of you for a moment because of this."
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  6. Location: ferry to Duel Academy Island, bench.
    Interactions: Isabella Sorens, Shade Murdock.

    The approval was somewhat dismissive unlike what Penny had expected, but then again she was unsure what kind of reply she was expecting from the other girl. Gingerly she sat next to her and was itching to ask for the other person's name back, but she figured it would be impolite to do so while they were so fixated on their duel disk. Instead she kept a close eye at her actions - how common was it to see someone fitting a prosthetic to a duel disk? - whilst taking in more details of the girl as much as she can.

    Penny opened her mouth to finally voice her thoughts around when the girl seemed to have finally finished with the fiddling, but before anything the girl handed the prosthetic to her. She received it with a dumbfounded look. She snapped out of it though upon being questioned, giving a slight nod before replying.

    "I figured i'd better get to know others while killing off the boredom of staying in a ferry. So, what's your n-"

    Penny abruptly broke off, noticing a sudden light poking at her vision. Due to the arm in her embrace she had no real way to pull it out, but from glancing down she could assume that the light was spilling out from under the closed jacket. There was only one thing under her clothing - the Ring that she had came across when she was young and was compelled to take it after seeing a sense of déjà vu and comfort. Despite wearing a yellow and white jacket, she had no doubt anyone looking at her could see the glowing outline of the Ring from underneath.

    A knock snapped her out of her brief trance, to which she answered without realizing. At the same time she returned the prosthetic with a slight frown as the light from the Ring subsided.

    The one who appeared before them was a guy in red, signalling him to be a Slifer Red student. Penny's facial features darkened in disappointment, but at the same time a sudden curiosity rose from within her; there was something about this guy that was familiar. She mused it must be how generic he looked, contrasting greatly to the distinguishable female beside her.

    "...Penny Ibis, pleasure is mine."

    She accepted Shade into the fray despite his attire, mainly because of his words. It was definitely not the first time she had heard the word 'Millennium' being used as a prefix before, though she could not pinpoint exactly where she heard such phrase. Oddly enough, she somehow knew he was talking about the Ring she had under her jacket.

    Penny did not have much knowledge of the Ring, except rumours such as how priceless it was and that there were only a handful of them in existence. It was pure chance that she came across it, and when she did she was compelled to place a single finger upon the golden surface. That was the exact moment she felt as if this action had been made before, and something life-changing would happen if she did so. And yet, nothing supernatural occurred, but since then she found herself being paranoid when the Ring was not near her for some reason.

    The Ring was no longer vibrant, and so she was able to focus on the two; curious at how the girl would reply, and willing to listen to what the guy had to say about the Millennium items.
  7. Izzy would've said something about Penny giving her arm back like that before she was done but she was almost there so she decided to let it go. She stuck her arm back into her shoulder, wincing as it reconnected to her nerves. She flexed her arm and fingers a bit before getting back to fixing her problem, "gimme a minute" she said, rather dismissively of the new person but if he wanted to talk he could simply talk to Penny while she worked. Finally she got the setting adjusted, properly this time as turning her disk on and off repeatedly showed. Smiling a bit at her accomplishment she put her duel disk away in her backback. Having been fixated on her duel disk the entire time, she completely failed to notice the glowing of the Millennium Items in the room nor had she paid attention to Shade introducing himself, making her completely oblivious to the situation at hand.

    She did however notice the Slifer student openly wearing his Millennium Key, "Oh you have one of those too, I have an Eye that I found a while ago. Never really thought I'd see other people with replicas like it, let alone two in one day going to the same school." She said, pulling the Eye from her backpack again, casually tossing it up and down. "I did a school project about these things once, back when Battle City was still going on. Half of them showed up there too. Yugi, that crazy Marik guy, Bakura, and that chick Kaiba beat all had one, I found rumors that Pegasus had the real Eye but no real evidence, you'd think someone would manage to get a photo of the guy without hair over his face but apparently everyone was too busy trying to find other celebrities naked or something." She said.

    Absently scratching the back of her head, she leaned back against the wall, "Anyway... what do you want? Why do a buncha fancy replicas get your attention that much?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. Though truthfully she was rather glad neither of them had said a thing about her arm or eye and that alone left her in a rather good mood.
  8. [​IMG]

    Shade sighed, looking at the pair. It seemed neither of them had any formal experiences with their Millennium Items like he had. Regardless, he looked up to the pair with his hands around the Millennium Key as he closed the door and sat across from the pair, speaking openly. "I assure you, what I have and what you two have are not merely replicas. What we have the original Millennium Items, forged from human souls thousands of years ago. It may be somewhat hard to believe, but that glow a few moments ago? That was the fact that the Millennium Items were reacting to one another's presence after they've changed owners according to the Spirit of the Key."

    But soon enough, the Slifer Red student sensed that his Ra Yellow companions still doubted the authenticity of the Millennium Items in their possession. It was then that Shade deemed it necessary to prove their authenticity to them. Regardless, it would be rather tricky for the young man as he had only recently begun to utilize the darker powers of the Millennium Items with the Spirit of the Key's guidance.

    Shade took a deep breath and closed his eyes, becoming serene as the Millennium Key began to glow softly. His hair shifted around about his brow as the Eye of Anubis began to make its presence known upon his brow. It began to glow and as he opened his eyes his pupils went golden as the room around them entered a pocket of the Spirit Realm, with some of the Duel Spirits from their Decks appearing around them, the most notable being Exodia, the Forbidden One, appearing behind the Shade. The two girls would soon see their Millennium Items glowing as the Spirit of the Ring hid in the corner while their Familiars remained hidden. The Eye of Anubis soon appeared on their foreheads as well as the Millennium Ring made its way to be openly visible, as did the Millennium Eye.

    But after a few moments, it all suddenly ceased as Shade blinked and gasped as the room suddenly shifted and the spirits vanished, the Eyes of Anubis vanishing as the young man started breathing more regularly, somewhat weakened by what he had just done given he was still a novice when it came to doing so. He then looked at the girls for a moment, stretching and speaking slowly.

    "Do you believe me now?"
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  9. Izzy didn't so much as bat an eye at Shade's display. "Not entirely no, hologram tech isn't exactly sci-fi you know." She answered, she quit tossing the Eye and held it up between two fingers. "I'd be more inclined to believe you if you could actually prove this thing wasn't just a hunk of metal." She grins mischievously as she gets an idea. "Tell you what, let's make it fun, you prove my lucky trinket here isn't just a trinket and I put it in" she says, tapping her eye socket through her eye patch. If he was telling the truth than he would know that the Millennium Items could be extremely dangerous to those not worthy of them, which historical texts said about them that Izzy had read for the project she'd done about them. In other words if he could prove his words she was willing to risk her life. "If you can't... hm..." she said, pausing in thought for a few moments as she tried to think of an appropriate ante for losing. "How about if you can't one of us gets your Key?" She offers with a renewed grin.

    In all fairness she wasn't anywhere near as skeptical as she was trying to appear, after all she'd had full conversations with the spirit of her Sasuke Samurai #4, not to mention all the weirdness she'd seen related to the game of Duel Monsters as a whole. Things like Yugi Muto's notably split behavior in and out of duels, the strange occurrence around Yugi and Pegasus' duel in Duelist Kingdom, and just about everything related to the finals of Battle City. "What do you think Penny? Sound like a fair wager?" Izzy asked, turning to the other girl for her input, hoping she'd agree or better yet suggest another bet.
  10. Location: ferry to Duel Academy Island, standing.
    Interactions: Isabella Sorens, Shade Murdock.

    "My interest lies in duels and strong opponents, not bets. Whether if it is fair or not depends on those involved, no? Feel free to go ahead with such wager however you please. More importantly,"

    Penny looked towards an empty space behind Shade as she continued speaking where moments earlier was the unmistakable appearance of Exodia, the Forbidden One.

    "That was Exodia just now, was it not? Do you by any chance utilize the Forbidden One in your deck?"

    The confirmation of the Ring's authenticity was not exactly a surprising fact to her mainly because she had a hunch, and had easily accepted the demonstration as 'truth'. That did not mean all that much to Penny, for she had little knowledge of the past Millennium holders except that the majority of them were able duelists - nor was she aware of what sort of powers these were capable of. At most, to her knowledge anyway, they were capable of showing illusions much like what Shade had did just now.

    Dueling strong opponents on the other hand was one of the biggest reason she had traveled so far away in the first place, and despite the uniform he was wearing, Shade was indeed a holder of a Millennium item. There were every chance that he had merely faced a foul announcer [much like herself] and was placed in that awful rank.

    "I suppose your interest lies in these Millennium items though, yes?"

    Penny addressed Shade while pulling the cord around her neck to lift out the Millennium Ring in plain view.

    "I can accompany you about these items - and also believe everything you say about these items - if you promise to have a friendly duel whenever possible, how does that sound?"
  11. [​IMG]

    Shade first pulled out the Deck he used to beat the proctor, as well as a deck of regular playing cards. Flipping over the first five cards of his Deck, Penny had the chance to see the five pieces of the Forbidden One all in one place on the table between the two couches in the cabin. In the meantime, Shade also went through he deck of regular cards, picking out nine cards, shuffling them, and setting them down in a three-by-three grid. The young man first looked to Penny, chuckling as he spoke. "I accept, Penny. Feel free to take a look at Exodia, but please be ratherHe careful."

    His attention then shifted to Izzy as he took the Millennium Eye and set it next to the grid, with the Eye of Anubis facing the cards. It was then that the Eye of the Anubis reappeared on the foreheads of the pair participating, with Shade chuckling, closing his eyes. "The Door of Darkness has opened."

    He then opened his eyes as the world around them seemed to slow down while the two focused on their game. "To show the Millennium Eye's power, we will play Shadow Concentration. Let me explain; the rules of this Shadow Game fueled by the Millennium Eye. Like regular Concentration, the idea is to avoid the Joker card and to get as many pairs of cards as possible. The rules are same, as in if you touch a card you must flip it over. Likewise, the first time you pick the Joker the cards remaining are shuffled and you must return a pair you've obtained to the grid. The second time you pick the Joker, you lose. If you try to cheat, the Millennium Eye will shock you as punishment. If you're caught cheating twice, you will automatically lose the game. The loser of our game will hold the Millennium Eye to their own eye and see a memory from their past life. Understood? Game start!"

    It took a good twenty minutes before the game was over. And even then, Izzy had lost. Shade then handed her the Millennium Eye as the Eye of Anubis vanished from their foreheads, the young man curious to see how the rebellious girl would react to seeing something from her past life.​
  12. Izzy snatched her Eye back from Shade, eyeing him suspiciously, she somewhat suspected he had cheated somehow. Even on a bad day she never lost that badly. Though she decided to ignore it this once, actually growing rather eager to see if this trinket she had kept for so long now was in fact real. She had no real interest in its abilities, reading minds greatly removed luck from the equation in games and gambling, but the Eye itself might prove a good bargaining chip sometime and if not it certainly made her lucky souvenir much more interesting. "Fine fine let's get your fancy magic over with mister show off." She said

    She looked into the small golden eye for a few moments, and opened her mouth to comment on nothing happening but just as she did the Eye flashed with bright light, and everything around her went dark...

    The next thing she knew, she seemed to be floating above the ground, the area around her was sandy and the sun was shining bright. There were a few sparse stone houses but little else. Izzy didn't understand what was going on at first until she saw people down below her. There were around a dozen egyptian looking soldiers wielding spears and with them were several others. The ones that caught her eye first were a man, on his back on the ground with several spears at his throat and a look of anger in his eyes, and nearby was a young girl. The two others with the soldiers she noticed were different, they wore long robes and one quite clearly had the Millennium Eye where his left eye should've been. The other had his hand under his robes and somehow Izzy knew he had his hand on his own Millennium Item.

    Izzy could see them speaking to the man on the ground but for some reason couldn't quite make out the words, which made some sense given she wasn't too close to the scene but when she tried to get closer she couldn't seem to actually move from her place in the air. Despite being unable to hear the words clearly she could make out enough to get the gist. The man was some kind of criminal, probably a thief, and had judging from the gestures from the ones she thought to be priests between him and the girl he had apparently attempted to use her as a hostage, quite unsuccessfully she noted. Suddenly things blurred, as if someone hit fast forward, and when it went back to normal the soldiers, the criminal, and one of the priests were gone, leaving just the priest with the Eye and the little girl.

    When they spoke, this time she could hear them clearly as if she was right next to them. It seemed things came back near the end of whatever conversation they'd had, "Come now Rashida, I'll make sure you're well taken care of, as a little desert rose like you should be." The man said with a kindly smile. The little girl, Rashida, returned his smile, her expression as she did almost as if the act of smiling was foreign to her. She seemed to contemplate what to say, shaking her head as if discarding something before speaking, "Can I meet the Pharaoh and the other priests?" She asked in a quiet voice. "Well you can certainly meet my fellows, though you'll have to earn the chance to meet the Pharaoh, maybe you'd like to help me out with my work sometime, how's that sound little one?" He answered. Rashida simply smiled again in response, wider than before. Then the dream like memory faded away and Izzy was suddenly back in her seat on the ferry.

    She blinked a few times before everything came back into focus, staring at the Eye like she was before. "Well... that was... interesting." She said, unsure how else to describe the experience. She wasn't sure if her "past life" as Shade had described it was the girl or the man with the Eye for one but she had a feeling it was the girl. But as it no longer really mattered, at least for now, she pushed the thought aside as she pulled off her eye patch, revealing the empty socket beneath. "A bet's a bet I guess, wonder if this thing will even fit right..." She stated, staring at the eye for a few seconds before turning it around so it faced the right way and pressing it into her socket. "Man this feels weird..." She muttered as it began to go inside, it glowed brightly as its progress finished, Izzy crying out in sudden shock and pain, clutching the Eye as it felt as if the Item was trying to bore into her mind. After a few minutes it ceased, leaving her breathing heavily. "D-dammit that hurt... thanks for the warning about that... ass..." She cursed at Shade between breaths. "Guess I'm lucky I lost my eyelid too no way I could blink around this damn thing" She commented as she looked around. "So... how exactly does this thing work? Cus I can't see a damn thing out of it."
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