Youth Sucks -__-

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I think youth sucks right now due to the fact that im 15, and tempted so bad to just make a mature RP.
And yet, my age reminds me otherwise -__-
Don't rush it, man. You'll be waiting to turn 16/18/21 for a short time, but you'll be wishing you had enjoyed your youth for the rest of your life.
Don't rush it, man. You'll be waiting to turn 16/18/21 for a short time, but you'll be wishing you had enjoyed your youth for the rest of your life.

This. A hundred times this. Seriously. DO NOT RUSH IT. You are in no hurry to grow up. Take your time, make your mistakes, and make sure to learn from them.
​DO NOT RUSH YOUR LIFE. You will regret it.
I don't plan to rush it trust me lol
I'm just really interested in those type of RPs, there mind blowing (literally)
They're actually not that amazing. Some of the story telling is good and some is, well, I don't want to insult anyone but you know you can do much better people!

But what I really came in to say was what elders have been saying for generations. "Youth is wasted on the young".
Trust us, man. You don't want to jump into stuff like mature roleplays too soon.
Honestly.. it's not that great.
I mean... most of it is romancing anyway, which you can do in one on ones.
If most of your roleplay isn't romancing or plot of some sort then, as you've likely seen on a signature held by one of our amazing members:

Either way, the real body of what makes a GOOD mature roleplay can be written as one on ones.
-pats Ninja on the head.-
Oh, little one,
who thinks through his second brain down below,
do not lose your innocence,
for it is being lost in society at younger and younger ages.

-sounds very old.-
Being a grown up sucks. We have to pay bills and be responsible.
like the others have said, there isn't much to the mature RPs other than romancing then lots of sex...lots and lots of sex. My point being there is really only one purpose to that kind of RP. You can still have a mind blowing RP without the sex, trust me.
youth shoudl be embraced, I wish i had embraced my youth a bit more :(

As everyone else is saying don't rush it

As for the mature RP urge....well ocha is right some are good others are...uh not ^^; (been in both done both written both I TAKE NO SHAAAME >.>; )

Also depending on type/level of mature you refer to....not all mature rp's need to be smut imho
Holy Hell there are alot of responses O_O
Well, there are some of us here old enough to have parented you, barely, but biologically it's possible.
Life gets a shitload better as a so-called "grownup." Fuck being a kid.
Nope. It doesn't.

Not how I am feeling.

17, Senor year and I am thinking: "Holy shit, life is going to F#@K me sideways."

I'm socially inexperenced, I have never dated anyone, school is even more a priority, I feel the urge to be lazy, I'm not in that good shape...

And plus, I seem to get more and more depressed as days go bie.

I wish I was still a kid, as small as I feel on the inside and get hugged by someone loving who is bigger than me.

Youth is something that I am quickly running out of and I wish the fountian of eternal youth was real so I wouldn't have to deal with the real world.

Yep, you don't know how much you need something before you are almost out of it.

Sorry if that was too personal...
Why speachless? You have lungs, a diaphram, voice box, trachia, esophagus, lips, tongue and teeth, right? Surely that helps you speak!

But in all seriousness: I'm happy to be an adult. FUCK CHILDREN. D< half the kids I know don't have a clue what responsibility is...
*Points and laughs!* HAHAHAHA! >:D TOO YOUNG, TOO YOUNG!

BAH at the rest of you. Being a teenager sucked serious balls. >> The only thing cool about it was not having to pay bills or be responsible. Everything else was either traumatizing or frustrating. D:

... but I'm with the people that say "it's not that great". It's just like regular roleplaying but with peens and vags all over the place, and you can get that in any roleplay. D: