You're Invited to a Midsummer Night's Masquerade!

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    As the summer sun sets over a clearing in a deep forest on June 20th, the faeries come out to play, skipping along branches, flitting through the air, and striding majestically through the long evening shadows. The Queen of the fairies, graceful Titania, will call the faeries to the ball, each one dressed in glamours to hide their true forms. Pixies and Sidhe cavort and dance, flirt and play pranks, and even the Unseelie court, under a rare banner of peace, is allowed to attend. There will be no bloodshed tonight, and romance, trickery, and joy is the order of the evening. But tonight, something special elevates the masquerade, for Queen Titania is hoping to find a beloved for her daughter, Callisia.

    Welcome to the Masquerade!

    WHO: All of Iwaku! Your hosts for the evening will be Revi, Ozzie, Kitti, and Diana.
    Roleplay Main Lobby
    WHEN: 12 PM June 20th to 12 AM June 21st (server time/U.S. Central)
    WHAT: A woodland fairy ball where all of the guests are magically disguised!
    Your character, under a glamour!

    Though myths and history argue about where the lines for different sorts of fae are drawn, we will be using the following definitions of courts and races for the Masque.

    The Races

    Pixies: Standing at about six to ten inches tall, pixies are winged tricksters with hearts of whimsy and playful attitudes. Pixies love physical comedy, pratfalls, and spells.

    Sidhe: Standing around seven feet tall, sidhe may be winged or not and are somewhat (though not much in the case of the younger ones) more composed than pixies. Most of the court nobles are sidhe. Sidhe favor irony, satire, and wordplay to physical comedy.

    Humans: A random human may, on occasion, find his or herself lured to the faerie ball. Any such human who is lured or stumbles in should exercise extreme caution not to offend.

    The Courts

    Seelie Court: The Summer Court, the Bright Court. These are the good court of fae who, though still dangerous and capricious, can sometimes be found helping humans and often help nature.

    Unseelie Court: The Winter Court, the Dark Court. These fae are generally evil or mean spirited, or sometimes just dark pranksters. They are very dangerous and not to be trusted.

    Trooping Fae: Those unaligned who journey the world in their own groups. A few Trooping faeries have also been invited to the ball.

    Rules of the Masque:

    You must be Seelie, Unseelie, or Trooping if fae.
    You must be a Pixie, Sidhe, or Human
    3) Glamours (magical disguises) are to be worn til the end of the ball.
    These glamours should be fae in nature. Humans, however, are advised NOT to try and dress as faeries.
    There will be no malicious acts. All trickery is to be done in good fun. Any faerie or human caught trying to fight, poison, kill, cause trouble, or otherwise disrupt will be swiftly... dealt with.
    Peeking under glamours is rude! Don’t do it! (Keep who you are playing as a secret til the end of the ball! You will be told when to reveal!)
  2. So pretty!
  3. ​If I can make it, I shall be there. o wo
  4. I am definitely going to be there, even if I can't be. I shall make a way.
  5. I shall be there~
  6. Sounds great. I'm in.
  7. This sounds like a ton of fun, I'm in :3
  8. We are going to be running short today! The Masquerade will end at 8PM server (Central) time, instead of running until midnight. See you all there!
  9. Name posting time. I was totally Feather/Princess Callisia!
  10. Hello everyone :) I want everyone to know that I was Yvaine, especially my Lord :)

    My Internet cut out right at the unveiling so I am doing this from my phone lol do I get to know who my Lord was?
  11. I was the pixie Marigold, yup yup! xD
  12. Iliana was the great and terribly sexy, Ambros Wave.
  13. Hey all I was the old man Yasmar. was great fun
  14. I was Foxglove, the princess's pixie lady-in-waiting/Seelie Spymaster!
  15. Grumpy was playing the enigmatic Mister Whispers, Unseelie Sypmaster.
  16. Greetings all. I was the illustrious Storm Crow.
  17. Allo~ I was the Unseelie Sidhe that took things a little too far, Avalon

  18. I was the human that Avalon took things too far on, Riss~
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