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    Tell me what you think. How would you feel if you were this man? Does the fact that the justice system isn't perfect infuriate you? Do you know someone this has happened to? I know the justice system can be a touchy subject. Please, act mature.

    Now for roleplay... Life isn't perfect.. that means your roleplay life shouldn't be either. What flaw has been in your story? What mistakes were made? Were there any this severe.. or more so?

  2. oh come on he should get to do something bad so he can offset the time he lost
    kill a hooker
    punch a old lady
    take candy from a baby
    hire a hitman to kill the person that arrested you
    i mean come on its like oh im sorry you lost two decades of your life and what did you do to loose it nothing....fuck that he should get a pass for one thing XD
  3. Dude. The Green Mile. Havent seen it/read it? Watch it/Read it.

    I hate the justice system...I do.

    In rps? My stories have some flaws. In Hiigaran Sorrow, the justice system is seriously screwed over, effecting both my character and Vay's. It's almost as if our character's emotions have to SOLELY be based on the actions of the government and justice system.

  4. "Everyone in Prison has one thing in common: They didn't do it!" Also from Green Mile.

    I would be totally pissed! And it is easy to say that the justice system is terrible, but compared to a lot of other countries, ours is actually pretty good. It sucks that things like this happen, but there is really no way around it. As long as humans are humans, errors are going to occur.

    I actually do know someone who was in a similar situation. They were held without conviction in county jail for 8 years. This persons circumstances were a lot different than the story, but it was still a terrible thing. The justice system is also notorious for taking it's time when it wants to.

    Rp wise? I was in a game where the characters thought they were going to get a reward for returning a princess safely back to her kingdom, but instead they were surrounded and captured and sentenced to die!
  5. No, commit the crime twice that way you get the satisfaction of actually being guilty but you can't be tried for it because LOL DOUBLE JEOPARDY.
  6. Well it is awful when this kind of stuff happens, and it happens much more than we realize. This is the first time though that I have heard about someone that have been imprisoned for sixteen years before getting out and being innocent. But it could be worse, there have been people that been sentenced to death and then later they have gotten proof that they had been innocent.
    I have thought all the time that the justice system can be unfair, stupid, and not always doing things the right way and I always have felt disturbed by it. I don't really trust the justice system because they aren't more than humans and even they can make mistakes, and that's the problem. As long as humans can still do mistakes then innocent people will get into prison now and then. I would feel awful if I sat in prison for something I hadn't done, I would probably sue someone when I finally got out. Even when people have gotten out of prison and it is proved that it was a mistake and they were innocent then they can still be hated by society and have a hard time to get a job because people still think they have raped someone or whatever has happened. So basically, this mistake doesn't just take away years of a persons life but it also can make a person unable to get a job when they are finally out if people still associate this person with a criminal.
    I don't know anyone that this things have happened to and I'm
    so glad for that, I would feel awful if someone close to me had been in prison for something he/she hadn't done.

    The most mistakes in my rps aren't so severe like this one, mostly it is just like misunderstandings and a plan that goes a bit wrong and such things.