YouTube Copyright Issues Strikes Again

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  1. I gotta get going soon, so I don't got much time to comment on this right now.
    But I figured I should at least get the ball rolling and see what people think while I'm gone.

    So yea, basically what the video's said.
    Thoughts? Opinions? Suggested Courses of Action? Has this happened to you?​
  2. Two steps forward, three steps back.
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  3. Ok. So following up since I'm not as busy now.

    This whole thing honestly doesn't surprise me.
    YouTube keeps pulling this shit where they're prioritizing companies and fear, over the law, or fair use, or even their own business.

    I want to hope that spreading awareness of this enough will get YouTube to fix it...
    But honestly all YouTube has ever done is reverse actions against specific individuals as a half-assed public relations stunt.

    I think if anything is to be fixed site wide where everyone is treated fairly we need a lot more legal action done.
  4. YouTube was fun once, with tons of customization options and fair treatment. I assure you, tales of that time are not myths. Just properties Google has dropped in favor of sucking.
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  5. As a youtuber for fun, it sucks that about ~7 (give or take) of my videos can't be viewed in the US. Yes, that means even I, the creator, can't see it.

    Fuck Youtube Red, we already got Adblocker for that, what else ya want YT/Google?
  6. It would help if copyright laws in the US weren't fucked in general
  7. Let me know how the fight to get the laws changed here in the states goes.

    ...oh. Were you talking about legal action against Youtube? If so, you're barking up the wrong tree.
  8. The main issue is that YouTube's systems are entirely automated.

    That's not really a surprise, when you consider the breadth and scale of the site as a whole. Five years ago you didn't have these issues, because five years ago it was possible for an actual human being (or more likely a group of them) to manage content claims. With the site's continuing growth, however, they've still not found a way to balance automation with good service.

    They do seem to be trying to find a way to fix it, and I hope they do. Cos right now the content creators who deserve support are getting fucked over, whilst the dodgy ad sponges like prank channels and the fucking FineBros seem to be going from strength to strength.

    That's not the YouTube people want.
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  9. Speaking of them...

    Did you hear TheFineBros wants to copyright the word 'reacts'?

    Anyway, that was off topic, but relevant.
  10. Yeah, they've launched an entire scheme where they basically want you to pay them money to do reaction videos.

    The Internet isn't best pleased with them, and they're losing a lot of subscribers, but the Internet also has the attention span of a retarded goldfish. The heat will die down, FineBros will still have over ten million subs, and smaller content creators will still be getting fucked.
  11. They have gotten a -17,000 subscribers income in total during the last 5 days, so more people are unsubscribing to them than they are subscribing. I almost hope they loose a few millions and realizes what a bad idea it was and stops it. Sure, they have said they don't mean ALL react videos, only their format will be branded, but that means JACK SHIT when you are partnered up with people who does take down normal react videos simply for having react in the name even if they aren't the least like their show >_> Seriously, if they actually are serious on only branding their specific format, then don't partner up with bitches who don't agree with your views, cause that will screw you over cause it's a freaking contradiction D: "Yeah, this is the way we think, but the people we are partnered with will do the thing we don't stand for. That's not our fault lol."

    And this actually is related to the topic, cause they are reporting react videos that has nothing to do with the fine bros format :D So youtubers are getting fucked by youtube through the fine bros. Youtube's system sucks by the way ): Glad I'm not a content creator... except for the few videos I have that technically are content, BUT THAT'S JUST FOR MEMORY SAVINGS and not to entertain people. I do have a copyright thingy though that makes the people who owns the phantom of the opera taking money from ads on that video cause I sang their song... I don't really get why it's a problem when I don't actually have ads on any of my clips and I haven't taken the original movie clip and put up on youtube, but whatever. if they want that one dollar from my cover so much, take it.
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  12. Looks like they've already lost a couple hundred thousand, and counting.
  13. Yeah, I wrote that a bit wrong, what I meant was that they have had -17000 subscribers income during the last 5 days, so they loose more than they get atm. Once I figured that out I was already making food so hadn't a chance to change it then xD
  14. Nothing like watching a once good channel hemorrhage subscribers.
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  15. Trouble is, that's chump-change to a channel as massive as theirs. They're going to lose their more discerning viewers, people who care about these sorts of issues.

    That's absolutely fine by them, though, since the vast majority of their millions-strong subscriber base either doesn't know or doesn't care about their shitty practises, and will continue to watch the content they put out.

    The small channels lose out, and the big ones get bigger.

    So much for the meritocracy of YouTube, eh?
  16. Everybody should just go subscribe to Bingeworthy instead, right?

  17. Youtube copyright is plain bullshit.

    Youtubers lose their rights to videos and other licenced items they have, all because they made a small mistake like letting music play without realizing it. Especially how people are blaming the fine bros. for taking down videos and shit, youtube is not a fun place anymore sadly.
  18. As long as Chuggaa or Vinesauce are still up, I'm content.
  19. How Chugga manages to avoid all the Nintendo Copyright claims is beyond me.
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  20. He actually met Reggie a few times, iirc.
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