You've just entered a time loop...

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We've seen them before, as a plot device to some of our most favourite (sci-fi) TV shows! Something happens to the cast, and they keep playing out the same day over and over again, or the same event, or the same week...

One of my favourite movies of all time, Groundhog Day, is entirely about the time loop of a single day over and over again!


If you were in Bill Murray's position, and realized that you were stuck in a time loop of a single day, over and over again, of your normal, every day life...

What would you do?
I'd terrorize the same person over and over and over and over and over again.

Or, you know, tap me some hawtness without getting bored of them. lololol *pervface*
I would use my apparent psychic power to attract as big a following as possible, and experiment with what I could achieve in a day with such Messianic devotion.

Could you overturn the established world order in a day? Could you bring world peace in a day? Cause global revolution in a day?

I would try to interfere in many lives as possible and see what actually happens.
I would try to see what would happen if I become famous, incognito, or even infamous.

If someone attempts to suck me out of the time loop by killing me, I'll trap him or her inside it.
I would have sex with as many women as I could.
I'd do everything I could possibly think of that is not "socially acceptable"
maximum sexual escapades with no threat of STD's or Pregnancy
I would take risks for once that I would never take otherwise.

I would also launch golf balls through a Stargate.
Sword check.

Knife, check.

Crossbow, check.

Lance, its just a sharpened stick i just made but check,

Bike, check.

Time to go to work.

It'd be such an awesome opportunity for me to learn all of the things I've wanted without worries about time and money. o___o I could learn piano, guitar and violin. Spanish, French and Italian. How to fix my own damned car. Take fancy ballroom dancing lessons. Try out karate. Practice art and writing skills. Learn real computer programming. Memorize my skill in tarot and astrology. Trying out natural herbal remedies. READ SO MANY AWESOME BOOKS.

And if I ever got out of my time loop, I would be like.. a wizard. o_____o
I agree Diana that would be a fantastic opportunity to learn if you can get out :]]