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  1. Were just a bunch of teenagers from ages 14 to 24 making our way on YouTube...

    Just a bunch of YouTubers, making a living on YouTube. That's really it, not a lot of rules. Just that you may RP in school and making videos. No making real people as characters. Thanks for reading.

    Now, for form, I would use the advanced character form, (but you can use any) just make sure it has basic stuff like name and age, and YouTube channel name.

    People, please use grammar and other basic writing skills. Use complete sentences.
  2. I'm interested! :3
  3. Mind if I join?
  4. May I join?

    I'll be making a character, excuse my excitement. I also have a few questions.

    Is there a central plot or is it kind of open? Also are you going to be GMing this?

    Are we supposed to be any certain genre of youtuber?

    Are we supposed to be up and coming or already famous?

    Name: Justiniana Galloway
    Name Meaning: just, fair
    Alias: J
    Gender: Nonbinary
    Age: 18
    Species: Human
    Birthday: June 6th
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini
    Blood Type: O-
    Place of Birth: Greenland
    Current Residence: Gwinner, North Dakota
    Occupation: Student/YouTuber
    School/Grade: Senior at Gwinner Township High School
    Family: Father (LIVING), Mother (DEAD), Sister (Moved out but LIVING), To Be Twin Brothers (DEAD due to an abortion)
    Gemstone: Pearl
    More: Vegan


    Height: 5' 11"
    Hair: Bunhawk (it's real, Google it) that's auburn
    Eyes: Bright Green
    Distinguishing Marks: Freckles on nose, glasses, "Fangirl and Proud" tattoo on lower back
    General Appearance:
    (just a pic of the kind of stuff she wears)
    Strengths: Smart, great reader, fast runner
    Weaknesses: Not strong, not social
    More: Nothing


    Allies: Other fangirl/boying YouTubers, her pet miniture pig named Crisp P. Bacon
    Enemies: Directioners, fan girl haters
    Current Goal/Purpose: To meet Tyler Oakley and J.K. Rowling
    Aspirations: To meet all authors/be an author
    Hobbies: Read, write, doodle, obsess over things
    Likes: books, fanboys, fangirls
    Dislikes: boy bands, pink, socialites
    Talents: Reading quickly, good memory, playing tuba
    Inabilities: Cleaning, sewing, wearing a lot of makeup
    Fears: eels, the dark
    General Personality: Shy, wild at times, crazy, smart, awesome
    Inner Personality: Worried, smart, awesome, the rest of them above
    Fondest Memory: Reading Harry Potter
    Biggest Regret: Missing out on a chance to do a collab with Tyler Oakley
    Secret: Bisexual


    Special Items: Fandom charm bracelet


    She was born in Greenland, to two parents named Gunther and Jewel. When she was 6, they moved to South Dakota. Her mother died in a car crash two years later. At age 14, she left home and ran to North Dakota. She lived with a new friend's family and now has her own apartment.


    YouTube Channel: J The Fangirl
    On a scale of 1-10 I would say 6
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  7. The plot of this is open. Just kind of make this daily lives, and maybe traveling or making videos. I am trying to give people some option.

    Any genre will do. Make sure to put genre somewhere in the character.

    Either will be fine.
  8. yea
  9. Sally Bunk
    "We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."


    Sal | 16| Female | Bisexual | YouTube Channel: BunkItYourself

    Cobie Smulder

    Personality Traits

    { + }
    Physically and emotionally tough

    [ - ]

    Personality Description -
    There is always something in Sally's hands. Always. Be it a wire or a saw or a chunk of woods, she's always fiddling with something. After falling in love with arts-and-crafts in elementary school and carpentry in high school, she decided to share her gift of DIY with the world by setting up BunkItYourself. After two years of doing various quirky tasks and making plenty of strange things, she's almost at a million subscribers.

    Sally's a fairly happy person, but she's quite serious off-camera. Fighting off people who condescend her because she's a female carpenter takes a lot of work, after all.

    But hey, if you're gonna set down a hardwood floor, you're gonna get some splinters.

    History -
    Sally isn't a big fan of thinking about that

    Her trusty electric saw
    Heavy metal
    Heavy metal blasting through the speakers so she can hear it over her saw
    Her video cameras and her fans
    Her old Mustang
    Her ragged Nikes

    Classical Music
    high heels
    Monday nights that she's not at the boxing ring
    Being without something to fiddle with

    Other -

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  10. Accepted.
  11. Yay! When do we start?
  12. { Valeriya Vargas }


    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Alias: VV / Val
    Youtube Channel: VALGAS★
    Popularity (From 1 - 10): 6

    5'5" | Pear shaped body | Dark brown hair | Green eyes | Usually seen in band shirts or hoodies | Three piercings on right ear | Two piercings on her left ear

    Broods about life | Easily jealous (occurs only with her brothers) | Not that sociable unless someone speaks to her first | Talkative | Stubborn | Tries to be courageous | Random at times | Procrastinator | Joker | Overprotective

    -- Playing the bass guitar

    -- Giving good advice
    -- Math
    -- History
    -- Learning languages
    -- Her humor

    -- Speaking to a large crowd

    -- Chemistry
    -- Cooking
    -- Physical Activity
    -- Stutters when nervous
    -- Short attention span in class

    -- Bands
    -- Rock music / Secretly likes rap music
    -- Anime & Manga
    -- Sleep
    -- Her band mates
    -- Fall & Winter / Cold weather & places

    -- People insulting her band mates and brothers

    -- When other girls steal her brothers attention away from her
    -- School
    -- PE classes
    -- Crowded places
    -- Summer / Hot weather & places

    Mother & Father | Older brother -- Dmitri Vargas (18) | Younger brother -- Nikolai Vargas (15)

    With a major influence by her older brother, Valeriya started playing the bass when she was 13. Dmitri introduced her to bands such as Asking Alexandria, Motionless in White, Shinedown and many more. Dmitri plays the guitar in his band. Later on, when Valeriya was 15, she joined her brother's band as their bassist. Their younger brother, Nikolai, is learning the drums. Both Valeriya and Dmitri have been encouraging their younger brother to join a band since they find him quite talented in the drums but Nikolai says that he's playing it as a hobby. Valeriya started her Youtube channel to post her bass covers. A few months later, she did a vlog to inform her subscribers of her updating schedules. This led to most of her subscribers encouraging her to start vlogging. Most of her vlogs are either rants or her giving advice. Vlogs are only uploaded when she feels like it. Other than that, she does bass covers most of the time. Currently resides in Deltana, Alaska with her parents and two brothers. Occasionally visits her mother's side in Russia during the school vacations.
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  13. Amber Crow
    Age - 17

    Gender - Female

    DOB - June 21

    Appearance - Dark skin with natural curly hair, dark brown eyes, usually wears gold and cute sweaters.

    Personality - Amber is Loyal, dependable, adaptable, Energetic, Devious, Clingy, impulsive, and Self-absorbed

    Youtube Channel - "My Shit" She does Gaming and vlogging, the vlogging usually consists of her walking on the streets of
    Hawaii and pointing out random animals, and
    her gaming usually consists of simulation and first person shooter.

    Strengths - Math, reading, cooking, gaming, being funny, lieng, doing computer things

    Weaknesses - heights, cute guys, fluffy animals, not remembering things important, OCD

    Family - Parents died in a plane crash when she was 13, Amber has gotten over her parents death. She has a sister named Stacy who is 26 years old and married to a guy named Craig who is 28 years old. She has a pet toy poodle (yes that is actual dog breed) named Bae.

    Relationship - She is single and ready to mingle, and is straight.

    History - When Amber was no older than 5 her and her parents plus Stacy moved to Hawaii. Amber was always the odd ball because she liked different things from
    other people, but she still made friends regardless of her likings. Now when she was 13 her parents went on a vacation to florida leaving her home with her sister,
    Amber was waiting for her parents arrival back home eagerly wanting souvenirs, but instead of getting souvenirs she got a phone call of her parents death. Amber and her
    sister moved into their aunts house which surprisingly lived in Hawaii too.
    After 3 years of living at their aunt's house Stacy was able to get her own
    house and moved out with Amber. 1 more year has passed and Amber is now
    making youtube videos online, shes actually having a lot of fun and visits her parents
    graves at least twice a year.

    Other - Amber is nearsighted and wears huge glasses sometimes, she loves to eat pickles and pomegranates, She has a short attention span and can't stay doing one thing for too long. Her favorite things are sims 3, puppies and kittens,
    watching tv shows other people don't usually watch, playing video games, talking to herself into a camera, All types of music, and reading manga. Amber loves listening to the radio in the morning and at night, she hates the feeling of getting into a car with wet shoes on, she loves the color yellow or gold. Amber's channel is nearly
    at 1,000,000 subscribers or "my chillren" as she calls her subscribers.​
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  14. Lucas Woods


    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual-leans more towards guys
    Alias: Luke
    Youtube Channel: My Weird Life-He does vlogs and tells stories about his day. He will film special things he does and will upload small films he does
    Popularity (From 1 - 10): 6

    Current Residence: New York City

    Personality: Shy, protective, loving, stubborn,smart

    Listening to others
    Making videos
    Excellent memory

    Protective of friends but not of himself
    Making himself known
    Wanting to make everything perfect
    Talking to actual people

    Making videos
    Rainy days

    Hot days
    Being told what to do
    Doing something wrong

    Mom and Dad, Annabelle Woods-Twin sister
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  15. Accepted.
  16. Is it possible for more info to be used?
  17. This is one of the best characters I seen in a bit. Accepted.
  18. Yeah, I'll add more when I get back from school.
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