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You're Mine Now

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Pandilicious, May 26, 2016.

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    Violet, ironic name for her consider her hair, was a human that wasn't like the rest, she had gifts; much like a witch but not. She wasn't classified as a witch because she couldn't make spells, but she can certainly use magic on her side. This has caused her blood to be extremely rare and what she doesn't know, well she does, vampires are all wanting her. She doesn't know as to why, but they want her and she has been trying to keep hidden. Of course that was all fine and dandy that she was working pretty well until the vampire prince has requested for her, she had met him face to face a couple of times, where she thought that she was trapped but, she had always ending up escaping.

    As Violet roamed the woods, she lived in a cabin in the woods of the vampire world, no one looked there, or thought twice. She had to intermingle and act as though she was a vampire, she was wearing strictly black and red clothing like the vampires. Violet sat down on her porch really exhausted. She looked around as she thought. She then heard horses, she quickly ran inside to go hide but that was too late. She could hear voices right there, in front of the porch.
  2. A younger male neighbor of Violet's, one with the same rare blood she has, but his blood type having not been found out by the vampires so he hand't yet become a target of there's, as she had been, is nearby, standing on a slight hilly side near the house his neighbor is in. He looks from behind the bushes that are currently concealing him from the vampires' sights, seeing that about 3 are at the door, to which his neighbor is trapped inside.
  3. Violet knew that there was no way to escape the vampires now, is there. She opened up the door looking at the males, who all were grinning. " The prince is wanting you, and he doesn't have much patience." That was then when they grabbed her. She gasped, her smaller and thin body was easy to pick up. Violet gulped nervously as she glanced over at them, thinking, she was scared. She was set on the horse and they all went over to go to the castle where the Prince awaits.
  4. Keeping his distance in order for the vampires not to notice, Violet's neighbor follows behind them.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.