You're pretty, here's a flower to commemorate our meeting! <3

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    I hope you won't find me too forward~
    Good morning, you beautiful people, you! While my real name is not important, you may call me Flower, or Bouquet, if you prefer. I am a young, adult woman who is eagerly awaiting the time when she will start to feel like the spring of her birthday has finally come once more in the frozen wastes she call her homeland. I enjoy cute things, funny things, colorful things, yummy things, nice smelling things and old fashioned things, to name a few, and as such I prefer the time when I laugh and enjoy life to the fullest far more than my bouts of pesky yet creativity-inducing depression.

    I am here to uplift my spirit and, perhaps, touch your hearts. I do hope we will get better acquainted and become good friends!
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku enjoy your stay XD
  3. Welcome to Iwaku... you seem like a kind and old spirit... old spirit in a good way
  4. Welcome to Iwaku.
    I am Daisuke Yazamaki.
    Anytime you wanna RP or chat, let me know.
  5. Welcome, welcome, heres something back

  6. Ah, too cute. Welcome and hope you have fun!
  7. if you're interested, check any of my links other than the first on in my signature and we should RP ^^
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