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    [BCOLOR=transparent]Long ago, the ancient Egyptians called upon monsters- spirits of great and terrible power often born from the sheut (which is the shadow) of a man's soul- for a great many things ranging from combat to construction. There were three, the Egyptian God Monsters, that reigned above them all. However, there was one invincible force that reigned above even them: Exodia, the Forbidden One. Exodia himself was among the Egyptian God Monsters, but he was so much more. Eventually, Exodia agreed to be sealed by and within the Millennium Key, one of the seven Millennium Items that administered judgment and primarily controlled the magic of the shadows. In our time, these monster spirits have been reborn as duel spirits in the card game Duel Monsters.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]In recent years, the Millennium Items revealed themselves when Yugi Muto and the spirit of the Millenniums Puzzle, Pharaoh Atem, conquered the world of duel monsters and became the King of Games. In time, they were all returned to the Stone Slab of Kul-Elna to rest, with the Millennium Puzzle once again shattered into pieces. However, the Millennium Items have will of their own, and soon sought new wielders. With the Millennium Puzzle empty with no spirit remaining inside, only the Spirit of the Ring and Exodia remained within their respective Items. However, Exodia saw a great destructive Light in the future of men, one that wished to eliminate the Shadow for all eternity to that it may conquer the world. And it was such that the Millennium Key took ahold of the mind of one of the acolytes who guarded the Millennium Items, having him leave Egypt and search for the one who would wield the Millennium Key, searching across the world until landing in the state of Virginia in the United States and eventually stumbling upon a regional Duel Monsters tournament for children, he then spotted an eight-year-old American child named Shade Murdock who held in his hands four of Exodia's five pieces. To the acolyte this was a sign, that if this boy could summon Exodia then he was the one destined to wield the Millennium Key. And soon enough, it was so. The acolyte place the Key about the boy's neck and vanished, returning to Kul-Elna without the Key as the young man would soon learn of the power he now wielded.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It began with at first appeared to be a dream that very night, as the boy held onto his gift as he went to sleep. At first, as the boy was fairly versed in ancient Egyptian mythology for his age, he believed it to be no more than a mere ankh. But he soon learned otherwise. He saw it for the first time. He had what many didn't: two rooms within his mind. The one to the right was his, his dreams and aspirations before him. Then he turned around, opening the door to the initial left. The door itself was adorned by a five-pointed star within a seal, and it was clearly made of stone. He gingerly opened it and walked past it, looking around as he saw the room had five shrines connected by a five-pointed star like on the door. However, within the center of the star there was a keyhole. He did not pay heed to it initially as he looked down, seeing the Millennium Key glow with a bright. He then used it like a torch as he walked about the room and examined the hieroglyphs carved into the walls and examining the five tablets found within the five shrines, noting that they looked like his Exodia cards. It was then that he saw the keyhole, kneeling down onto the ground and wiping the dust away, pondering it for a moment before removing the Key from around his neck and putting it in the slot, twisting it as a pillar of light emerged from it, surrounding him as the room before him crumbled, the sound of chains breaking as before him emerged what was none other than the head of Exodia. The spirit spoke, speaking to the boy in a deep, commanding voice. "So you are the one who has chosen. I am the Forbidden One, Exodia, the spirit who lives within the Millennium Key. By your act our souls- our very fates- are now intertwined." It was then that the Eye of Anubis appeared for the first time on Shade's forehead, glowing brightly as he looked Exodia, speaking up. "But why me? What am I supposed to do?" Exodia thought for a moment, unsure of what to say. "I do not know. The Millennium Key has decided that we should become partners. In time, you shall control my powers and the Key's to defeat a Light that would wipe out the Shadow that has let mankind and monster flourish together in ages past, and now through your Duel Monsters game." Shade was somewhat scared, but like all children excited, speaking again. "Wait... so every Duel Monster has a spirit inside of them?" Exodia nodded, speaking once more. "That is correct. But now it is time for you to awaken..." And it was then his alarm sounded, the boy excited and curious about the days to come.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As years soon passed, Shade became a stronger duelist passing every day as every passing night he trained with Exodia regarding using his powers and fighting in Shadow Games. Exodia and Shane soon became friends of a sort, trusting one another almost wholly. Shortly after Shade's eleventh birthday, Shade's father, a U.S. Air Force major by the name of Cain Murdock, was transferred to Japan and his family went with him. As a result, Shade learned Japanese and (due to his research as a result of further interest in Egyptology) finished his studies to become fluent in ancient Egyptian. From then on he spent his vacations in America and his school days in Japan as the family traveled back-and-forth, until the accident. Cain was a test pilot for the F-35 Harrier, a new jet the American military was planning on utilizing. The model Cain was testing, however, had faulty wiring near the fuel tank, and one wayward spark caused an explosion at five thousand feet. The military would pay for their expenses until Shade was eighteen, afterwards Shade's mother, Delilah, would receive a monthly amount equal to what her husband's pension payment would have been. Shade, however, didn't exactly react to it and barely even talked to Exodia about it as the remaining two members of the family soon moved to the suburbs of Domino City.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]A few years later, after his fifteenth birthday in August, Shane applied for Duel Academy Central in Japan, with his initial paperwork being accepted. It was not too long after in the last week of September that Shade, now standing at five feet and eight inches, would prepare for his entrance exam duel. The Millennium Ket hung around his neck and rested on his grey t-shirt as he put on jeans into which he tucked in his shirt, a black jacket, a belt, and his tennis shoes. Afterwards he held his deck, shuffling before inserting it into the carrier he kept on his belt and putting on his Battle City Duel Disk. His brown hair remained in a bedhead as his blue eyes were agleam with excitement, soon walking out the door with his packed bags. He gave one last hug to his mother before hopping on the buss that would take him to the testing center, which was a dueling center where he had won the utmost recent regional championship. Shade would hop off and register, trading in his old Battle City Duel Disk for an Academy Disk, finishing up most of his student registration and turning it in about ten minutes before his entrance exam duel. However, there were an odd number of students so as opposed to dueling one of the supplied examiners. He was then approached by an oddly feminine man, standing a good few inches taller than him with blond hair that was more likely than not died as well as wearing full make-up. Shade used every bit of willpower to ensure he didn't cringe or, as he truly desired, to burst out laughing at the sight. The man spoke up, looking at Shade.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Shade Murdock, I presume? I am Dr. Vellian Crowler, the proctor for all of the entrance exams today. Unfortunately we are running short on examiners, so you'll need to duel one of our viewing professors. Is that acceptable?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Yes, sir."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Good. Follow me." Crowler was clearly pleased to not be confused for a woman for a few brief moments before he lashed out at a passing student for doing so shortly after they began walking. Shade chuckled beneath his breath where Crowler wouldn't hear as the two continued onto the floor. He was introduced briefly to one of the professors awaited him. They were introduced and shook hands as well as other pleasantries before the exam begin.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The duel itself was a nail-biter at first given that the professor he dueled against used a "Dark World" deck, but Shade and his spellcaster deck made a quick rebound, with a single use of "Jar of Greed" sealing Shade's victory as he drew the final piece of Exodia. Everyone who watched the duel felt their jaws drop as Shade celebrated as he saw Card Spirits from his deck join in on the celebration. However, when Crowler walked up to him his face was pale despite his blush, stuttering and convinced that Shade had somehow cheated his way to victory by rigging his deck. Checking the Academy Disk afterwards and discovering he hadn't done so, he sighed and, instead of making Shade and Obelisk Blue like onlookers expected, sent Shade to get his new Slifer Red uniform and change into it. Once he did so he was escorted to the ferry to Duel Academy Island, sitting with two people who appeared to be siblings in the cabin he was put in. They looked oddly familiar to Shade, as if he had met them and knew them long ago. However, he put the thought aside. He smiled, holding and releasing his Millennium Key to attempt at being friendly. "Hello, there. My name is Shade Murdock, a Japanese and American dual citizen. And you two are...?"[/BCOLOR]

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  2. Saria Vitakat's Font - Handwriting Fonts - Chris's Handwriting - 3b3bdb.png
    Saria was tired of from the very long plane ride from Egypt. Why did the plane ride have to be so long? Saria did not show her tiredness, but she continued to complain about it in her head while she was in a car. The car was taking Saria and her brother, Re, to the entrance exams for their school. Saria kept quiet the entire way and didn't want to interact with anyone right now. I hope I don't do bad in my entrance exam because I'm tired. If I do, I just hope I don't end up getting put in a really bad class. I don't think my deck is bad, but... Maybe it is? I'm not sure. I guess I'll have to decide once I get to the school. As she looked out the window, she spotted that as the car was moving toward a certain building. She used her power of the millennium necklace to see where they were going. She saw that they were heading towards the building. "Re, I bet you already know this, but we're almost there."

    Saria sighed as they went inside the building. Woah... There's a lot of people here. Will I be able to do okay with all these people here? Saria physically didn't show a sign of nervousness, but mentally, she was having a nervous attack. Saria wanted to use the power of her millennium necklace to determine how the battle would go, but... She was sure that if she did, she would either lose the will to have a good fight or possibly try too hard and lose in the end. Saria sighed as she suddenly heard the room go quiet.

    Saria observed a battle that everyone else was watching. As Saria stared at the battle, she noticed that the competitors of this battle were a boy and what looked like a professor. When she looked at the battle, the professor seemed to be losing. And in the next few minutes, she noticed that the professor did end up losing. The boy turned around and suddenly, Saria felt beside herself. W-Who is that guy? I... I don't know why, but... I feel... Strange. She stared at the boy as he went and got a Silfer Red uniform. Wait... He just beat a professor. Why is he getting a Silfer Red uniform? The man who assigned the boy to the uniform suddenly walked over to Saria.

    "Well... Hello young lady. You're... Saria Vitakat?" The man examined her a bit more. "Oh my. I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Dr. Vellian Crowler. The proctor for today's entrance exams." Saria looked him up and down before she said anything else. "Firstly, why did that boy get a Silfer Red uniform? He was amazing and even beat a professor. And secondly, it's quite nice to meet you. It appears that you already know who I am, so I feel no need to introduce myself." The doctor paused for a moment and pursed his lips before responding. "If you'll follow me young lady." Saria didn't feel the need to withhold anything because in the end, she knew that it didn't really matter. The future is not easy to change and if her chances of getting Silfer Red were high, so be it. As Crowler walked her over to the area where she was to duel an examiner.

    As the battle ensued, she felt herself grow hesitant that she would win. It's alright Saria, if fate has your loss in store, then there is no reason to go against it. Though, I might have to start using my power to win. I like fair battle, but I also equally like to win. If I feel that it will be overwhelming, I'll think about using it. Though, as the battle continued, Saria felt pressured to use her power more and more. She felt it would be a crushing defeat if she wasn't going to use her power. Towards the end of the battle, she finally decided to start using it. Oh... So if they're going to pull that card... I should play this trap card. And soon enough, the battle came to an end. Saria had defeated the examiner despite what seemed like a close call in the middle of the battle.

    As she stepped away from the battle, Crowler indicated that he wanted her to take an Obelisk Blue uniform. What's up with that? I get an Obelisk Blue uniform, but that other guy doesn't get it for defeating a professor? Saria sighed as she waited for her brother to finish his battle. She didn't expect him to lose, especially since people usually thought about their strategy in their head. He won't lose at this stage. After his battle was over, Crowler also indicated that he would also be receiving an Obelisk Blue uniform.

    As they headed to the ferry to the actual island, she noticed that the boy from earlier who got a Silfer Red uniform was in their cabin. Hold on... We're in the same cabin as the guy who beat a PROFESSOR? I feel kind of honored. Saria was smiling the entire time they were inside the cabin. When the boy introduce himself as Shade Murdock, she felt grateful to know his name. As a courtesy to Shade, Saria bowed before introducing herself. "It's quite nice to meet you Shade. My name is Saria Vitakat. I'm a citizen of Egypt." She looked at her brother and cued him with her eyes. Go on and introduce yourself Re.
  3. It was a horrible morning. The sun shone brightly, not a cloud in sight, and the dew had already been reduced to vapour. It was only early april, and yet it felt like summer. She was simply thankful that the cicadas' mating season hadn't also been extended. She walked briskly, her flat soled shoes creating only light footsteps on the concrete pathway, and soon disappeared into the shadow of a large building. Once inside, a simple elevator ride led her to the arena at the top of the tower, where she was greeted by someone who could easily be mistaken as a woman for 3 years until you read on a wiki that they're actually male. Apparently, her turn to duel would be after 2 others.

    "An Exodia deck? A common build indeed, although they rarely get past the first round of a tournament. This person must have a massive quantity of luck."
    "Dragons, huh? Again, a common build, although there's something odd about this one. Is the user perhaps not intending to summon 5 God Dragon first turn?"

    Then, before she knew it, it was her turn. She stepped onto the field, taking up her position across from a strange little man who was serving as her opponent.

    "Can we make this quick? There are still a lot of people to test and I'm quite hungry." His voice was thin and reedy, and flowing with overconfidence. He accompanied this by a long chain combo of destiny hero summoning. Kyouko responded with only stalls and defensive summons. This continued for 8 turns, until she finally had the show-off hand she had wanted to draw first turn. She chained 2 Charge of the Light Brigade, followed by 2 Solar Recharge and a Monster Reincarnation, finishing with a Judgment Dragon. She found the man's expression to be incredibly amusing - apparently he hadn't been trained to deal with cards he didn't even know existed. "Now, I'm sure you know how Judgment Dragon works, but I'll explain it anyway for those in the audience who are unaware. By sacrificing 1000 of my own life points, Judgment Dragon destroys every other card in play." The man croaked in a somewhat comedic fashion, with no way of responding to such a strong board wipe. "I'm not done, though." She next summoned a Lightray Gearfried, followed by her favourite card - Black Luster Soldier, Envoy of the Beginning. "I believe that makes 8800 direct damage. If I had drawn this hand to start with, it would have been a one turn win. Oh well."

    Much to her annoyance, she was given only a yellow uniform. Apparently, it was because her deck was using stall tactics, though she suspected it just to be retaliation for her using an archetype that her opponent didn't even know was real. Well, I don't like yellow so I don't think I'm going to wear this very much. Before she could complain, she was led to a ferry. She seemed to have gotten a room to herself, although given the number of people pestering her about how she got her cards and whether or not they were real, she didn't feel to have much privacy at all.
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    [BCOLOR=transparent]As Re stepped off the plane, he knew that the entrance exams and the car ride there were going to be painful. He knew his sister well and knew that she was probably going to complain about a bunch of stuff while they were heading there. While waiting for the car with his sister, her thoughts were flowing into his mind and it was annoying him beyond belief. “Saria. Could you please stop thinking for just a second?” It appeared that Saria had completely ignored him because the car pulled up to the airport.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]He let Saria into the car first and then followed her inwards. Re continued to read her thoughts throughout the whole trip. He placed a hand on top of her head and ruffled her hair. “You’ll do fine.“ Re fixed her hair before placing his head on the windshield, drifting in and out of sleep. The car started to slow down, waking Re from his mid ride nap. "Re, I bet you already know this, but we're almost there." His sister spoke, which slightly surprised him. She seemed so nervous that he was sure she wouldn’t say anything until they reached the entrance exams.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The entrance hall was big and grand. More worried thoughts from his sister flowed into his mind. Re patted her on the shoulder as they were lead to the exam hall. The hall seemed simple but yet vast. A battle seemed to be already happening, which grabbed the attention of the majority of the students. This, of course, did not exclude Re. Not that he cared in any way what was happening. At this point, it was something to provide him entertainment for a short while.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The match seemed to close with the boy winning. The students in the room stood quietly as he was lead off to get his robes. Re wondered if this had ever happened before, but judging by the tone of the room, it had not. His sister was greeted by some guy that looked like he worked here. She was taken away to do her entry battle, her worried thoughts flowing back to him. “Don’t worry, you’ll do great,” Re whispered to himself as he watched the battle.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]As the battle ensued, he was fairly certain that Saria was going to lose. Saria would always give her opponents a fighting chance to beat her before she would do anything drastic. He could hear Saria worrying over her match, but once she decided to use her power, Re was sure that she was going to be just fine. Saria gained a significant amount of confidence as she used the power of the millennium necklace. Re smirked as the battle ended and she ended up winning against what seemed like nearly impossible odds. She went and collected her Obelisk Blue uniform, which made Re smile.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Then, the man who led Saria over to her match introduced himself to Re. “So… It appears that you’re Saria’s brother. Re Vitakat. I’m Dr. Vellian Crowler, your proctor for today’s exam-” Re cut this ‘Dr. Vellian Crowler’ off. “I realize who you are. I heard you talking to my sister. Just let me take the entrance exam.” Doctor Crowler showed an extremely annoyed expression as he turned around and said, “Please follow me.” Unfortunately for him, Re could hear every thought inside of Doctor Crowler’s head. These things, he couldn’t repeat out loud, but was happy to inform Doctor Crowler that he shouldn’t use such rude words. “I’m sorry Doctor Crowler. I believe that the word ‘bitch’ is not an appropriate word to use on someone at the age of 15. Could you please refrain from saying things of that nature to me?” Doctor Crowler stopped dead in his tracks. “How did you...?” “Let’s just call me a mind-reader.” To pull a joke on Doctor Crowler, he put his hands to his temples and closed his eyes. “Let’s see… You’re thinking, ‘There’s no way this kid could be- No. He couldn’t be.’” As he uttered these words, Doctor Crowler simply gestured to the battle area and thought, “If you really can read minds, then hear this. You’re a fucking prick.” Re simply ignored him as he walked up onto the platform for his battle.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]As the battle ensued, Re knew from the start that he was going to win. His opponent fumbled while talking and repeatedly looked at his cards. His eyes jetting from the battlefield to his cards and back again. The battle was a wash, and Re was slightly upset that it was easy. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]This would have been more interesting if I was fighting a professor...[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] He thought as he received his blue robes.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Re met up with his sister before boarding the boat. The boy that beat the professor was within the cabin he was assigned to. His sister internally and externally was full of joy. He leaned over to her and whispered quietly, “Just because he beat a professor does not mean anything. We could easily do the same.” Saria introduced herself and with her eyes, told Re to introduce himself also. Re rolled his eyes and glanced at the boy named Shade. “I am Re. From Egypt like her,” he nodded in her direction before turning back to face his sister.[/BCOLOR]​
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  5. [​IMG]
    Shade saw the Millennium Necklace about Saria's neck, raising an eyebrow at it as he kept a few thoughts to himself. However, the power of the Millennium Key prevented Re from reading these thoughts without Shade's consent. He also chuckled internally at Re's name, noting the obvious influence of the fact his name is one of Ra's alternate names. He thought for a moment, Exodia appearing in an ethereal form next to Shade in the empty seat. His mental voice, like Shade's was hidden from the Millennium Eye due to the Millennium Key's powers. He spoke regarding the Items the other ferry members had in their possession. The Forbidden One stood about six feet tall at the moment, though his true size was much more massive.

    These two children... they, like you, wield Millennium Items. This girl has the Millennium Necklace, allowing her to see the future and the past, while the boy has the Millennium Eye. He can read your mind with it, if I remember correctly. Part his hair and you will find his Item. More likely than not, given these two are siblings, they are Tombkeepers... Tombkeepers? Yes, Tombkeepers, also known colloquially as Medjai. They are charged with protecting the sacred magic withing the tombs of the pharaohs and given to their mummies. In fact, it appears a fair of native Egyptologists are of some relation to Tombkeeper families. As the Duel Spirit turned his head, he chuckled and spoke telepathically again. Ah, I forgot that they could see me. I suppose I should introduce myself, then... Exodia then turned his attention to the siblings, speaking up. "A pleasure to meet you, Tombkeepers. I am Exodia, the spirit who dwells in the Millennium Key and a familiar to Shade."

    Shade, being slightly embarrassed at the situation, sighed as he spoke up once again. "This a little embarrassing... Regardless, tell me more about yourselves... Otherwise, as Exodia stated and as you can see, I wield the Millennium Key. As for how I obtained it, I was given the Key when I was little. I released Exodia from his slumber that night as is. We're going to be on this ferry for a few more hours, so might I know a bit about you two?" Shade attempted to be polite, despite he was relatively lacking in his social skills. Regardless, Shade felt as is he had already met them long ago, feeling unusually comfortable with these people.

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  6. Just as she had settled down to rest, she felt a strange aura being emitted from her Millenium Ring. She looked down and sure enough, three of the five charms on the artifact were glowing faintly and hovering, each pointing towards the same location. It was a different feel to she was used to though, as if this search was guided by some kind of primal homing instinct rather than the emotion of desire. Kyouko. Let me take over. This looks interesting. I wouldn't get your hopes up. The most interesting thing on this ship is probably the dining room. None the less, Kyouko let her Yami take over (who from now on will be referred to as Yamiko because it's easier to write), watching from the little room inside her head as the windows turned from pink to purple and the hair that hung over them slightly was turned charcoal black.

    This is refreshing. You should let me out more often. It's mean keeping me locked up in that room all day, even if I do have nintendo. The last time I let you out for any length of time you tried to kill someone with a children's trading card and I quote "Just to see if it was possible". I can't believe you'd bring that up. It was years ago! Yeah but blackmail is fun and you seem to have a thing for forgetting that I could kill you anytime I wanted just by throwing this necklace away. You're a horrible person. They had been walking for a while, and now the 3 needles on the ring were glowing much brighter and pointing to a single door in front of them. This is it? Seems so. Yamiko raised her hand and tapped on the metal, then took a couple of paces back so that she wasn't taken by surprise if the door opened outward.
  7. Nesshin Nesshin was leaning on the railing bored out of his mind as he watched the applicants duel their respective proctors. This had been going on and on. He'd been one of the first to arrive and pass, and his reward was getting to sit there for hours on end and watch the rest of the applicants duel.

    He sighed to himself, while Nesshin was indulging in his pity party, he saw a new persontake to one of the test stages. Surprisingly this time the proctor was one of the professors, Nesshin recognized him from the brochure for DA. That seemed odd, focusing on this particular duel, Nesshin was a bit disappointed. The kid was on the losing side until he got lucky with a draw towards the end. Perhaps this one had strong drawing potential.

    Scanning the field once again, he saw most arenas were empty as the tests were wrapping up. Two girls were still dueling, one who was using a Lightsworn deck and another who was using a Dragon deck. The Lightsworn girl was steady throughout, but the Dragon deck wielder turned the match on it's head at the climax.

    It was halfway through one of the last duels, with some kid who was using a Gravekeeper deck when he heard the call for the Ferry. Getting off the railing and stretching, Nesshin was more relieved it was finally time to get going, rather than grumpy that they had made him wait this long.
    Nesshin had gone from leaning on the railing at the testing center, to leaning on the railings of the Ferry, watching the students who had passed the test duel walk on. He noticed the girl with the Dragons and the guy with Gravekeepers walk onto the Ferry together, now that he actually paid attention, they seemed to be related. He looked a bit closer and noticed that the girl had a necklace..wait, what that..it was. It was the ruddy Millennium Necklace.


    Now that he was actually looking instead of just watching, he noticed the girl with the Lightsworns had the Millennium Ring, and the boy with the Exodia deck had the Millennium Key. The items gathering meant something was going down. Nesshin had no desire to join some crazy millennium item powered adventure before even reaching the school. He discreetly slipped towards the dining hall.
    Rubbing his face to keep himself awake since he had been feeling drowsy since lunch. Nesshin looked up and wondered how long until they reached DA. Stretching as he got up, he decided to spend the rest of the voyage in his room. He'd already explored the ship and looking at the sea had gotten old fast. ​
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  8. Saria/Re Twin Collab
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Re[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] jumped into Saria’s lap at the new voice within the room. Surprisingly it was the god, Exodia. He had heard of the god, but Re did not think he was ever going to meet him in person. Re pushed his back up to the wall slightly in fright, stunned to answer Shade’s questio[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]n.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]As [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Re jumped into Saria’s lap, she made a small squeal. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Re… What are you doing?! Why did you just jump on my lap? [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Then, she spotted the spirit right next to Shade. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that the spirit was indeed the god, Exodia. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Wow. He’s able to have that spirit as his friend? No wonder he’s incredibly strong…[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Saria bowed her head to the spirit. “It’s very nice to meet you. As you may have noticed, I am the bearer of the Millennium Necklace, Saria Vitakat” Then, as she sat back up, she faced Shade. “I… I really don’t know anything interesting about me that I could tell you. Well… I could tell you that my brother is an extreme sca[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]r-“[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Re[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] quickly placed his hand over his sister’s mouth. He leaned in close to her with a fire in his eye. “You will not tell him anything of me or yourself. We know nothing of what he could do.” Re whispered to her, forgetting about the god in the room. He adjusted his scarf before turning back to Shade and the spirit. “Uh. We are twins for Egypt. And we’re quite strong. We’re not scaredy-cats. Not at all, nope! We have faced many trials to get our millennium items. Poisoned spikes, walls of fire, name it and we’ve faced it. We both nearly died!” Re told the spirit and Shade. He was slightly exaggerating, it was almost a breeze for Re, and only slightly harder for his siste[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]r.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Saria[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] punched Re in the arm. “Don’t say things like that!” She turned back to Shade and Exodia. “I’m sorry. My brother can be a bit… [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]extreme[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] at times. We haven’t done any of the things that he listed… At least... I didn’t. Anyway, as Re said, we’re twins from Egypt. I mean… I think you already know that from earlier, but…” Saria shook her head. “I’m sorry. Sometimes I just have... Umm… Nevermind. I’m sorry.” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Re… Why are you making me talk so [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]much?[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Re[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] dropped his hand from Saria’s mouth. She did not speak as much as he thought she would, but enough to already brand himself as a liar. Re slinked down the wall, with his head at the wall and his back on his sister’s legs. His scarf ran up his neck and placed itself over his eyes covering his face. The cloth was still littered with sand from his homeland. Some specks fell onto Re’s closed mouth. His eyes darted to Saria, “Because you are the one who wanted to tell them everything.” Re said to her, louder than he should have. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Stupid san[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]d.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Saria[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] looked at Re with a concerned look. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]I did not! I didn’t say that![/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] “Sorry. I’m just a little nervous… I think I did well in my battle, but… I’m worried that I might not do so well later.” As she stared at Re, she saw his scarf covering his face. To play a joke, Saria was going to ‘accidentally’ slip and start to cover Re’s mouth. Though right before she did, she heard a knock on the door. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Re! You need to sit up! We’re in front of other people![/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Saria turned to Shade and Exodia. “Do you want me to get it? Or do you want to[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]?”[/BCOLOR]
  9. Nesshin Ness had been heading towards his room from the dining hall when he saw a girl staring at a door out of the corner of his eye. Stopping mid-stride despite himself, he just stood there and observed for a minute before realizing she was literally just standing there and staring. Perhaps the girl had locked herself out of her room or something. His gut was telling him to ignore it and continue on his way, but Ness figured he'd do his good deed for the day.

    Coming up behind her, he tapped her on the shoulder and started speaking. "Locked yourself out of your room? Haha don't worry. I have an older friend who attends Duel Academy, told me the locks on the ferry are rubbish because of how old it is. I'll help you get in." Nesshin had bent over to touch the door handle to see if he could jiggle it open when he noticed it was unlocked. Frowning to himself, he opened the door before he could really think about it.

    His stomach contracted into a small ball when he caught sight of the giant figure that stood the tallest in the room. Exodia. His eyes darted quickly around and he noticed the girl with the Millennium Necklace was there, and the boy standing in front of Exodia had the Millennium Key. He risked a glance over his shoulder and confirmed that the girl he'd attempted to help had the Millennium Ring. Nesshin could feel the Millennium Rod practically thrumming with power from inside his backpack at being this close to other items.

    Ugh, he'd been trying to have a peaceful school life.

    Smiling weakly, he gave a small wave to the inhabitants of the room. "Hey, uh. I thought the girl here was locked out her room. My bad, I'll just be going." Nesshin had been edging backwards this entire time, and as soon as his sentence had finished, he twisted on his heel and beat a hasty retreat.

    Millennium items never brought anything but trouble.

  10. "You're not going anywhere." Yamiko had gotten over her surprise at seeing the legendary Exodia's duel spirit tamed, and was now surprised instead by the fact that every person in her presence seemed to be a chosen one. She grabbed the boy by his collar as he began to walk away, dragging him into the room along with herself. She smiled, showing teeth. It was an unnatural smile, especially for a human, and looked more like a monster, even to herself when she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the window. "Well, well, what do we have here? Five of the sacred Millennium Items, and their carriers. And all on the same boat headed to the same destination. This sort of thing certainly doesn't happen by pure coincidence.. so, lucky-boy, know anything about this? Or perhaps the more appropriate one to ask would be the three-thousand year old deity?"
  11. [​IMG]

    Exodia was not impressed at the new wielder of the Millennium Ring. In fact, he would have preferred Zorc to the pretentious snob who seemed to be the new Ring Spirit. As such, the god stood up, walking over to Yamiko. He then raised his arm, thrusting his first into the Millennium Ring. He felt around, pulling out Yamiko and placing her in an ethereal form next to her host, who soon reverted to her original form. It was then that the deity chose to speak, standing between the Item Wielders. He forced all the Items to glow as the Eye of Anubis appeared on their foreheads, speaking aloud to them and commanding their attention. The god senses another spirit within the other girl as he made his speech, but paying no heed.

    "Listen and listen well: even I am not omnipotent. But know this: though now you all come from around the world, you once all came from Egypt. Each of you is a reincarnation of an ancient Millennium Priests. There is a fifth, who does not wield an Item, but they shall join soon enough, for theirs is a different power. You see, each of you will have a role to play. And role each hinges on learning about your former selves and unlocking the power you are capable of. You shall see past and enter the Spirit World... while your foes are worshipers of Heretic Sun. Within each of your is a Duel Monster to guide you as I will guide Shade. The first step you need take is the meditation necessary to find your familiar. Of course, we could simply use the Millennium Key and Rod to expedite the process, but it would be ineffective. Now prepare yourselves... the Light is coming. You are protectors of the Shadow, and must deter this Light from its purpose..."

    And with that, the Forbidden One returned to the Millennium Key as Eyes of Anubis faded as the Millennium Items ceased to glow. Shade cough, speaking up. "At least it all makes sense in a deranged sort of way. We must've all met long ago, like he said... after all, history repeats itself."
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  12. Nesshin Ness was sneering before Exodia had even finished. He had no desire to save the world or "Defeat the Light." Which was ridiculous itself. Since when was the light the evil and the darkness good. Regardless, he'd had enough of this while he was still in Inaba. He'd gotten nothing but trouble since he'd received the Rod, but the man had insisted that it was his now. Rolling his eyes at the memory, Ness pulled his jacket out of the girl's grip, and dusted himself off before turning to the rest of the group situated in the room.

    "I'm not really particular to this entire being a hero business. I came to Duel Academy so I could use it as a springboard to going Pro, regardless of that. I know I have a responsibility because this damned rod chose me, but you'll excuse me if I have no desire to go chase down trouble, call me when there's actually trouble and I'll do my part, but otherwise don't approach me about the Millennium items. They bring nothing but trouble."

    Punctuating the end of his sentence with an eye roll. Nesshin turned and stalked out of the room, turned right and disappeared from the view of those in the room. Fuming the entire way.

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  13. "Saving the world huh? Destiny? How are we supposed to save the world anyway? All we've got in terms of weapons are cursed egyptian artifacts. What, does fate think we're going to save the world by playing a card game or something? As if losing a duel would make a villain give up." "Kyouko. You forget that our cursed egyptian artifacts can summon abhorrent demons into reality." "Oh. Good point. I guess we should just do that then."
  14. [​IMG]

    In another side of the world, the sand became red as the blood of its ancient protectors fell among the dead.

    Underneath these same sands one would find, a few kilometers away from the ruins of Akhenaten (otherwise called El Armana), a hidden city all of its own. Within this city was a blinding light, as at the heart of the city was the Temple of Light. The city itself is over one thousand square kilometers in area, and held within it homes and farms and markets. Here there lived many families and devotees from across the world who were brought to believe in the power of the Sun Disk and blindly join its cult. The city itself, called Atenianwa (which means "The Greatness of Aten"), was built with one purpose: to serve as the world capital and as a conduit for great and terrible magic.

    Within the Temple of Light, there was a single underground chamber meant to serve as one of two Holy of Holies. It is here that one would see the figurehead of the cult: the Heretic Pharaoh, Akhenaten, locked away within his sarcophagus until the power was gathered to use his mummified remains in a great an terrible plot. In the upper level, there remained the true leader of these masses, who himself was recently deceased. It was at this time one of his many acolytes came to him, giving only simple message: "Em Medjai ak Abydos ir mit, ef wier."

    The Tombkeepers of Abydos are dead, master.

    This was good news: it meant that a cornerstone of the Tombkeepers' operations had been annihilated. It was then the tall and slim figure rose from his gilded chair, chuckling with pleasure. His hair was as black as the night sky, tied into various stands and braids typical of the ancient priesthood as sacred beads and talismans praising Aten were woven into his hair upon what had originally been his mummification. His garb consisted of white robes and golden armbands and manacles, while on his feet rested traditional reed sandals. In his right hand he carried an elaborate bronze staff, the top of which was a sun disk while the bottom was a spear-tip. His irises were pure red, and his skin was a dark caramel. He traced a scar that went down his right eye before stroking his goatee, soon slamming his staff to the floor as he spoke "Bring in my Disciple and close the doors... I must speak with her in private." It was then he turned and the light caught the object about his neck: the Millennium Puzzle, corrupted and complete.

    Once his pupil had entered he bid her rise as he spoke, a sly smile on his face as he spoke to her. "My Disciple... I have called upon you now because it is time for you to serve Lord Aten and His Cult. Your mission is this: one of our members working in Duel Academy has seen the other five Millennium Items. Your will gain their trust and join them while posing as a Slifer Red student. Your primary objective is to find out the location of the Sacred Cards and report on the actions of the Item Wielders, and should you find the Forbidden One destroy the cards... Another member of the Cult has infiltrated as a professor. He will be your liaison between yourself and the rest of the Cult. Now, you will need these..."

    He would then turn around once more, walking to an alcove near where the gilded chair was, picking up a parcel and giving it to his Disciple, smiling. "Lord Aten has appointed you to wield the Millennium Scales. He has purified the Scale as He did with the puzzle... I have also decided to bestow upon you Hamon, the Lord of Striking Thunder. It is one of the Sacred Cards, and as such it holds a great power. Use this power wisely. But, if anyone should get in your way or discover your true objective: banish their souls. Now rise, and begin your journey. Asamid will have your new wardrobe and papers ready before prepping you for travel. Now begin your journey and do not fail me, Nijimi..."
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  15. "It will be my honour to carry out the will of the Light." Nijimi reached out and grasped the scales. As she did so, she felt a powerful sensation - a phantom-like presence - as if the signals flowing through her nerves had been reversed. She blinked, and in that instant, she caught a glimpse of... something. Though it was only a momentary glance, she could make out a thin, elongated form that boasted multiple sets of wings. "Could that be... the legendary dragon spirit said to inhabit the Millennium Scales?" For some reason, when she touched the Hamon card, no noticeable effect occurred.


    Some time later, thousands of miles away:
    "So... this is where fate has brought us. I wouldn't have guessed Japan, though." Nijimi watched each of the millennium users in their duels, taking a particular interest in the Ring wielder for using a deck she'd never seen before. In her own duel, she neglected to use any of her win conditions, instead simply focusing on swarming in order to get sent to Slifer Red on purpose. Afterwards, she went her own way, avoiding direct contact with the other item holders until a little later.

    A little later, thousands of miles away:
    Nijimi had her ears pressed to the door of the room, listening to the conversation, before she walked through to join it. "I heard you talking about destiny and stuff. Mind if I drop in?" As she spoke, she allowed the scales she was holding behind her back to show slightly.
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  16. Nesshin Nesshin had stormed out of the room with a sneer on a face and a a growing urge to punch something. Taking cursory note of the strange girl listening in. The ruddy millennium items had followed him even here. When he'd first receieved the rod, Several groups had appeared for the rod and ruined his time in Junior High.

    After that he'd expected more time before they found him again. Considering he was transferring halfway across the nation., but no, and this time the other wielders were here. Even more troublesome.

    Ness would gladly pass the Rod onto some un-named bugger. The codger back in Inaba had a son after all, but he knew that's not how these things worked. He was stuck with it now. Sighing to himself. Ness rubbed his face, before looking forward at the ocean from the bow of the ship.

    This damn ride was taking far too long.

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  17. Saria Vitakat's Font - Handwriting Fonts - Chris's Handwriting - 3b3bdb.png
    Saria looked towards all of the others, which made her wonder what kind of situation she was getting herself into. The words that Exodia said reverberated in her mind. It was strange for her to think about once being in Egypt and being a part of the society that once existed there. She looked towards the other members and wondered what kind of people they were in their past lives. It also made her wonder what kind of person she was in her past lives. She watched as the guy with the Millennium Rod stormed out of the room. She wanted to call out to him so that she could stop him, but she didn't because she knew it wasn't her choice to make. She then listened to what the girl, Kyouko had to say. She did know that their artifacts could summon demons into reality, which did scare her when she was younger, but now, it posed no threat to her conscience. She looked down at the ground, deep in thought. She didn't know what she wanted to say. She wanted to say yes to fighting whatever it was she was supposed to fight, but... For some odd reason, she felt something nagging at her conscience. She felt unsure of this whole situation. It seemed... Almost surreal. That she was a heroine who was supposed to fight the light. It made her wonder if she made the right choice in even getting the Millennium Necklace in the first place.​
  18. Kyouko looked at the girl who was in the doorway. She was considerably tanned, and her Japanese was broken. Was she a foreigner? More importantly, she was a millennium item holder. It was Yamiko who spoke up, though. "I don't believe in this saving the world nonsense, and I believe much less that Kyouko is the reincarnation of a member of the ancient Egyptian royal court. However, I am interested as to why so many artifacts have been gathered simultaneously, so I'm going to tag along. It's not like we have any idea what where we're supposed to start, anyway." At this point, the girl introduced herself; Nijimi the Egyptian, a direct descendant of one of the gravekeeper lineages and not just a reincarnation. "I overheard some guy talking about a so-called "light" organisation to what I assume must be his underling earlier. Perhaps we start by investigating what he said?"
  19. A dark blue haired girl had just began making her way to the group. No millennium item seemed to be present on her and nothing seemed to be overly special about her at all. Perhaps maybe the fact that she had a duel spirit present with her, more than likely only see-able by some in their group. Her eyes were red, her hair dark blue and falling just over her left eye. The bangs that would hang over her right were pulled to the side with red string, and crossed together to keep it in place. Freckles were plastered across her nose, those eyes were drooped sleepily and bounced around the group as she seemed to be a bit shy. Just then, a small flash of her camera was taken of the group. She looked down at the screen and nodded to it with a small smile.

    "Good picture.." The camera remained in her hand and close to her chest, which was donned with a light blue hoodie with darker blue as the interior color. She hadn't heard much about the conversation of the destination or exactly what was happening, but she only knew little about each of them.. she kind of needed a friend, and all of them seemed eligible enough to fill that void. Assuming they were all duelists, she could maybe learn something from them. Her duel spirit hung around her with a smile, looking at all of the other ones of her kind. The Dance princess just looked absolutely adorable with her mannerisms and how she almost clung to the blue haired girl.
  20. [​IMG]

    The Duelist closed his eyes and rubbed them, sighing briefly as he pondered what this meant. He remained silent for a while, instead looking up at the others and going blank. "I think we'll need to do some research regarding what he's talking about. Other than that, I don't think there's much we can do now other than perhaps get to know one another better. And for that purpose, I believe a Duel or two might be in order." In reality, Shade had been working on a new, Spellcaster-based Deck as opposed to his current one which was erratic and unreliable given its reliance on Exodia. Instead this Deck was centered around Dark Magician and was a lit smaller, and he hoped this new Deck would get him up and about someday in Duel Academy.
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