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  1. "Misti Goldenrod and her band, Quartz Meadow, have climbed the charts to claim the number one spot in America," she heard the radio say before the manager clicked it off. He clapped his hands together three times, smiling at the four members of the band. "What'd I tell you guys, huh? You'd make it big!"

    "Yeah, we're big. What about that artsy-fartsy contest you had running," Jennifer, known as Misti by her fans, asked. She took a drag off of her cigarette and held it in her lungs for a few seconds before exhaling. "Winner been picked yet?"

    "As a matter of fact, a winner was chosen last night. She's gonna meet us at the hotel at our next stop in three days, the email was already sent out, as well as in the post," he smiled.

    "Great," she got up, putting her cigarette out on the ash tray. "Now, if we're done here, we've got to practice." She and her bandmates went to the back of the tour bus where their equipment was. The hooked everything up and started to play through their list between drinks of random bottles of booze lying around on the shelves along the walls. Needless to say, after a while, they ended up making new songs, though without the lyrics.

    Jenni hadn't been all that inspired lately. She still put all she had into her music, but she couldn't think up any good lyrics for new songs. Fortunately, her fans seemed to be satisfied with the hits she was replaying over and over and over again, so she wouldn't have to come up with a new song for at least a few more weeks. She'd become a rockstar for her love of good music. She drew her inspiration from her favorite 80's bands - Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Styx, Poison, REO Speedwagon, and the like.
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    ain rain go away, don’t come back another day… This chant echoed in the back of Symphony’s mind. In the background was the oh so famous Misty and her band playing. This was the best day of her life, after drawing a picture for Misty’s new Logo entering a contest that seemed to be the stupidest idea of her life, she WON she really truly won. The victory felt so good it boiled up inside of her and rushed through her very body. She jumped up and down, black dread locks flapping in the wake. Her lips popped and formed into a smile as the bright red lipstick. Her makeup was now done, a simple lipstick and that was it. The rest of her ‘face’ was make up free, all natural with a bit of a glisten from her own natural textures. She bound her dreadlocks behind her head in a tight ponytail. With no clothing on she huffed a few moments tracing back and forth in her hotel room, the cold breeze hardened her nipples and made her skin form goose bums. What was the appropriate attire for Misty, the awesome and amazing Misty?

    One should probably start with underwear huh? Going off to see the rock sensation with your bits jiggling everywhere might be embarrassing.. With haste she put on a black bra with pink lace, not like anyone would actually be seeing it but damn did it feel good just to dress pretty. And a pair of black panties, also trimmed in pink lace. With that choice of impending danger out of the way she moved on to the big enchilada. What the fuck was she actually going to wear? Immediately her mind went to her boots, nice, thigh high, all black, leather boots. The buckles clasped and went backwards, and soon she wore them with her panty houses, 0inier pantyhose. With that said and done the rest came naturally, and in due time too, Whoever was knocking at her door was sure to not be waiting long right? As soon as she put on her all black pleated skirt with red timing she dawned a black tank top, pure black nothing on it. The spaghetti straps blended right on in with her bra straps. With ahste she grabbed her cane and walked right out the door and into whoever was on the other side. The girl had forgotten her sunglasses so her eyes, milky white and dancing, were visible. Yes Symphony had eye issues, yes she was the contest winner, and she had just blindly walked into Misty, or someone close enough. Good news though, she looked pretty doing it.

  3. "Here's the room number where the winner will be staying. Says her name is Symphony. Go and pick her up, and we'll have her pick somewhere for lunch," the manager said as he'd slipped a piece of paper with a room number on it that was a couple floors below them. The manager fixed his tie and re-ran the comb through his hair before he slipped on his shoes. "You go ahead, we'll catch up." Misty sighed as she stood, her black heels not making a sound on the carpet. She put out her cigarette and flipped her hair off of her shoulder. The long, black locks were in a loose ponytail at the back of her head to keep them out of her face, her long bangs tucked behind her ears. She wore faded jeans that rested on her hips, and a worn graphic t-shirt. She had mascara on over eye liner and some clear gloss.

    The lead singer slipped the paper into her pocket, having memorized the number, and walked out after grabbing her cell phone off the table. She stepped into the elevator and hit the 6. She stared up at the lit sign that indicated which floor it was on, and got off when she had reached her designated floor. Glancing at the sign on the wall to say which numbers were where, she turned to the right and stopped about seven doors down and knocked on the door. She waited patiently and was surprised to see a blind girl come out. "Uhh... Hold on a minute," she said and slipped the paper out of her pocket again. "... Are you Symphony," she asked, staring at the blind chick. She couldn't believe someone who couldn't see had won the contest. This had to be a fluke or something... She looked the girl up and down as she waited for her answer, and was impressed at what she saw. She dressed very well, and she had to find out where she got those boots.
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    he blind girl looked in astonishment for what seemed like forever. The pressure the energy, the excitement it was all building within her slowly creeping its way to the face. Her smile would slowly inch towards her ears her eyes being hidden by the girls amber color cheeks. She giggled just a bit and nodded once or twice her hair flopping about as she held up her finger singeling to give her a moment. She walked inside, still in Misty’s view mind you, and slowly began to search for her cane which was held in the corner of the room to the left of where she was searching, again in Misty’s view. She grumbled a bit as she began to get on her hands and knees and search under the beds, moving further away from the cane. Obviously something different had happened, the girl had no idea where it was clearly. She eventually looked up to Misty herself to speak, and boy did she speak.

    In a rush of wind and loud vocals these words came spurting out in a high soprano ”I’m sorry I stepped out this morning and room service came and they moved around my cane just give me a few I can find it!” her voice was loud, very high pitched and in some way or another soothing. As she continued to search for her cane a loud thud echoed in the room, the sound of Symphony meeting a dresser of sorts, she didn’t cry or even yelp, she just continued to search. Her big butt was the only part of her, other then her legs, in view of Misty now, who knows maybe the gal swung that way Symphony sure as hell did! As she continued to look she started to hum one of Misty’s songs, one of the more lesser known Ballads of all things, and she was adding runs and leaps making it sound less like a rock ballad and more like. Like a church hymn. She had obviously forgotten the pop sensation was right at her door step.

  5. Misty leaned against the door frame as the girl started looking for something, waiting. She watched as the girl got on her hands and knees to find it. Oh, so she was looking for her cane. She was about to offer her help, but winced as she heard the loud thump, and then got distracted by the rather nice backside that was in her view. Hmm. Was that one of her songs she was singing? It wasn't even that popular, not as popular as some others. But she made it sound softer. She sat and listened to her hum for a minute or two, thinking it was quite nice to hear.

    Time to focus. Hungry rockstar over here. She cleared her throat. "Do you want me to help you," she offered, taking a couple steps inside the hotel room. She was maybe two feet from the cane, within easy arm's reach of it. She didn't want to unintentionally insult the blind girl, but at the same time the girl was nowhere near her cane. She thought about giving her a hint or something. She'd definitely yell at the hotel staff. Moving a blind person's cane. Jerks.
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    kay so she needed help right? That was the major deal? No she didn’t WANT the help, she wanted to be independent in front of her ideal, she wanted to be strong and on her own… but that wasn’t happened. She eventually stopped her humming, looked up from her all-fours position and nodded, a nice big read mark from the dresser showing on her forehead. ”Okay that’ll.. yeah Its my cane. It’s about 56 inches long white tip with some red around it, black handle.” of course Misty found it in mere seconds. Once she grabbed a hold of it, her hand softly brushing past Misty’s she smiled. Her smile was very geeky looking, clearly not the smile of someone that had spent time LOOKING at the way they smiled. It was big, toothy, which her teeth weren’t the perfect shade of white and clearly had been stained with times advances, and even looked a little dorky. She tapped the very tip on the ground and smiled. ’Okay let’s go!” she said her humming of the song stopped, as she had clearly realized she was doing it.

    Walking along side Symphony was an interesting thing, her cane clicked to a steady rhythm, which over time became the tempo of most of Misty’s tunes because she’d have in her headphones and hear that driving base and it’d seep into her every movements. Symphony would – on rare occasion – bob her head so that. She would blush, provided her dark skin would allow it, and eye her realizeing she hadn’t said a word to Misty since she got there. her voice stammered and studied until she finally got the words out. “How did you uhm sleep ya know?”

  7. hmm madam serah did you forget about this?
  8. Misty thought this girl a little odd, though she seemed pretty cool. The steady beat was much more preferable than what she normally got out of her fans - millions of questions in a nervous voice. It gave her a headache when she had to sign autographs, but it was well worth it. She did love her fans, she just wished they wouldn't be so nervous. Then again, it could be quite amusing...

    "I slept pretty well. The bed was more comfortable than the bus, that's for sure," she smiled and laughed a little. "How about yourself?" She noticed Symphony's head had bobbed just a little before she'd asked the question. This girl did seem all about the music, which was kind of impressive. Most fans were like, "Oh em gee; I love your music," but didn't know all the words, or all her songs for that matter. This girl seemed to know even her less popular songs by heart, for which Misty was glad. Her own favorite songs didn't seem like such a waste.

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    ymphony just giggled at the comment about the bus. She was going to ask if Misty had some kind of impressive triple wide bus where she had her own bed and everything but that answered the question. Much was unknown to her about the life of a celebrity and because of that she was very scared, in truth. Which is why she was keeping so quite, she wasn’t about to make a fool of herself just because her nerves kicked in and made her all glittery. She took in a few deep breaths, her eyes rolling behind her sunglasses as she brought up the courage to admit how nervous she was, how scared she was, how she thought that all rock stars did drugs and she would go in and think something was a pillow and in fact ti was a big bar of cocaine.

    They had just about reached the main dinning room when she finally spoke, her voice was still solid and still controlled but she wasn’t all that confident needless to say most of it was a lie. ”Truth be told? I’m a nervous wreck. I tossed and turned and even threw up once or twice, I forget which. I’ve never been somewhere where NO ONE knew about my handicap, where they didn’t know what I could or couldn’t do. Where I was among celebrities. I mean not that you yourself are bad. But some of your peers give all celebrities a bad name ya know? So I’m nervous about that too. I just, I couldn’t be more scared even if I tried.” with that they were right at the dining hall door. She knew because her cane tapped the door itself causing her to stop before she ran into it.Now came the waiting game.

  10. Misty was used to her fans going crazy when they were near her. She wasn't used to silence. It was nice, a break from the screaming and yelling. Though from the position of the blind girl's shoulders, she was tense. She was about to ask if she was alright when she received her answer. Hearing the explanation, she couldn't help but laugh. It was a true laugh, one that came from her gut. She covered her mouth to quiet herself, not wanting Symphony to think that the rockstar was laughing at her. Once she had calmed herself down, she turned to look at her again.

    "It's actually the media who gives some of us that impression. No one wants to hear about a goody two-shoes, y'know? It's the parties, drugs, alcohol that bring the people in. It's easy to give off that impression when you're hanging around the right people," she explained. "Don't get me wrong, I like to party. But I have no real interest in drugs. And you don't have to worry. We don't bite. Much," she said with a grin, that couldn't help but be heard in her tone of voice.