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Youtube is a piece of shit

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lewi, Mar 8, 2015.

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  1. So, I needed to rant. IF you don't wanna hear a rant, feel free to leave. Anyone else know what the bullshit is with youtube processing a video to ninety five percent and then stopping and telling you that the format isn't correct? When I checked the list btw and it FUCKING IS. I've tried to upload a simple 30 second video all damn day and youtube is being an asswipe about it. I get so damn tired of their shit. Never tried to upload anything before because I just KNEW......I FUCKING KNEW! I knew that with my luck and electronics that it would just FUCK ME IN THE ASS WITH A GIANT DILDO WITH TEETH!......Rant over.
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  2. I miss the old days where you could let a half hour long video sit and still be able to watch it on the go.
    *joins youtube rant*
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  3. Wow...just wow XD I get that feeling every time I attempt to download something through a game console that's larger than a gigabyte...except for that dildo part of course :D Surprisingly, I was planning on uploading something through my channel but that's good to know that I'll probably be able to perfectly relate to your upload block feeling(Except for ze dildo part I must constantly note XD) soon enough. My video might take waayyy longer than yours to get to 95% before messing up since mine will be around 4 minutes in length D: Basically, what I'm saying is:
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  4. I remember having to deal with these issues.

    I forget what 'exactly' I did though but I don't have these issues anymore.
    I'll add my steps here for others to see what they can do.

    1. Use Windows Movie Maker
    2. Finish making the video
    3. Go to Drop Menu > Save Movie > Recommended for this Project
    4. Save the video wherever you store your finished videos
    5. Upload

    I found doing "Drop Menu > Publish Movie > YouTube" to be really buggy.
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