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  1. ... and she seems to tolerate you. That's good.


    Hello! My name is Siku, and coincidentally, so is my character's name! (You didn't buy that? No? Damn.) I've been kicking this idea around for a while, and I think I've conjured up a very loose requirement for a partner. Please feel free to suggest any additions to the plot, or pull in extra characters you think of. I've made a little write up, to give you a sense of my writing style and hopefully spark some interest.


    Humans have not had the gift of magic for centuries. The faerie courts liked it this way. They were free to conduct business as usual, and wage the occassional war with said humans when they saw fit. The fae, predictably, had an easy advantage, up until ten months ago.

    For some reason, the humans were starting to win some battles, at an alarming rate.

    Spies discovered that one of the four human kingdoms had changed power. The new queen was a brilliant strategist, responsible for the recent human victories. Rumors held that she was a powerful mage as well, controlling the element of ice and possessing superhuman strength. If this was true, it needed to be investigated further.

    Luckily, the Ice Queen herself sent out an invitation to you, the King of the UnSeelie Court. She says she's offering a truce and would like to meet. Curiosity got the better of you, and you accepted and travelled to her kingdom.

    She wasn't what you were expecting. Now you wondered if she might be worth keeping around, once you finally crush the human empire.


    So there's a bit of espionage and a lot of dark tones. Let me know if you're interested!


    Edit: Some more info!

    The loose government structure I have for the human empire is that there are four kings (well three kings and one queen now), loosely in alliance against the imposing fae courts, which consists of the usual set up, Seelie and UnSeelie. The Light Court and Dark Court, respectively. They're not exactly in an alliance against the humans, per say. They've always been at war with each other, but it's more or less on hold while each one wars with the human empire. More like a truce.

    You'll be playing the UnSeelie king, but beyond an implication of "evil fairy king" this is all up to you. The same goes for the UnSeelie Court as a whole, it's your baby from now on. If you need some suggestions please feel free to ask. I can pull characters out of a hat at a moment's notice.

    Speaking of which, please feel free to discuss plot and character additions with me. I'll do the same with you. I can take over and lead, or it can be cooperative, whatever is more comfortable for you.

    A little history on my character and her kingdom:

    Her name is Siku Ulva. My avatar is a portrait of her (the larger drawing is unfinished for now). She's the bastard child of the former king, and, being the only descendant, was raised to take over. When the king died in an assassination plot carried out by the Seelie Court, she took the reins. This was controversial in two parts: her illegitimate conception and her gender. She has some opposition within the human empire itself, both her own kingdom and other kingdoms, but rumors of her supernatural abilities strike fear into her political opposition and keeps her in power. The fact that she's the only leader to make any headway on the battlefield helps a great deal, as well.

    As for appearance, she's short, hovering around 5'0", but has a lean musculature and expression that gives off more intimidation than her height can take away. She's very pale, with white hair and icy blue eyes, which gives you an idea of how the rumors circulated. She's sort of abrasive, especially so for a woman, but it's a result of having to prove herself every other breath. She's certainly more of a general and a warrior than a politician, but in war that isn't unusual.

    Aesthetically, all the kingdoms have a sort of Rococo/Medieval look. The armies are chock-full of knights in armor. The aristocracy leans more toward the Rococo aesthetic as far as dress and interiors go.

    Toss any question you have my way, I'm more than happy to answer them, especially if it's something I haven't considered up until this point.
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  2. Oh yeah this sounds really awesome! PM when you want to get it going!
  3. Thanks, Equinox! I've sent you a PM!
  4. Re-opened for multiple partners! I realized this could be taken several ways and would love to explore it thoroughly. Please PM me if you're interested!
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