YouTubers? Marvel? (Always Looking!)

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  1. 1. Doubling, unless you're comfortable simply playing the role I ask of you.

    2. Communication, let me know -if possible- when you're going to be gone from the role play for a while.

    3. Dedication, I prefer my role plays to continue until the story has been completed.

    4. Eighteen or older, I write mature themes and don't want to be restricted.

    5. PM, I only role play through private message as I dislike threads.

    I absolutely adore the YouTubers listed below and only wish to indulge myself and my partner with some harmless creative writing.
    This is just for fun!

    I'm looking for someone to play either of these men, preferably Jack!

    I will happily double in exchange.

    Jacksepticeye - Jack/Sean
    Markipiler - Mark


    Deadpool "Wade Wilson"
    Ant-Man "Scott Lang"
    Owen Grady
    Star-Lord "Peter Quill"​
  2. Still searching for someone...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.