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  1. His name was something he never told anyone, and for good reason. He wasn't doing anything illegal, yet. He wasn't evil, or so it seemed. He didn't usually cause harm to others, if he could help that. He was actually a model citizen who seemed to be the perfect man to base a life after. He'd raised a business off the ground, lived in a two story mansion, gave hundreds of dollars to charity, loved cats, was an organ downer, and tried to seem like he was exactly who he said he was. Many kids probably even looked up to him on occasion, and he almost needed that attention.

    He also bought sex slaves off the markets here in the underground black market for human trafficking.

    He ordered another round of drinks for him and his friends. Well, friends was a strong word to describe these men. These men were allies that would shoot the man shooting at him, nothing more, nothing less. He seemed at ease with them despite how it seemed this would go. Siting at a table with six armed guys was rather deadly when you didn't even know half of their names. Yet he seemed so at ease with them it was almost uncanny. That was him, always quiet, always plotting.

    He wanted a girl that had a small frame, lovely eyes, and long hair. He wanted this one to last for a long time: she would be his third slave. The first two had been set free when he was done with them, but again, he wanted this one to be special. He wanted a girl to make him blink and gasp in awe at her beauty, be it natural or artificial, and make him want to try and get to her. He wanted to get a girl to break open and take for himself, not wait and try and guess what to do. He wanted a fighter.

    He slowly turned to the men who were bringing him drinks and nodded thanks, "Dunka." He never liked speaking to strangers in English. It gave him an air of mystery if he spoke in another language, was the philosophy behind that little quirk there. He downed his drink and then sat back, eyes glaring at the stage to find the girls.

    The man was slightly short with a thin frame, but he looked imposing with his green eyes and black hair, which he had pulled into a ponytail. He wore a long black jacket and pants, and his skin was slightly pale, showing he spent his jobs indoors. He crossed his legs and stared at the stage, and his eyes seemed to rip holes in the fabric, awaiting one of them to come out.

    He wanted to see what they'd bring: nekos, humans, Inu's, whatever they had. He wanted to see what would make his heart flutter. The music began and he instantly had his checks ready to go and pick his newest pet.
  2. Amber orbs glared harshly at the damp floor. Artificially blue colored hair obscured the pixie-like face set in a grim frown. Sunni tugged at the bindings on her wrists to no avail. They only cut deeper, as blood trickled down her thin fingers.

    Sunni winced at the pain but it didn't deter her. She refused to be a slave. Her fiery eyes looked around. So many different types of girls, all older than her. They had weak will power in her eyes. Sunni hated all of them, so easily broken and she promised herself she wouldn't be like them, ever.

    "It's time." A gruff voice cut through the silence. The heavy metal door was thrust open, cascading the dark room in light. A few of the other girls let out pathetic whines and whimpers. Sunni only frowned.

    She made no effort to move, hoping that she might blend in to the background. Unfortunately this wasn't so. A broad hand jerked her up roughly and dragged her out non to kindly.

    Sunni firmly planted her bare feet into the ground. This earned her a quick slap but it only fueled her definance. Sunni pulled and yelled and stomped her feet. It only earned herself more slaps and even a few kicks until she was unceremoniously thrown out into the display room. "Fuck you!" She yelled at the sealed door, glaring daggers.

    The room was cold causing the thin girl to shiver violently. She struggled to stand, after all her gands were tied behind her back.

    Her thin frame was draped in a white shirt, two sizes too big. It hung off one shoulder, ending at the top of her tan thighs.

    Amber eyes glared upwards. The walls were nothing but one way mirrors. She couldn't see them but you could bet bottom dollar they could see her. Sunni could almost hear the sick scribbling of their pens on paper as they put a dollar amount over her head. It was sick. It was that moment Sunni silently vowed to never stop fighting. She would get out of here.
  3. A man, who looked as pedophilic as his cane did, stepped into the room with a suit on an tie. He knew what he wanted: fiesty, angry, mean, and fighting. He wanted to tie some girl up and fuck her into the next week, then watch her spit at him still. He needed one.

    He smirked at the way they all were broken, but that wasn't his goal. He was, in fact, Meran Duke, or Merry for short. He was rich on taking shares in the oil companies, and he was going to easily find waht he wanted. He had more money than most people in this room, and most likely only he wanted one girl who wouldn't give him the easiet time penetrating her.

    He say upon a table, acting casual at such a dirty place. Most men there didn't bother to wear any fancy suits or ties, and he seemed a bit out of place. He took a sheet of paper and scanned the girls, still trying to see past the way the way the girls had lost hope. It would be so, being raised on constant threat of intercourse and the anger that many of them carried extinguished by fear. Oh yeas, the reality of htis place was htis was a place of suffering and learnign for those beings who were less than the men who were buying them.

    The seventh girl was promising, but she made no effort to fight back the way that they dragged her up, so he ignored her. Again, he wanted to see a girl with some sass, who'd try and slap him. Who would want to attack him. He wanted a dominant girl to get snuffed out.

    Then the next girl, number eight, came out.

    The girl firstly was screaming insults at them, which made his gears start turning for htis auction. She was being bidded on lowly, for he knew most people wanted to rape their salves when they got them. She seemed to be full of uttere defience, and not wanting to relent. There was even something more behind her eyes, ssomethign that both scared and excited him.

    Oh how he wanted her already.

    He took out a fancy pen and scribbled down a number lager than anyone there. He raised it, "I bid 10 thousand!" Suddenly the room was silent. No one wanted her for that amount of money. She was perfect. He wanted her and he was going to take her, whether this damned place cared or not.
  4. Sunni could feel eyes upon her even though she couldn't see who it was. They were burning into her and it made her skin crawl. "Disgusting." She growled to no one in particular.

    After what seemed like an eternity of prying eyes that went unseen the doors were reopened. Sunni glared harshly at the man who tried to grab her. She aime a swift kick to his abdomen. The man easily caught her ankle and flipped her on to her back revealing frilly white panties. "Fuck off perv." Sunni huffed kicking again with her free foot, glare intensifying. The man frowned and caught her other foot easily.

    He had to admit, he was going to miss her spunk. He hadn't had so much fun with a slave before. He easily slung the girl over his shoulder, she was kicking and screaming the entire time.

    "Time to go. You've been bought." He chimed monotonously as he carried her off to meet her new owner. Of course Sunni was showered and redressed.

    Shoved into a well lit room, Sunni stumbled in dressed in a soft pink night dress. Her hair was curled and she was clean for the first time in a long time. She was far from happy though. Sunni met her new owners gaze with a harsh gaze.
  5. It was only the one owner, Merry. He was standing in his suit, holding two thigns behind his back at her. He knew what to expect and how to break her. It was going to be a fun ride for him, to satisfy the urges he built up all the time. He wanted this to go on.

    "Greetings Sunni. I'm Merry. You refer to me as Sir or Mr.Merry, or I will punish you." He stepped forward and looked her over. She stood an inch shorter than him, which helped him. He saw the way she looked at him and actually had one little doubt. But it was one doubt, among hte thousands. He shook his head inside and he then looked at her body.

    She was curvy, but not enough to where he was going to have to stare to get hte urges out. He saw how slim she was, but not too slim. He himself wasn't fat, and he wasn't thin. He looked at her arms and legs. Solid and able to probably deal some damage if they connected.

    He stared again at her eyes and they suddenly englufed him. Those eyes...they held the malace to destroy him in one look alone. He was afraid to even tell what was in them, waht was going to happen. He was almost going to say he didn't want to know what she could to to him, but that would be a lie.

    "Hello." He said agian, then suddenly lunged and grabbed her.

    He handcuffed her hands behind her back first, then shoved her against the wall for the next part. He turned on one egg vibrator and reached into the dress and shoved it under her panties, then used one hand to tape her panties down onto her body so it would be half in, half out of her. It was mainly to at least soften her up, or test her limits.

    Then he tied rope to her neck and hissed, "Let's go, car's waiting."
  6. Sunni growled softly, practically inaudibly as their eyes connected. Hatred bubbled inside of her just hearing him speak. For a moment the thought of attacking crossed her mind but she quickly erased it. She wouldn't even make it to the front door if she did that. No. She had to wait for the perfect moment. A moment when his defenses were down. Hopefully that would be soon.

    Sunni shivered under his gaze as he eyed her up. It was strange, like he could see through her and she didn't like that one bit. It was violating.

    Sunni hadn't been paying well enough attention, too preoccupied with the hate that was rising within while she formulated an escape route, she would have noticed the slight lean before she was roughy shoved against the wall

    She bit her lip to hold back a cry of pain as her head slammed against the hard surface. She was faintly aware of the cold metal on her wrists before a hand was shoved down her panties.

    Sunni gasped as he tapped a vibrator to her. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly as waves of pleasure rolled through her. Her legs closed tightly as she swallows moans that begged to be released. She couldn't give in. Not to him. She would t allow it.
  7. He looked at her with defience right back, smilng at how she was fighting. IT amused him. Turned him on. IF he wasn't wearing loose pants, it would soon become visible for her to see. HE wanted her to fight him, try to escape, do anything but consent. Oh how he'd love to break her.

    He took her into the car and threw her in the backseat, then pulled hte cutains shut. He slowly tied a rope to her wrists, then to a small slit in the dashboard so he'd see it if she broke loose. HE made it clear to her there wasn't escape.

    He smirked as he watched her like the vibrator. Even he could bew taken by those little damned objects. It was more than amusing; it was hilarous. Still, he saw that she was going to be defiant.

    "Suit youself, I got many more back at home." He laughed, hitting the gas with one foot. He did in fact have many more objects to occupy her.

    He had little to no regrets doing what he was. In his mind, he was going to keep her long after he broke her. He wanted her to dominate him. Take him over. But not to escape. No, he wanted her to want to stay.

    "So how long you been a slave?" He asked, turning the corner on a busy road. IT made sense why he'd drawn the curtains now; none could see her while he rode. None could, for he'd also positoined her so she was sitting straight up.
  8. Sunni panted softly in the seat next to Merry. She loathed every pleasurable moment the toy worked on her.

    Sunni bit back soft moans as her pleasure escalated. 'No. Stop it!' She mentally berated herself.

    Her hands gripped the rope, grounding herself. Her green eyes were slightly glazed over, pink lips slightly parted as her tongue flicked out to wet them.

    Her gaze slid over to Merry as she attempted to glare. It only came out as a weak heated gaze. She turned back letting out a strangled moan as they hit a bump and the vibrator thrust against her.

    Sunni didn't answer his question. No he would be ignored as much as she possibly could.
  9. He smirked the whole way. HE loved seeing the struggle in her eyes. That she loved the toy, and that it was only the beginning of her struggle to stay herself. He was going to really push her further into the depths of pleasure.

    He took the rope and pulled her out as the car stopped. IT was a simple two story house, but set far back and isolated. IT wasn't really nice, but it wasn't waht was in the top level that mattered to him at all. The fun was in the basement.

    He took her slowly towards the stairs they were going to go to, then walked up them. He took out the vibrator and kissed her lips, pulling back quickly. He then kept himself inaudible and not really focusing on her for the moment. HE was thinkign of hte right toy for ht moment.

    "Come on, I'll get you to the room." They began the descent into the basement.
  10. Sunni panted heavily in the passenger seat. She tried to keep quiet but the rare, soft moan would escape her.

    She glared up at the cieling cursing her traitorous body. She would never admit it, but god did it feel good.

    Sunni squirmed in her seat not realizing what her mind had subconsciously tried to get her to do until it was too late.

    The vibrator brushed against her clit and Sunni couldn't stop the low, pleasure filled moan that graced her lips.

    She took a shaky breath to steady her racing heart and breathing. It was becoming erratic as the toy continued to brush against her most sensitive spot.

    It elicited whimpers and soft moans that caused her to hate this man even more.

    He yanked her out of the car roughly and Sunni's stumbling only pushed the vibrator against her.

    She couldn't take it. With a loud outcry, Sunni's legs buckled with her orgasm. Her whole frame shook with its intensity.

    He didn't even give her time to recover as he began to drag her forward. She tripped and stumbled on her shaking legs, mentally cursing him the whole way.

    They were in an elevator when she felt warm lips on hers and the toy being removed. Vibrant green eyes widened in shock before narrowing in hate.

    Sunni glared heatedly at the man before spitting on the ground. Sunni planted a scowl on her face as her glare only intensified.
  11. Her orgasm brought a wave of pleasrue to his face. He slapped her butt as she kept moving, laughing at how stubborn she was going to be. He had many more where taht came from.

    He took ther into a largely furbished house, with many rooms and three floors. The place had a fountain and even a large swimming pool off to the left. HE was a very rich man, which was why he was able to afford sex slaves in teh first place.

    He turneda corner itno a large room, which was the only one tha seemed different from the house. It was slighly barren on the inside, and had thicker walls. A slave chamber.

    He pushed her onto the table and clamped down her arms and legs. Then he laughed and slapped her butt once more to get her to pay attention.

    "Oh do you like the little toy~" He tuanted, grabbing her breasts and massaging them in his hands.

    He took three more vibrators and decided to have a little fun. He put one on each breast and put a second one over her enterance. Then he taped those all down as well.

    "Don't you dare tell me you don't like it. I don't like it whyen my salves lie to me." He giggled, kissing her and stroking her hair. He pulled away quickly and laughed, "You'll have fun in here. All your wildest dreams will come true."

    He sat down, eyes glued to her. He wanted her to buckle. Bend. Scream. Orgasm. Then beg for him. Oh yes, hte begging. IT just took time.

    They always broke.
  12. Sunni pulled against her restraints but they wouldn't budge. Her eyes scanned the place for possible exits until her attention was pulled by a harsh slap on her ass.

    A deadly glare shot at Merry as an angry growl surfaced in her throat. God, she hated him. Hated him for buying her, for taking her in, an especially for thinking she would ever like it.

    Sunni sneered as he mentioned the toy. If she had a choice she wouldnt have had any sort of reaction. Sunni took a sharp intake of breath as he massaged her breasts.

    He definitely knew what he was doing but she would never give in to him. She absolutely refused.

    Her hands clenched an unclenched as three vibrators were taped to her. Her eyes were glued to the ceiling as he spoke.

    With a completely straight face, Sunni gazed at him with blank eyes. "I will never give in to you. I'm not your fucking pet. I will get out." Without another word, Sunni looked up at the bare ceiling trying to control her reactions.
  13. Her resilience was fueling the flames. Building him up. MAking him smile. MAking him aroused. MAking him want to take her right now.

    But he couldn't do that right now. If he did, he'd ruin the fun. He wanted her to be at the edge of her sanity. To fight him unitl he was going to have to pull out. Make her destroy herself.

    He laughed at her defiance to the toy at the moment. He took a small remote and wired the three vibrators to it. Then he set them on low and decided to play a game with her.

    This was goign to be fun.

    "I'll ask a question. Answer truthfully and this is painless." He sneered to her, then slowly began.

    "What's your full name?"
  14. 'Yeah right.' Sunni thought to herself as she glared at the cieling.

    He huffed quietly in a response to his questioning. She wouldn't answer. She refused.

    Sunni didn't care what this man had in store. She wouldn't give in. She promised herself. She was going home sooner or later.
  15. His eyes narrowed and he slowly flipped the devices to their next setting. Slowly, so slowly only she would feel it, they began moving in small circles.

    "Wrong answer." He hissed, standing over her. Looking down at her, he saw that she was going to be adament about this. Maybe he should start simpler, then work up.

    "Have you been a slave since birth?"
  16. Sunni screwed her eyes shut. She let out a hiss to mask the pleasure she felt. Repressing the urge to arch into the little mechanical objects, she clenched her fists.

    After the initial shock wore off, Sunni turned her hateful gaze upon Merry. "What do you think....asshat."

    Sunni regretted her words nearly as soon as they left her mouth. She was defiant, not dumb. Sunni knew full well her words would only end up in agony for her.

    (Well with the way things were going it would actually be pleasure, but agony no less in her eyes.)

    Even so, Sunni took slow measured breaths, ignoring the heat that poured through her body. It ignited her veins and settled between her thighs in a soft thrum.
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  17. Merry walked over and bent down, stealing yet another kiss upon her lips. He walked around to her side and bent down, squating so he was level wit hher face.

    "Is that so? Does my face look like it has an ass on it? Would you like me to put it there?" He whispered, almost seductivly.

    He reached down to the remote and put her finger on it, then pushed her finger so it turned up a dial.

    The vibrators were almost at half power, and climbing. He didn't tell her, but the vibrators would slowly amp up their powers themselves, given time.

    "Next question," He purred, "Do you like the color pink?"
  18. Sunni refused to kiss back as his lips pressed against hers. She didn't want to register how warm and soft they were.

    She emitted an almost feral growl as their lips disconnected. He couldn't turn away this time though, he'd only walk around this stupid little table.

    Sunni fought against the warmth that spread through her cheeks to leave a rosy tint. Was this guy serious?!

    Sunni rolled her eyes, forcibly removing the blush from her face. She hoped he'd seen nothing of it.

    She nearly begged him to let her be as he made her turn up the power on the vibratory. This. Totally. Sucked. Ass.

    "Nnggh" Sunni stifled a moan as her body was shocked with more and more vibrations. God this sucked so bad.

    Panting, her molten green eyes stared at Merry. Was he serious with this question? He was sexually abusing her and he asked her favorite colors?

    "H-Hell no. Do I, ah, look like a damn...Disney Princess to yo-ahh!" Sunni fought hard to keep down her moans but she was cracking. He was breaking her focus and it just felt damn good!
  19. The struggle was why he bothered. Merry loved it so much. It made him both arouse and turn off at the same time. IT kept him able to focus on her. If she submitted, he'd become aroused. She was perfect.

    He sat down and stared at the way she moved. HEr reactions. Her shaking. Her moans. He loved it. WAnted more of this.

    He reahced down to her finger and made her push them up another tick. Now they were at healf power. Full power would probably make her sore for a full days. He wasn't going to go any further then this.

    He chuckeld as she responded ot him. He just wanted ot see how much of a girly girl she was going to be made out to be. Again, it made him luagh.

    He slowly put his hnd on the tape pushing against her clit. He slowly began rubbing that one against it. Making it wet. Seep. He wanted to break into her mind. Ruin it. Then rebuild it again.

    "What is?" He purred, taking his other hand and slowly touching the tip of her asshole. He was going to test to see how much seh could take. So far, she'd taken more than any other slave he had. This was incredible.

    He got closer to her face and kissed her more this time. A longer one. His lips were warm, soft against hers. Very loving.

    "What is?" He asked again, pushing the one on her clit down.
  20. Sunni looked ready to cry or cuss him out as he turned up the vibrators again. This was just getting unbearable.

    Her breath quickened as she pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. It was a futile attempt to control herself. Honestly pitiful.

    Soft groans fell from her lisp as he pressed the vibrator against her clit. "No.." She panted out clenching her jaw. No she didn't want him to make her feel this good. She wanted out.

    Her noises were muffled as his lips pressed against hers. They were soft and gentle. Almost how one would kiss a lover. So strange.

    Sunni fought the urge to reciprocate as a soft whimper escaped her throat. He kept prodding and groping her, it wasdriving her nuts!