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  1. Justiniana "J" Galloway
    Justiniana The Fangirl

    I find myself up in my room, wearing my Slytherin sweater and I pull up my laptop. I have a good amount of people who watch my videos, and I am happy about it. I click on Good Mythical Morning and watched "25 Worst Hairstyles Ever". After the video, I commented "Love you guys <3 can't wait to do a collab". We meant once before while I was getting some bubble tea in New York for vacation once. I live in North Dakota, in a small town, so big city life and the memory of the trip is all faded and blurry.

    I click on once of my most recent videos and see how many likes and comments it got. I scroll through the comments and see one reading "Cool video." It was from Tyler Oakley, so I went into a total freak out. I love Tyler Oakley. He is life.

    Closing my laptop, I head down stairs to get on my phone. My Vine feed is pretty decent except one person I follow is spamming his followers with stupid videos of stupid looking monkeys, and it is not even funny what so ever. I want to unfollow him, but I don't know if I should.

  2. Sally Bunk

    Well, it's up now. Both the video and the customizable chord-of-your-choice bookshelf. Sally has the splinters up and down her palms to prove it. Spinning back in her wheelie-chair, she scrolls through the messages on her phone, asking for her to begin vlogging.


    The star of BunkItYourself doesn't quite know. She's been told she's boring before.

    But hey, the fans want what the fans want.
  3. Lucas moved the mouse over and clicked upload. The video had just been him vlogging his day, something some of his subscribers had been asking for. Of course it was more of his edited day then he would like to share. He left the computer so that he could do other things while it uploaded so he scrolled through his tumblr app on his phone. He posted a new message saying "New Video coming later today!" He wasn't exactly sure how many of his subscribers were following him but he decided that it was fun to have a 'professional' tumblr and then one for his personal life. He put his phone away and laid on his bed, opening a book.
  4. Sally plopped on her bed, flanneled arms aching, scrunching her neck to see the laptop screen.

    The young adult scrolled through her subscriptions, looking through her fellow Tubers' videos and liking and commenting on a couple of Luke, J, and a few others' videos.
  5. Valeriya Vargas

    After spending her whole afternoon editing her new bass cover of Abigail by Motionless in White, Valeriya was finally done. She smiled gleefully as she re-watched the whole video for any mistakes. After that, she uploaded the video onto Youtube. She knew it would take awhile so she went to watch other Youtubers and then checked her inbox for any new messages. Scrolling through her inbox, she thought to herself, "It's been a long time since I did a vlog... Should I do one this weekend?" She skimmed through her messages which mostly contained her subscribers seeking advice from her. She took note of the questions she received.

    Soon after that, she heard a knock on her room door. "Come in," she said, her eyes still glued onto the computer screen. She heard the person who entered her room plopping down on her bed as if it was their own. "Uploaded a new video?" Dmitri asked. Valeriya nodded, not looking at her older brother. Moments after that, Dmitri started explaining his and his band mates plans for after high school. Valeriya somehow joined her older brother's band when she was 15. Dmitri, as well as the other band members, were 16. "... We're planning to go to a nearby college so we can still continue band practice but it wouldn't be often. Plus, we all know that Aleksey can't make it academic wise. We've been trying to help tutor him so he can pass the leaving examinations~"

    As her older brother blabbered on, she slowly plugged in her earphones and watching videos by her fellow Youtubers.
  6. Justiniana wanted to upload a new video, but just couldn't think of a subject. She clicked on her YouTube video and got a video comment from a channel called BunkItYourself. She clicked on the channel to watch a video. 'Shit... I watched this awesome video' she commented.

    She wrote down some ideas for videos on a notepad. After thinking for a long time she thought that she would do a video about her thoughts on what she thought Blood of Olympus would have in store.

  7. Sally spends the next few hours scrolling through DIY ideas that she could personalize, scribbling down each idea in her choppy, elementary-school-boy-type handwriting before checking her email once more. A new comment from a fellow Youtuber. Nice.

    She clicks on the person's profile, scrolling through her videos and realizing she's watched some of her videos before. Even nicer, she thinks to herself before sending her a message, simply saying, Hi, I'm Sally.
  8. Lucas was going through his email when he saw that someone had commented on his video. He clicked on their profile and looked through her videos. He watched her most recent video and smiled before posting a comment "Hey, awesome stuff. Can't wait to see what you build next" He finished before subscribing to the channel. Even if it wasn't something he usually watched, it was interesting. He turned over on his bed and started doodling on a blank piece of paper, mostly just to procrastinate his homework.
  9. After about fifteen more minutes of random surfing, Sally drags herself up, changing from her pajama pants to some ragged jeans and slipping on her combat boots. Sighing, she slips into her old Mustang, shifting in the keys and listening to the car wheeze, praying it won't break down by the time she gets home.

    Cranking up the classic rock station, she rolls down her windows, following the familiar route to her local Home Depot and strolling in, looking for some new supplies and hesitantly grabbing her phone, turning on the camera.
  10. Amber stumbled into the house cursing under her breath after regaining her balance, she continued into the kitchen sitting her laptop she was holding onto the table, opining the laptop a background picture of her dog, Bae who was currently running a muck in the backyard, sitting up right looking towards the screen with his tongue sticking out at the screen. Amber opened up her video edited and started to edit a vlog video of the days she will be playing certain games and the days she'll vlog. Finally satisfied with the outcome she uploaded the video. "Baby sister!!!" Amber jumped nearly falling, she slowly turned finding Stacy standing in the hallway holding up bags from clothing stores. "I bought you clothes!" Stacy sung walking closer to Amber. "You didn't have to." Amber says turning back to her laptop shaking her head. "Nonsense, I wanted to now let's try them on." Amber turned around then nodded her head following her sister up to her room.
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  11. After Travis was done work, He drove to his apartment. He grabbed his keys out of the ignition and walked to the door of the apartment. after unlocking the door, He walked in and closed the door behind him. He put the keys on the table and walked his room. He went over his Video notes "Man can't wait to review the season 5 premiere of walking dead, It was soo good!" After going over the notes he does his video and finally edits the whole video, He then falls asleep on the computer desk
  12. Turning on her phone camera, Sally gives an uneasy smile to it while walking into the Home Depot. "So, uh, I've been getting a lot of requests to do vlogs because, for some reason, you guys care about what I do besides carpentry?" She gives an uncomfortable laugh, grabbing a cart and going through the aisles, explaining what's getting and why, and a few hints of what her next project might be.
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