You're Invited to the Ball!

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  1. You are cordially invited to...

    Iwaku's Spring Masquerade Ball!

    Who: All of Iwaku, along with your hosts Ozzie and Revi!
    When: 12 PM March 27th to 12 AM March 28th (server time)
    Where: Roleplay Main
    What: An urban fantasy chat RP!
    Bring: Your character and a mask!


    Amery Sanglant, young heir to the Blood Mage Guild, is holding a ball in search of a bride. Eligible ladies from all over the city (and even some from out of town!) have been invited to the Sanglant mansion for the occasion, along with all of the city's most important Guild officials. Be you from the Fire Guild, Night Guild, Winter Guild, or even Merchant's Guild, this is THE event of the season! Will some lucky young lady be chosen as Amery's future wife? Or will fate smile upon some other lovers this night?


    The Rules

    1. You may only play as one character.

    2. This is a fantasy RP. You may play a mage, but they must specialize in one type of magic and be a member of a certain Mage Guild. This city is ruled by the Blood Guild; however, you can basically make up whatever guild you like. But your characters must be human!

    3. Do not tell anyone who you're playing as! You're going incognito for this RP, and your identity as a player is a vital secret.

    4. You do not have to join at the beginning of the game, nor do you have to stay until the end. Entering the chat at any point is acceptable.

    5. Have a good time!

    See you on the 27th for romance, fantasy, and high society fun!
  2. Now to find an awesome image! Oh and develope a character I suppose.
  4. I expect to attend this party. >:3 *Sends in RSVP*
  5. 7 AM to 7 PM my time....I'm in ^^
  6. I will go as well ^^
  7. Cant be there for long but I even set a reminder on my phone! So extremely excited!

    Gunna poke so many strangers >:}
  8. IT's my birthday! And of course I'll try to attend!
  9. Darn, I wish it was the night after so that I could stay for the whole thing! I'll still be there ^^
  10. I wish it was like three our four nights before but whatevs... My laptop broke... And ez_button can't fix it....

    -Goes to cry in a corner.-
  11. I hope I can go! ^0^
  12. I'm sooooo in...*goes to calculate the time of server to his time*
  13. I shall be attending this ball.
  14. Affirmative.
  15. I think my time is the same as the server's time :3 I hope so, at least
  16. Sounds like my kind of party...
  17. Yay!!!

    So excited can'r wait.
  18. ...ROFL!
  19. Ooooo! I'm definitely in! -stars rough drafting a char-
  20. I Accept the invitation. Ill be there
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