You're invited to a Tortuga Soiree!

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    Pull up a chair, matey, and listen closely now. There's a storm a-brewing on these here waters, and that storm is headed on its merry way to the port of Tortuga.

    Yes, you heard me true. Tortuga, that infamous den of debauchery, the lair of every scurvy seadog who ever sailed the Spanish Main. The sailors speak of a battle on the high seas, of treasure won, of Port Royal men laid low by cutlass and blunderbuss. They say that it was one salty son of a whore who came out victor that day, and he were no man of the King's Navy. No, sir. Ah, yes, perhaps you know well the name which I am so loathe to say...


    Sebastian Cross, scourge of the Caribbean, better named the Bastard. The blood runs cold in those veins, mark my words. Some say it's blue as any of the gentlefolk, but mayhaps it's because his heart is frosted rather than from being born high. Every sailor knows that name next from learning port from starboard. Piracy, murder, impersonating an officer, kidnapping and pillaging, treason, conspiracy... Bastard Seb is destined for the gallows, matey, and the naval troops is tripping over themselves to be the one to string him up. What's more, his fellow buccaneers treat him like a king, sailing under his orders and taking percents from his profits- and he theirs, of course. Seb Cross rules these waters, no matter what the monarchs in the Old World might say.

    Word is, the Bastard is coming in to Tortuga this very day... Word is, he's having himself a fancy party. Or at least as fancy as a crowd of villains and their ilk can muster. Wenches and scallywags, by my reckoning. I'd not like to be in Haitian waters after sundown.

    It'll be some sort of event, mark my words.

    Welcome to the Masque!

    WHO: All of Iwaku! Your hosts for the evening will be Ozzie, Diana, Kitti, Layne, and Zen.
    WHERE:Roleplay Main Lobby
    WHEN: TODAY, 12 PM August 19th to 12 AM August 20th (server time/U.S. Central)
    BRING: Your character and your doubloons!

    1.) Don't worry if you aren't familiar with history! This RP is about pirates in the 17th century, but no one will care about how accurate you're being. PIRATES.

    2.) This is a Masquerade! For those of you who haven't attended previous Masked Chat Balls, this means that you should not tell anyone who you are playing until the event is over.

    3.) All characters must be human. They will also probably be pirates. Or wenches. Or people who associate with pirates and wenches.

    4.) Keep it fun, and don't harass other players. A little action is fine and even encouraged, but if you take it too far you'll get your butt booted out!

  2. Can I still attend with a random character that no-one would be able to guess anyway because I've never played them here?
  3. Of course! That is the idea, after all! 8D
  4. for use at end of masq (open)
    well since we all know who I was : D

    Edwarden Kellen of the Starlight Pearl.

    explaination: mixture of edward cullen and jack sparrow...and possibly prince winniefred....sorry for earlier confusion he was and is completely human. as I stated he was drunk, eccentric, and QUITE delusional.

    He had a crew that decided he was unfit for captain and mutinied on him leaving him a small ship to sail alone in. Thus he went to tortuga to rally up a new first mate and crew...guess he got more than he bargained for : D

    Though i was originally going to have him be a cross dresser too...he was meant to be a not so serious character that i failed at XD

    anyways hope you enjoyed and that the confusion was eventually lifted ^^ he is a cut throat pirate when need be...just not when drunk
  5. I was Captain Laurence, who is currently dominating his new first mate >:]

  6. January Galahan! I'm...dead ; ;
  7. I was Captain Morrigyn "Siren Song" Belleville, who is currently off dominating her new First Mate. XD​
  8. I was Qwentessa, who literally ended with a bang. ^.~
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  9. Captain Dominga Garcia Carro. A tall, dark-haired, big-chested, and incredibly stubborn woman. The rough-and-tough Cuban beauty with a weakness for green-eyed girls.
  10. Formerly Captain John "LongJohns" McRouge. I is now First mate John "LongJohns" McRouge. Now serving (and loving XD) under Captain Morrigyn "Siren Song" Belleville^^
  11. I was Captain "Bastard" Sebastian Cross, who is currently off dominating his not-so-new First Mate.
  12. Coralia Belmonte.
    A feisty bronze skinned sea lass who flirted, fought, and was later violated by another woman!
  13. The sureshot English rose Edmund Holloway, who decided not to retire in favor of being dominated by his captain. ;)
  14. I played Relena, who was looking for her Pirate uncle, and was the only woman there that wasn't a bitchyass pirate wench! 8D Sadly the sick got me and I had to leave early. ;__;
  15. ....Teehee~ *innocent face*
  16. We reached a record body count and a record level of homosexuality in this Masquerade.

    I have no idea why, but I think I am pleased.
  17. 'Cause apparently pirates can be very open-minded and very violent. If suicide counts as violence...

    And poor Coralia XD force kissed by a tough Cuban lady pirate
  18. I was Madame Bovary, the brothel matron who got no love at all! ;.;

    Morrigyn, you caught me just as I was about to leave and go to bed, so I kind of used McRouge as my out. She's still hoping Morrigyn will come around to see her...

    *forever alone*
  19. You should've seen poor Morrigyn! But no worries, Cammy ;D She still wants to come see Madame Bovary.

    *never alone*

    hehe :3​
  20. Jana's ghost will haunt the next one!
    Did he even get a burial? I think he's still laying on the floor in the now-empty room D: