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  1. I've been meaning to do this for a while. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Ythania - I draw a lot, drawing inspiration from the characters of the roleplays I take part in. Sometime next month I'll be opening up commissions for the first time, but for the time being I'm just drawing what I want, when I want to, and posting it all up online for the owners of the characters to see.

    Fallout: Louisiana
    A crudely illustrated poster in Cobb's Pier attracted the help of some of the weirdest and most wonderful mercenaries this side of the Wastelands. Sten Revna, the perpetually grumpy ghoul and founder of this haphazard team, has enlisted the help of Scout and The Lone Atom for a simple settlement assistance job. Along the way, they picked up three new friends and/or hostages - the dashing Beau Arsenault, Jacqueline Richard-Boudreaux the scientist, and cannibal Swan Schmid who ironically works as a doctor and chem dealer.

    This roleplay is still open to new members, if you are interested in joining.

    Scout, in a less horrible time when she used to sing in a Burlesque bar under an old train station.

    The Lone Atom as I tried to finalise his design.

    Some more Lone Atom sketches which I gave up on half-way due to the awkward anatomical errors.

    Outfit designs for Scout.

    Outfit designs for Sten Revna.

    A hastily made colour test for Scout and Sten's outfits.

    A more detailed look at Scout and Sten's actual outfits in the RP. For convenience's sake, I gave them alternate designs to save my poor writing hand.

    Early concept designs and height comparisons of Scout and Sten, coupled with some Hancock fanart.

    Kingdom of Evertrue
    An open-world fantasy RP, with a colourful and expansive cast of roleplayers and characters. Players are able to make their own story using the immersive and high quality lore present, along with a simplified currency system where they can buy crafting materials, armour or miscellaneous objects. The personal story I am undergoing involves Charlie Remsworth, a socially isolated and depressed werewolf who recently discovered the incredibly confident thief and adventurer Aros Vilren. The two of them go on adventures together - Aros has always dreamt of fame and riches, whilst Charlie is simply looking for a new friend and, hopefully, a cure for her curse.

    The Kingdom of Evertrue is always accepting new members.

    Aros spotting something either incredibly beautiful or incredibly dangerous. Charlie making some sort of snide remark.

    First time I've drawn a werewolf - Charlie's werewolf side, Remsworth.

    A collection of sketches, involving Charlie and Aros as modern day children, Charlie and Aros captured, one angry Charlie and one fancy Aros.

    A scrappy little comic I made after a rough's night sleep. I imagine Aros would distract a terrified Charlie with stories.

    2 point perspective practice using Charlie's surgery/home as inspiration.

    All of my art can either be found on my Tumblr account, and I am slowly introducing my art onto DeviantArt from oldest to newest. Any followers, watcher, or reblogs sent my way will be rewarded with eternal gratitude as it helps me get my name out there.
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    Something small I drew and snapped with my phone involving Torgeir and Hildred Harlow. The latter belongs to me whilst the former is @Applo 's creation. I can't wait to see how their relationship works out - Torgeir Gunnarsson, the honourable Viking-esque melee fighter and the infamous thief and assassin Hildred Harlow trying to work together.

    They belong to Lost Hope: Return of Dragon's Talon.
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    So, here’s one of the sketch dumps I’ve been working on! With my exams coming up next week, I’ve just been focusing on a bunch of little sketches. From the top left, top row:

    - Hildred Harlow and Torgeir Gunnarsson: Tiny little thief girl and big, angry Northern warrior.

    - Watercolour and Ink test using a random woman and her nice skirt.

    - Lots and lots of hand studies. Some of them using my own, others using a photo reference; the numbers show the order I drew them in.

    - Nyzath Lunastreak and Nathaniel Hawthorne, once WoW characters (I owned Nyzath, a good friend of mine owns Nathan) which I’ve updated to fit a more general fantasy setting.

    - Watercolour test of a swamp. Hidden below it is a pencil sketch of one of my ink pens and a little watercolour smudge.


    - Hildred Harlow again, balancing on something with song lyrics floating next to her.

    - The logo for Harlow Fabrics, Hildred’s family business, notorious for their manipulative monopoly on the clothes trade that’s put many people out of business.

    - Another hand sketch to fill in the space.



    Another sketchdump - this time, it’s Sanctum Squad themed! I basically took any little idea in my head and sketched it onto that piece of paper to tide me over until the end of exams.

    I’m afraid I’m not going to label everything out this time, since there’s way too much scattered about to put into coherent sentences - just like the dynamic duo themselves, there’s always something going on.
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