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  1. Who do you follow? What kinds of videos do they make? Anyone you'd like to recommend?

    I follow
    • REACT (and TheFineBros, their alternate channel), who mostly make videos interviewing different demographics about various subjects.
    • TamashiiHiroka she talks about Pokemon! She's really informative and fun to listen to.
    • 1kidsentertainment, Pokemon 'Bridged!
    • Teamfourstar, DBZ abridged!
    • Jaltoid, funny commentaries and animation!
    • PandoraHerself, I live in hope of another Lucky Star Abridged.
    • CinemaSins, mindgasms for my inner nitpicker
    •, fun countdowns of almost everything.
    • 331Erock, metal covers. How has this guy not been signed to a label yet?!
    • JennaMarbles, cause she's wise and hilarious.
    • Takahata101, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged!
    What channels do you guys like?
  2. Than four star

    Jeremy jahns

    Violin tay

  3. My subscriptions list:

    • Grace Helbig, super funny and witty lady
    • MyHarto, her name's Hannah Hart and she hosts the show "My drunk kitchen" where she cooks. Drunk. Warning for pun overload!
    • Mamrie Hart, not related to the above Hannah Hart, makes drinks based off of celebrities, current events or other youtubers in the show YouDeserveADrink. Warning for pun overload here as well.
    ^ The above tree are part of what's known as the "holy trinity of youtube". All of their collabs are gold. They even have a couple webshows together, and a movie; Camp Takota.

    • Tyler Oakley, web-celebrity extraordinaire.
    • Jaltoid (mentioned by Mini)
    • Clara Henry, a funny Swedish youtuber. She talks about periods. Cool stuff. (She subtitles her videos in English for the international audience)
    • Shep689, a couple who vlog their daily life.
    • TheRPGMinx, British gamer lady with pretty fun commentary.
    • WOWPresents, WOWNetworks youtube channel. They have a bunch of webshows, featuring drag queens.
    • Stacyplays, another gamer lady with pretty fun commentary. She plays mostly Minecraft.
    • Cartoon Hangover, they have a bunch of really cool cartoons, including Bee and Puppycat, and Bravest Warriors.
    • Lil BUB, a cat.
    • TheFineBros, (mentioned by Mini)
    • SUPERFRUIT, Mitch and Scott from Pentatonix's youtube channel. It's hilarious, and Scott is so hot.
    • MilesJaiProductions, he posts a bunch of fun videos, makeup tutorials and stuff.
    • emmymadeinjapan, she posts videos where she eats packages of snacks sent to her from all around the world, as well as some Japanese DIY candy kits and other stuff.
    • PewDiePie, he's a Swede and he was the first person I ever subscribed to, back when he had like 10 000 subs (I know, so edgy and cool). I don't watch his videos a lot lately, but it's pretty fun from time to time.
    • CutiePieMarzia, she posts a bunch of different stuff, but my favourite kind are her cute, yet scary animations!
    And here follows all the food channels I'm subscribed to:

    • Food Wishes, all types of food from around the world.
    • ochikeron, easy Japanese cooking.
    • Cooking with Dog, perhaps a bit more advanced japanese cooking
    • Maangchi, Korean cooking presented by the most adorable Korean lady.
    • Divas Can Cook, easy Southern American style cooking.
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  4. I follow channels mostly connected to music, besides a few not being generally connected to music and them still being one of the most wonderful youtubers I have ever laid my eyes upon. Here are some of the channels I follow: Bubzvlogz, EvanescenceVEVO, ThreeDaysGraceVEVO, Sharla in Japan, Rachel & Jun, Gramila888, ShimizuSolace, Gabriel Iglesias, and CloveredCinnamon. They're all wonderful and I highly recommend them to those who enjoy learning about Japan, love hard rock, metal, and Japanese music, as well an awesome stand up comedian who conveys his personal experiences through mainly the use of sound effects.
  5. NostalgiaCritic, because fuck love this guy's point of view and how he dishes it.
    Doesn'tHaveToMakeSenseProdiuctions, where else can I find the Cow of the Wild series?
    Various scare prank channels,
    Various MLP Fan channels.
    Simon's Cat
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  6. I follow way too many to list them all, (194 to be exact) or even just the ones I like, as that is pretty much all of them. I'll just have to go for my favorites... Which still are a list of 28 channels o.O I'll just put them into categories to make it easier -_-'

    Comedy (open)

    Danisnotonfire - I'll put these two in the same category as they're living together and does videos together all the time. They're just adorable and funny and entertaining.

    Cinemasins - They're extremely picky and gives all the good (and the bad) movies the best sins ever.

    How it should have ended - The movies would probably be really boring if they did it the how it should have ended way, but heck it's fun how they point out that "Wouldn't this be more logical?"

    REACT - Always funny reactions, be it to food, viral videos or other stuff.

    RichardGaleFilms - Ginosaji! (Nuff said)

    The Hillywood Show - Great parodies, great music videos, great costumes, great choreography. Everything's GREAT!

    Religious and political topics (open)

    Logicked - Watches creationist videos and tries to debunks their arguments with facts. It might not convert any creationists, but it's quite entertaining to watch.

    Darkmatter2525 - Cartoons between 2 & 10 minutes long about stories in the old testament from an atheistic perspective with some humor put into it.

    Girldoesrant - As the name says, a girl rants. Mainly about religion, but I think she has done it on other topics too.

    MrRepzion -Talks about everything from anime to mental illness to politics to religion.

    TheAmazingAtheist - His character can be quite obnoxious at times for some people, but he does have some good points. Some will agree with his point of view others won't. Talks about extremist feminism, religion and recent news. Other topics does also come up, but those seem to be coming up the most.

    Thunderf00t - Talks about everything from extremist feminism to debunking of certain "revolutionary" ideas like the solar road ways, to science (He does experiments from time to time).

    Anime (open)

    Ever;taku - Anime podcast, different topics every time.

    GRArkada - Glass reflection Arkada, reviews anime

    Misty Chronexia - Gives top ten anime lists every week. From top ten vampire series to top ten romance series, etc.

    PodTaku - Another anime podcast. (I started to listen because GRArkada was in it xD) They have two podcasts, one that talks about a specific topic, and another where they are more free in their discussions.

    Swedish channels (open)

    I just want to be cool - Three amazing guys in their twenties doing funny sketches (In Swedish)

    Montefjanton - A Swedish movie reviewer that has taken inspiration from the nostalgia critic but only reviews Swedish movies in Swedish.

    Everything else (open)

    Nick pitera - Does great covers and medleys.
    Paint - Does awesome acappella songs.

    Bleedgirl - Does amazing Disney crossover music videos

    League of super critics - The nostalgia critics and his fellow reviewers youtube channel. Great reviews with lots of humor.

    Pewdiepie - I did like his videos more before, but he still does good content from time to time. Oh, and he plays video games and films his reactions, if you against all odds didn't know that.

    Marble hornets - A great horror youtube series with slenderman.

    Philip DeFranco - News news news, and a sexy gallery.

    ShelbyxPwns - She talks a bit about everything. (Not very active at the moment though) Her reviews were the reason I watched a serbian film and meg's missing, and I don't regret anything.

    Vsauce - Great videos talking about topics like "Why are we morbidly curious?", "moving illusions" and "The science of the friend zone".
  7. Glass reflections

    Anime zone

    Nostalgia critic

    Angry video game nerd

    Kyle Landry
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  8. How it should have ended

    Honest trailers

    The piano guys
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  9. Lagtv

    Husky starcraft

  10. NSFW.
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  11. @Razilin There's an edit button, ya know.
  12. #igotexcited
  13. @Razilin dammit you took a lot of mine lol, heres some of my favs:

    1.Mathew Santoro
    2. AMC Movie talk
    3. Vanoss Gaming
    4. H20 Delirious
    5. Trevchan2
    6. Black Nerd Comedy
    7. Schmoes Know
    8. Jeremy Jahns
    9. Screen Junkies
    10. The Fine Bros.
  14. Hmmmm I have a lot of youtubers that I follow

    Tyler Oakley
    Lindsey Stirling
    Kandee Johnson
    Jenna Marbles
    Julien Solomita [Jenna's bf]
    The Voice [Love me some Blake and Adam]
    Granger Smith
    Earl Dibbles Jr
    Peter Hollens
    Evynne Hollens
    FPS Russia
    Lots of country stars lol
  15. Markiplier
    orz, I don't follow that many people
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  16. Team Four Star
    Cinema Sins
    Cryo Chamer
    Mac Lethal
    Danny Wilton
    The Fine Bros
    Charlie Chaplin Archives
  17. Markiplier
    Hat Films
    Idea Channel
    Game Theory
    Annnd a bunch of other ones that I'm forgetting.
  18. MahaloVideoGames
    Vsauce (and 2)
    YOGSCAST Lewis and Simon
    The Game Theorists
    Zelda Dungeon
    Science Channel
    TANNOKOJO (Fucking love him. Her. It. Them.)
    Josmer De Abreu
    (Oddly enough...) TamshiiHiroka
    Givemeabreakman (Now known as Givemeflakeman)
    Sonicwave1000 (Because remixes)
    Munching Orange
    ... AniplexUS (*blushes**shake's head*)
    Game Grumps....
    The Fung Bros
    Mark Crilley
    Art of Manliness
    ........ I think that's it.

    I'm a little frightened by how three of them are weaponry channels.
  19. -Gopher


  20. Man at arms. ...for all your cosplay forging needs