You're Just As Sane As I Am [ Draco x Luna ]

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    The last thing Draco needed, at this moment, was to suffer through detention. He thought he did a decent job playing teacher's pet, but apparently all it took was a few too many snide remarks to Potter and his mud-blood friend, and now Draco was facing time for his crimes. Ironic; considering this shouldn't be the crime he should be paying time for. The thought almost brought a miserable smirk to his face, but he bit the inside of his cheek instead, grey-blue eyes lazily scanning over the titles of books. His mind, elsewhere, so far elsewhere that he had to read the same title about three times over before the words stuck and he realized what he was supposed to be doing. Draco looked up momentarily, as if to see if anyone else had noticed him entirely zone out, before he floated the book over to it's arranged pile to be dealt with later.

    Draco couldn't help but look up once more, to see if someone else had faced the same sentence as he. He was behind the bookshelves, and from where he stood, all he could see was a third year Hufflepuff drop a book on her foot. The blond averted his eyes to pretend he hadn't seen, just picking up another book, dusting off the cover with a grimace because gross, dust, and then quite literally tossing it into another pile. Draco had always considered himself an organized person, and cleaning never really bothered him, but this was just tedious. It was with another one of the Slytherin's infamous scowls that he realized McGonagall had also mentioned some books on charms that needed to be filed, and with his mind wandering and his expression unguarded and troubled, Draco began to retrieve the books; before promptly bumping into something, or rather, someone.

    The noise he made was only slightly undignified, eyes training to see who the unlucky soul had been. Messy hair, doe blue eyes, Draco frowned. Luna Lovegood; he'd never come to known the girl personally, but he'd heard the rumors. That she talked to herself, that she was messed up in the head, Draco just stepped around her with brows furrowed. If anything, he was more confused with himself for not noticing her to begin with, but that didn't stop him from falling into his arrogant little act. "What are you doing this far into the library, Lunie? Hunting thestrals again?" He sneered, although the corner of his mouth trembled as if such a mean expression caused him a tremendous effort.
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    Luna didn't quite understand why she was in detention. In her own opinion she had not done anything wrong; all she had done was propose to Professor Snape that instead of using lilyflower roots in their Sleeping Potions, they could use Nargle eggs. Professor Snape had called her an insufferable daydreamer and given her a detention for distracting the class with irrelevant comments. Luna decided to keep her opinion on Nargle eggs to herself for the rest of the lesson.

    She didn't really mind filing books. Luna liked to surround herself with knowledge; she was always looking to expand her knowledge on a variety of topics and she usually applied her own beliefs and theories to this knowledge. A lot of people thought she was weird. Xenophlius argued she was enlightened.

    Luna was walking backwards, looking for the shelf a book on Grindylows belonged in, when she bumped into a tall blond boy she recognised as the Slytherin, Draco Malfoy. Luna had heard nasty things about Draco and she knew he was quite mean to Harry and his friends, but Luna was not the one to judge people. Maybe he had a problem going on at home? Luna decided to keep an open mind about everyone, including supposedly evil Slytherins.

    "Oh, hello, Draco," she said in her dreamy voice. Luna cocked her head to the side when Draco spoke. "Thestrals?" she repeated blankly. "Why would I be in here hunting Thestrals? They're in the stables, waiting for the end of the year to take everyone back in carriages." Luna put the book on the shelf. "No, unfortunately Professor Snape put me in detention for asking what he considered a silly question. I think he doesn't like it when people disagree with him."