You're invited to a Soldier's Masque!

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    It is the year 1811. The Prince of Wales has become the Prince Regent, and England is at war with Napoleon's armies. The war does not touch the people of London and the fair English countryside, however, and high society thrives. It is a time of fashion, of indulgence, of racy morality... and of invention. Steam-powered and clockwork wonders are being presented at fairs in both town and country halls, becoming so prolific that all of the finest ladies and most dapper dandies make special orders to the artificers for mechanized accessories.


    In the southern county of Surrey, near the town of Whistleton, the Lady Temperance DeWolf keeps house at DeWolf Manor. A rich and titled widow, she is free to do as she pleases, and her current pleasure is to hold a ball for the occasion of her daughter's debut in society. Constance DeWolf is sixteen years old, and this is her first party before her season in London society begins. As Whistleton is currently hosting a regiment of soldiers, Lady DeWolf has seen fit to invite all of the officers...

    Welcome to the Masque!

    All of Iwaku! Your hosts for the evening will be Ozzie, Diana, Kitti, Iliana, Layne, and Revi.
    WHAT: A Steampunk Regency chat RP with shades of Jane Austen!
    Roleplay Main Lobby
    WHEN: 12 PM July 15th to 12 AM July 16th (server time/U.S. Central)
    Your character, in awesome steampunk duds!


    1.) Don't worry if you aren't familiar with history!
    This RP is set in an alternate universe with steampunk elements, so historical accuracy is not important. Think of it as fantasy. If you aren't familiar with the period, the Regency Era is just before Victorian times (and much less prudish) and is the setting of books like Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice.

    This is a Masquerade! For those of you who haven't attended previous Masked Chat Balls, this means that you should not tell anyone who you are playing until the event is over.

    3.) All characters must be human.
    They will also probably be English gentlemen and ladies! (But since this is fantasy, that doesn't necessarily mean English ethnicity.)

    4.) Keep it fun, and don't harass other players.
    Any troublemakers will be swiftly kicked out so as not to spoil the party.

  2. This looks like it will be fun. =)
  3. Sounds like a good time! I'll definitely be there~
  4. I just read a book sort of based on Austen novels and I was like, "Wait. This sounds like Pride & Prejudice." And then you mentioned it in the announcement. Hmmm. Maybe I'll have to attend a ball.
  5. ‚ÄčNever been in one of these. Seems like a good place to start.
  6. I couldn't make it to the last one, I hope I can this one it looks like fun.
  7. Will be there~
  8. I can't wait to give this one a try. 8D I've never done a Regency time period before, and Steampunk Fantasy makes it really easy to do without worrying too much about accuracy. XD
  9. I wish I could be there D:
  10. Sounds amazing I cannot wait.
  11. This sound like a lot of fun. I bet I'll enjoy myself ^^
  12. Await me there!
  13. A masquerade! Oh, that's just exciting. I love masquerades, and the era is wonderful as well!

    But I've never done a chatroom RP on this does it work, exactly? I've done chatroom role plays before on POD and RPO, but they were just like a board RP, but faster.

    I'm sorry...I'm not meaning to be a nuisance...just trying to figure things out...that way I can be there and enjoy myself!

    Oh...and is it alright to come in late? My dad is home this weekend, and he'll be leaving a little after noon Sunday.​
  14. Airship Kaptain Karsikat hopes to be able to attend.
  15. It's pretty much just the same as posting on the forums. 8D But with much shorter posts at a quicker pace. 3-5 sentences instead of 1+ paragraphs.

    And you can come and go at ANY time during the course of the day! That's why we have it 12 hours long, and with several hosts. O__O
  16. [MENTION=2219]Sil[/MENTION];

    You can come and go as you please in a chat ball, but you can only have one character. For an example of how they work, here is one of the recent balls.
  17. Now if I can only remember to log in... I shall come too.
  18. holy crap i didn't realize the theme of this one!! well depending on my RL schedule I MAY make an appearance >3
  19. Ah, so small posts mostly...still looks amazingly fun. I'll try to make a few appearances...of course only as one person. Only makes sense, of course.​
  20. Oh wow, this actually sounds like a load of fun! :D
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