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Youtuber x OC? (Romance. Slice-Of-Life. MxM. 18+)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ~Princess Syd~, Feb 21, 2016.

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  1. Okay so for no particular reason I want to do an MxM Markplier/OC - I just really want to play Markplier, haha.

    I'd like this to be MxM, maybe fluffy with slice-of-life involved too. Honestly I'm not looking for a lot of plot, just a longterm romance RP over PM.

    Message me or post here if this interests you :)
  2. this should be in libertine
  3. Again, this isn't libertine or based on smut. It's romance, but I prefer 18+ partners.
  4. Love me some Markiemoo! You still looking?
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  5. Of course! Message me? :)
  6. Must it be MxM? I'm not looking to insert myself into a romance with Mark or anything. My main concern is that he has expressed that he is straight many times, and if I take up this pairing with you I'd like it to be accurate to his traits. :) I swear I'm not trying to diss on your ship! If you're open to MxF (or MxTF? As in a trans woman?) I'm happy to discuss it with you! <3

    (Actually, Mark x Trans Woman would be super cute...)
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  7. Oh! Don't get me wrong, I know he's explained multiple times that he's straight and I never intended to suggest otherwise. I just thought 'I'm better at MxM romance'. Honestly I really appreciate your interest but I'm only comfortable with slash relationships, sorry xxx
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  8. Thanks though! :)
  9. Oh no problem!! <3 Have fun, good luck finding a partner!
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