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  1. You're Invited!
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    Garrison Carter walked through the foyer, his eyes studying the invitation in his left hand. They would all be here soon, he suspected. Yes, it was early but the early worm gets the bird! Or something like that. He had no doubt that the thought of a million dollars had caused them all a sleepless night and a hectic last-minute pack of their things. A smile spread his thin lips and his cold eyes glanced up to the ceiling. Too bad most of them wouldn’t need the extra socks they packed, or the secretive item they hid well within a suitcase pocket.

    A small meow caught his attention and the ice from Garrison’s eyes melted. “Captain Picard!” He tucked the invitation into a random pocket and leaned down to scoop the orange Maine Coon into his arms. “Are you excited to see our guests? Hmm?” The cat purred in response and suddenly turned to face the front door, its ears perked at the new sound.

    Outside, limousines were beginning to line the drive, and one by one car doors and trunks slammed as his guests were gathering themselves and meeting each other for the first time. Splendid. Garrison situated the cat and his clothing before nodding to the gentlemen at the large oak doors. At once they were opened, allowing the sunlight to stream into the mansion. Although some were still struggling with their luggage, he stepped out to greet them.

    “Greeting, Friends! Welcome to my home. I hope the ride, and for some of you the flight, went smoothly. I trust that all of you are hungry, so I will keep this very short and sweet. You will find your bedrooms in the basement or on the second floor. The Master Suite is off limits, but there are five spacious bedrooms for you all. Yes, five. You will each be sharing a room.”

    “Inside will be some butlers waiting to attend you. Do not get use to them. They are to assist you in find your rooms and then the dining room, nothing more. They each will be holding an image of you and your roommate. You will go to the butler with your image and they will escort you to your rooms. Once you are settled, I invite you to the dining room for supper. I will not be attending, but feel free to eat and drink as much or as little as you wish. Although this is a competition, by all means, please get to know your fellow competitors.”

    Garrison Carter gave Captain Picard a scratch behind the ears before he continued. “Now, you all may be wondering what this little game is. You can think of this as a large scale Mafia game. Have any of you ever played it before? No? Before you arrived here, your limousine driver gave you a small envelope with a role inside. Keep that role close to your heart and do not allow anyone to see it. Every role is different, but one is very important. Every night, one of you will be killed.”

    The gasps of shock and sudden looks of terror did not surprise him, but thrilled him. He smiled and laughed, shaking his head. “No, no! You will not be killed; it is a game, afterall. You will not be harmed, I promise. One of you has been assigned the role of Murderer. You will come to me in the middle of the night with the name of someone who you wish to remove from the game. That person will then be told of the circumstances and they will have to leave the premises by morning.”

    “To ensure that the person with the Murderer role is not the clear winner, each of you must decide who the Murderer may be. Every day will end with a majority vote on who has been the most suspicious. The person who wins the vote will have to leave the premises before nightfall. Everyone who is not the Murderer also got a role that will help them throughout the game play. Remember, don’t tell anyone anything, or you will lose your chance at the money. The last person standing will win the money.”

    Garrison finally stopped talking and gave them all a warm smile. He turned his back on them to let Captain Picard down and back into the house before turning back and stepping aside. “Welcome to my home!”
    As the contestants enter the home, they are greeted by five butlers. The first two butlers only show two people’s images within a frame while the final three each hold three images in a frame. The people in each picture represent roommates for the remainder of the game.

    Butler 1 holds up the images of Rhett and Greg.
    Butler 2 holds up the images of Bridget and Cynthia.
    Butler 3 holds up the images of Leila, Gena, and Jasper.
    Butler 4 holds up the images of Clark, Adrian, and Alexander.
    Butler 5 holds up the images of Summer, Nancy, and Jane.

    [[ GM NOTES: My Introduction Post ends here. You will see me post again once I feel everyone has had enough time to get acquainted with each other. Feel free to have your characters explore or eat in the dining room. I heavily encourage character interaction.

    No one will be dying in this round, so don't worry about that. As of right now, your characters only know the game plan, they do not know how real the game is. Your characters also don't know each other. Below you will find the layout of the home. This will be where you will find your character's bedroom. It's not mandatory that you know all of this information. I just figured some of you will enjoy it. Don't hesitate to ask any questions! Either PM them to me or post them here. ]]

    First Floor; Includes Dining Room (open)

    Second Floor; Includes Bedrooms (open)

    Captain Picard (open)
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  2. Nancy calmly and demurely walked over to Butler 5, where she pulled out her camera and tried to stay calm as she snapped a few pictures of the interior, it was beautiful. She would've loved to sketch it then and there, but it didn't feel right to pull it out of her luggage right then.
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  3. She resisted the urge to groan as she climbed out of the limousine, her eyes squinting at the other guests. She was exhausted, having spent the night before nursing a terrible headache. It had started as a dull ache prodding at her frontal lobe once she'd climbed into the shower, but it had grown painful enough to cut her nightly ritual short in order to dose herself in aspirin. She'd went to bed with her mind a little foggy and unsure if someone was actually inside her head, pounding her brain in with a hammer. To make matters worse, she'd gotten a call from her brother during the night, inflaming her headache all over again and putting her in a foul mood.

    "Cynthia, I just need--" His message had cut off as he tried to find the words to convey his ineptitude. Brandon had never been one for eloquence. "I need your help." The addition of again was left unsaid. She'd hung the phone up at this point, unwilling to deal with her brother on this night of all nights. They were both aware that he took advantage of her. No matter how much she would lecture and lay into him, they repeated the same patterns over and over. With their parents being colossal morons who fought each other more than they cared for their children, Cynthia had been the one looking after her younger brother. As they grew older, he would naturally ask her for help and she would naturally assist him.

    At this point, she'd probably given Brandon thousands and thousands of dollars over the years. Money to get out of a debt, money to put himself through school, money to get his life back on track. It never panned out. Cynthia worked hard for her money, focusing on a career rather than a social life. She had few friends to show for her efforts; No boyfriend or BFF she could turn to. All she had was her brother, and he continued to sap her dry. She was miserable all the time, angry that she'd let control of her own life slip out of her grasp.

    Coming into a large sum of money was just what Cynthia needed to get out of this hold her brother had over her. She couldn't just abandon him, even if every part of her wanted to. She loved him, despite everything, and so she could never do that.

    Now she was here, exhausted, but ready to take her life back. She held a hand up to block the glow of the sun out of her eyes and listened to their host explain the rules of the game. She'd been thinking this would be a business deal of sorts, considering her achievements and career, but a game could be interesting. She was familiar with the game he described, and believed that she'd be very good at it. If she felt confident before, this news had her imagining the money in her possession already.

    She stepped into the house and tried not to show how awed she was by it. It was exactly as she'd imagined it-- and it was gorgeous. This was what she wanted, an elegant home all to herself. She found the butler with her picture, and peered curiously at the other woman's photo. Cynthia didn't much like sharing a room, especially not with someone she was supposed to be in competition with. Crossing her arms, Cynthia waited by the butler for her roommate to arrive.
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  4. Jasper

    The estate was a hell of a lot grander than Jasper Owens would have initially expected, and he felt the ten or so seconds standing outside of his rented blue Ford Fiesta with the well-worn Alamo rental sticker fixed to the bumper was well justified to appropriately acknowledge that even arriving here as a curious skeptic left some room to appreciate some aspects of this bizarre situation. It started with finding a fancy envelope with 100 pound paper, or some other fancy grade, with a curiously cheaply typed up letterhead signed by Garrison Carter, some rich man who either never grew up, watched too many reality game shows, or was in all likelihood lonely. It wasn’t uncommon for a lot of older rich people to treat money trivially, and if the promise of a million dollars won the man some excitable companionship for a bit over a week, then it wouldn’t have surprised Jasper. However, most people didn’t just promise a million dollars to experience “terrifying thrills”, which the man with entirely too much vacation time to kill between jobs hoped didn’t involve a leather gimp suit and a basement sex dungeon. Once in Amsterdam was enough, he decided.

    Jasper shut the tiny car’s door and stretched out, enjoying the freedom from its confines and he vowed to spend more money on a rental next time, the economy package apparently translated to a glorified sardine can with excellent fuel millage. Adjusting his leather jacket before finding his way to the trunk, he pulled out an old beat up grey leather suitcase that had belonged to his father before he inherited it when he went to college. It didn’t have wheels, but that was okay; there was something embarrassing about seeing a grown man dragging a tiny wheeled bag around behind him like its crushing weight was too much for him to handle. Jasper always packed light, anyways. Most of the shit you needed on a trip could be picked up between the airport and your destination. The plastic Walgreens bag filled with toiletries was a testament to this philosophy. Closing the trunk and clicking the lock on the key remote, he joined the others who were just as stupid, or desperate, as him to accept the invitation who awaited their host, who was crossing from the entrance way to greet them now. Jasper glanced at the limos with envy; had he known some chauffeur was coming to retrieve him from the airport, he wouldn’t have picked a rental package for his flight. That’ll teach him for being organized.

    It took Jasper a few moments before he really took in his host; his eyes were transfixed on the behemoth cradled lovingly in the man’s arms. “That is one bigass cat.” Jasper muttered to no one in particular before turning his attentions to the eccentric host, an affable man whose eyes seemed entirely too big for his head. He explained that they’d be sharing a room with others, which was to be expected; even most mansions didn’t have an extraordinary amount of bedrooms. This really was starting to seem like some reality game show, and Garrison confirmed this.

    I traveled all the way from fucking Tampa to play a non-televised version of The Mole? This is either the dumbest thing I’ve ever said yes to or the luckiest. Old man better be up front about the reward. Jasper thought with a terse frown as one of the limo drivers, the one who was originally intending to have picked Jasper up, approached and handed him an envelope which he’d be opening in privacy before hiding it in a locked compartment in his suitcase. He looked up and blinked at the cavalier way Garrison announced that someone would be killed as a part of this game caused Jasper to blink slowly. Did he just agree to be an unwitting participant in Saw? Before he could exclaim his displeasure at the thought of being in a snuff film, which still ranked higher than the gimp suit sex dungeon in Jasper’s list of things he’d rather not be involved in, Garrison fortunately clarified. Just an innocent game, player is asked to leave the house to presumably get shot on the way out to make it extra dicey. Terrific.

    Garrison set down the massive beast of a cat and he gestured invitingly for everyone to enter the house. Well, I’ve certainly slept in worse places. Jasper mused as he offered a polite wave to one of the servants holding the door open for the guests and he found the Butler with his photograph, which was kind of unsettling. He didn’t remember giving Garrison his picture, which gave him the creeps. Goddamn Facebook.

    Taking note that his two roommates were female at least settled one thing; it was at least going to be an interesting few nights with two good looking women instead of one of the creepier looking guys.

    Well, if this is a horror movie, this is totally the premarital sex bait. he thought dryly, reflecting on the theme of the whole game.
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  5. Summer slammed the door of the limosine behind her as she stepped out, whistling as she looked up at the mansion. The look of the place itself spoke to the wealth their host promised in his letter. She had been skeptical at first, but just the chance of a reward had been enough to tempt her here.

    The million dollars would be just what she needed to get back on track. Summer smiled into the sun, shading her eyes as she looked around at the other guests. One million dollars and she'd be back on track to studying music and making it big. Sure she'd had... a few setbacks, along the way. A few years where she strayed, dismayed by her setbacks in her music. For month's she hit a wall, unable to compose anything worthwhile. She'd thought the drugs would help her to focus, give her inspiration, but all they did was sap her bank account.

    She needed a boost, then she'd make it to where she wanted to be. She was clean now, four months and counting, and back to working on her piano work. Some extra money and she could pay for vocal lessons again, start getting back into the swing of things.

    She stuck her hands in her pockets as their host explained the rules of his game. She took another glance around at the guests, this time more critically. So - her opponents, then. Summer's smile faltered. She could win this.

    She found the butler with her photo and saw someone else was already waiting by him. Summer waved. "Hey," she said. "Looks like we're roommates?"
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  6. Rhett meandered the house randomly, sticking his head in each room only briefly before wandering to the next. He did not say hello to anyone as he got the lay of the land, but he smiled broadly to everyone he passed. As he went, he whistled a tune, really just a random set of notes with no discernable melody.

    When he first arrived, Rhett had gone straight to his butler and went directly to his assigned room without paying the least attentions to the picture of his roommate. Once there, he threw his suitcase on the bed and began his little adventure of discovery.

    Now having completed a first pass of the premises, Rhett found his way back to the dining room (which he had accidently already visited three time during his exploration). Sitting down at the table, he folder his hands in his lap and waited, still continuing to whistle.

    He was excited about the night’s festivities. However, it wasn’t the thought of winning the money that really peaked his interest. Oh, a million extra dollars in the bank account was nothing to turn your nose up at. It certainly could change his life for the better, but the real intrigue of the whole thing was the spontaneity of it all.
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  7. Gena, Green After getting out the car Gena closed her eyes and opened them again. "You got this..." She spoke to her self as she walked out the limo. She walked up to the door and knocked on it "Hard." Then she thought "That's to demanding..." then knocked softer. She just decided to open the door and arrive in herself. "I feel like a clown.." She juggled her luggage up the stairs and around till she got inside the doors. Gena Looked around "Leila, Gena, and Jasper." It read. "Please don't let me get a bad group...." She muttered to herself as she walked to the Butler "3". She walked up to him the whole time eyes glued to the floor as she made her way him to his face she spoke shy. "Sorry to bother you but...I'm not familiar with the house...where is my room?" She looked at him feeling her blush. "I came it to win it but this is embarrassing." She thought. "Don't let B*tches see you sweat." She said as she spontaneously walked away from the butler as she was to go and search on her own. After finding it she waited at the door and gave a quick knock to see if anyone was in. "Hello?"
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  8. After listening to a lengthy explanation, it seemed Adrian had come here for more than he asked for, but it didn't matter to him. This seemed like a very good opportunity to see how adept he really would be in a scenario like this one. Looking towards the Butler holding his picture, he saw two others next to his own which meant he'd be getting two roommates. "The more the better..." He thought to himself, figuring he'd have an easier time deciding on these things, of course that is if the other two weren't going to have opposing opinions. Slowly approaching Butler four, he looked around, awaiting his other two soon to be roomates with the small suitcase he in his hand. It contained all the basic things he needed; a toothbrush, some toothpaste, a few towels, and some sets of clothes, the rest should be available around here... Or so he thought.
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  9. Greg Robinson smoothly opened his limousine door and swung his legs outside, pausing for a moment to admire the sun, then stood up and watched the fellow arrivals. They appeared to be the normal crowd that turned up to this sort of thing, the desperate or the greedy, but then Greg thought of his own reasons and figured that he wasn't much different from them after all.
    A butler caught his eye and Greg smiled before realizing that he was holding up an image of him. The smile receded and he gently closed the door of the limo, grabbed a bag from the trunk, and walked over to the butler, avoiding people where necessary. Best to get settled in first, he could meet people later.
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  10. Bridget had been quiet and patient through the explanation, and while shocked by the mention of murder, she soon chuckled to find it was not real. He couldn't truly do that after all, not legally at least. After explanations of the game were given, Bridget mostly zoned out, only vulgar hearing where she was next meant to go. She heard enough though, and quickly ha gathered together her bags to carry inside the large house.

    Once inside, Bridget quickly spotted the Butler holding her picture, a woman stood there also. She assumed that was to be her roommate, and so with a small but relatively genuine smile, Bridget approached the two. "Hello, I'm Bridget. I am guessing you're my roommate?" She asks calmly, placing a bag down and holding out a hand the woman could shake if she so desired. It was simply her trying to get her comfortable with her.

    Truly Bridget felt the same as Cynthia did about not wishing to get or be near any of the competitors, but if she had room with one of the others, she may as well use them to protect herself. This was a game after all, so she had to be careful and wise about how she was going to play it.

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  11. Clark didn't want to do this. He didn't really want to be around these weird people.

    But he'll do it for the money.

    Clark whistled as he got out of limo, noticing the car right away. Then the butler and his picture. He smiled to himself. "I look nice.." He muttered. He scanned his surrounding. Seeing multiple people. Though he didn't want to judge them now since some of their voices and facial expression represents how actually feels. Clark shrugged. "Hopefully. I make it." He nodded toward the butler, "Sooo... You're my butler. Cool." He noted. His hands reached his pockets, just whistling not so loudly. He looked over at the other two pictures... He wondered when they will arrive.
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  12. Cynthia let out a small sigh once she saw the woman in the photo approaching her and their butler. Truly, this was where the game began. She knew it was largely a game of perception and how one carried themselves. Regrettably, Cynthia sometimes let her emotions get away from her, but she'd been through enough interviews to know how to make a decent first impression.

    As Bridget came closer, Cynthia's posture relaxed, and she smiled at the woman in turn. She grasped Bridget's outstretched hand with her own and said, "Hi! Yeah, we're roommates." She gave Bridget a firm handshake; truly the only proper kind of handshake. "I'm Cynthia." With that, Cynthia turned to the butler and gestured for him to move. "Shall we see our room?"

    Without a word, the butler turned around and began leading them through the house. Cynthia was tickled pink at the idea of having a butler wait on her, more so for the idea of it than the convenience. She'd certainly never hire one herself, as the idea of someone doing just about anything for her made Cynthia feel rather stressed.

    Her heels clicked on the hard floor, filling up what would otherwise be silence. Cynthia didn't mind silence in another's presence, but she felt obligated to speak in this circumstance. "Such a beautiful house," she said, her eyes looking about. After a second of this, she turned her gaze on Bridget and asked, "Have you ever seen anything like it?" Cynthia didn't know anything about the other guests, especially not how well off they were. Prior financial stability was the kind of thing to get you 'killed' in these types of games, so Cynthia wasn't sure how honest anyone would be concerning that. No harm in prodding, she figured.

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  13. Jane, pink
    Jane felt uncomfortable as she rode the limo from the airport to the manor in which she would be residing for the next possibly few to several nights. While the tan leather seats in the dark vehicle were comfortable and relaxing, the elegance and the sophisticated style and the money put into it left a sour taste in her mouth. Any mode of transportation would have been fine, but this seemed a little too much. As was the card...

    She pulled out the stiff invitation from her purse and traced a finger over the thick ink. Someone had prepared this with deliberation, like they wanted to impress. She read over the contents of her notification, reading over that she was invited to participate in a game and that she could be the winner of a large sum of money. While the money was not something that was fully on her mind, the chance to be away from the city was what allured her, although she would have preferred a place that was a little more modest.

    Considering the attention to detail that went into the card, she had bought new clothes on the limited budget that she was earning. A nice pair of brown slacks and a cream colored loose turtleneck sweater was what adorned her body. Neither were of fine material, considering the retailer of the outfit, but she figured that she would at least attempt to "dress to impress." Around her neck was a small gold plated cross hanging on a fine chain. She wore this outside of her sweater as it gave her some comfort for it to be seen.

    The limousine pulled up to the manor, and she could not help but to gape at the immensity of the building. Why would anyone need this much space? she thought. The driver came around and opened the door so she could step out and handed her the luggage. It was not heavy as she only packed what she could afford. She carried the cheap suitcase up to the door of the place. She did not know whether to be impressed with the place or disgusted.

    The others who were invited were getting their luggage as a man and a cat emerged from the grand structure, introducing himself and explaining the rules. Once he had demanded and explained why everyone that they keep their cards close to them, she thought back to the one word that stood out to her. It fit her strangely, but the thought quickly left her mind as she was explained about the living situation. Room 5... thankfully I'm boarded with other females and no males. She approached the butler holding the sign with her number and found the other two females. Jane smiled at them warmly before greeting herself.
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  14. Leila looked over the competition while drinking through the straw plopped in her green glass bottle. She understood the concept of the game, and that by rooming everyone in the mix that was done it could encourage "teams" to pop up during the competition. It's also a good way to arise unwanted (hopefully unwanted by just the players) conflict--if the point was to catch the killer. It'd be based on how everyone will like their roommates, or not like them. The concept of the game was bitter to her; it was never her style to take such ideas in stride. Why would you make light of killing each other?

    Now don't get her wrong, it wasn't an emotional dilemma for her when it came to the concept of the game. It was more so that she found the idea of making light of murder to be dull, and tasteless. Essentially something that society does on a daily basis. Just look at the horror movies that are always being produced. Tasteless, cliche garbage.

    Oh yeah, that envelope. That was a fun interaction for her during her escort to the property. She tried asking her driver what her role meant but was only met with silence when she tossed it to him. Why wouldn't he just tell her? I guess the only thing the driver was good for was, well, driving. Hell, after her experience with him she knew he could drive. The first time he spoke a word to her was when she tried popping open her handle (y'know, those 1.75L bottles) of Midori. "Ma'am, you can't have that in here. Mr. Carter made it very clear to me that he doesn't need you being incoherent when he greets you and the other contestants at the property." "Thank you."

    Do you actually think she said that? You should have seen it: the woman popped open the bottle anyways and stuck a god damn straw she pulled from her purse into the bottle. Didn't say a word to the driver. After that he sort of tossed the open envelope back at her muttering something along the lines of don't show this to anyone and good luck lasting a few days, with your respect you'll be the first one voted off the island. Oh yeah! That's right, he told her she'd get voted of the island. It was at that moment that she started to enjoy her chauffeur. "I like your sass. Maybe when I win, I'll hire you as my personal driver," she told him as she read her role to herself. He kind of glared at her, but couldn't help but crack a small smirk. You're god damn right I'm funny, she thought to herself when she noticed him holding back his laugh. She had a grin on her face too. She burned the envelope and its contents with a lighter after she read it. She wasn't very excited about what was written on it, and neither was the driver when she decided it'd be a great idea to burn shit in the car.

    But now that the rules were explained to her, the role that was on the envelope made sense. Still, she wasn't excited about it. She wished she had gotten something that was actually fun.

    “That is one bigass cat.”

    It wasn't said very loudly, but she caught it. It was one of the men, some guy with dreads. Seemed sort of self absorbed with the way he carried himself. Normally she'd burst out with some humorous profanity. She totally could have nailed the pun right then and there. The Midori was in her mouth though. Can't waste good alcohol.

    At some point, everyone just dispersed to their rooms with their luggage to start getting settled in. Was it mentioned the chauffeur actually helped her carry some (read some as all) her belongings up to her room? No, it wasn't because of the sarcasm that was shared in the limousine. Mama needed a big, strong man to carry her stuff to her bedroom. And maybe, just maybe, she convinced him to pick her up too before they arrived at the property. It was a win-win situation: she gets her stuff moved, and he did all the work. Oh, and he's carrying her crap to her room. Amazing how you could easily just twist a man's opinion about you around.

    When everyone started streamlining into the mansion, she noticed one of her roommates' portraits. She's rooming with Bigass Cat and another woman. The woman was to Leila's liking. It's a good thing she packed a few more bottles of sweet syrup in her luggage, because it just may well land her in that woman's bed.

    Leila asked the butler for directions to her own room, and she was readily assisted. She lead her driver up to the room, and propped the door open. She walked over to the sitting room and watched the man go back and forth twice before he finished. She didn't bring much with her, but she packed it all in two large cases. This place would make one hell of a party home.
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  15. Rhett, lightyellow
    Rhett continued to sit by himself in the dining room. He had no idea when dinner was actually going to be served, but that was okay. Someone was kind enough to leave some fresh bread on the table. Picking out a slice, he admired its warmth and the wondrous smell of garlic and rosemary wafting off it. He was about to take a bite when he spied the dish of butter. Rhett loved butter. Lathering on more butter than there was bread, he popped the piece in his mouth. Pure heaven. He reached for another.

    Outside, he heard people milling around. He could have joined them. After all, he was a gregarious fellow by nature, but he was also content to sit here and eat his bread. Getting to know his fellow guests would come in time.

    On the far wall was a large mirror. He examined his reflection, pleased with the way in which he chewed the bread. He had a strong face, but one that was inviting and kind. Everything about him spoke of a man who cared little about others' opinions but who was open and warm at the same time.

    He wore simple clothes: neither new nor threadbare, neither stylish nor inappropriate, and certainly nothing that made him stand out. They were the kind of plain clothes you bought at Kohl’s because you were embarrassed to shop at Walmart and shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch just seemed too damn pretentious.

    Rhett would have continued whistling, but at the moment his mouth was stuffed with bread… delicious bread.
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  16. Jasper

    Following the butler up to the second floor, Jasper took note that the room he was being led to was past a sitting area, probably somewhere he’d go to escape if his roommates were unbearable, and was at the front half of the house, which worked to his liking; he could keep an eye on his rental car, not that he expected any trouble, but you could never tell with somebody losing a game what they might do to some opportune piece of property that had the misfortune of being in their warpath. It wasn’t that he particularly cared for the cramped blue car, he just didn’t feel like opening his bank account to appease the goblins who ran the financial department of Alamo.

    However, at the door was one of the other guests, apparently so impatient to get started that she was already knocking to see if the room was occupied, as if the foyer downstairs wasn’t filled with strangers. Another woman, reeking of booze, had already cruised by and into the room, wasting no time in making herself at home before retreating to the sitting room. When the butler departed, Jasper looked at the first woman, standing in the doorway probably as confounded by turbo-drunk as he was. She was a pretty woman, kind of had the looks of a stay-at-home mom to her, and a friendly-looking face. She probably was going to be pleasant company, although Turbo-Drunk might prove to be something of a Herculean Task. She might have been pretty, once, if her face didn’t express perpetual numbness and her eyes seemed to be fighting against the crushing gravity of sleep deprivation. She was twitchy, he could tell. It could go either way.

    Jasper shrugged and walked into the room, setting his suitcase on the one unoccupied bed and looked out the window. It wasn’t quite ocean-front property, but it was still damn nice. He turned back to his remaining roommate with an apologetic smile. “Luck of the lottery, huh? I promise I’m house broken.” He said, his mind picturing the bigass cat and wondering if it could say the same, or if it was just a shit-where-I-please kind of cat who owned the place. The man decided to check his sheets thoroughly before occupying them tonight. He crossed the room and extended his hand towards who he figured was Gena from her portrait. “Jasper, by the way. It’s pretty weird how our host has our pictures, huh? I mean, I just said yes to the invitation and came here and I find some stuffy-looking guy in a tuxedo holding a portrait of me like it’s the most normal thing in the world.”
  17. Gena, Green Gena smiled and entered the room sitting down watching the woman, "I think you need to lay down? ..You can have this bed...." She got up and smoothed out her freshly made butt print. "Would you like to lay?" She looked curious at the woman. But not to curious she was afraid that the woman would be violent or get out of hand, so she kept her distance.

  18. Rhett, lightyellow
    Rhett looked longingly at the empty basket of bread on the table. Out of desperation, he wiped up the last bit of butter with his index finger and stuck it in his mouth. So delicious. A shame there was no more.

    Being the only person in the dining room at the moment, he began to wonder if he’d misunderstood something. Perhaps they weren’t getting dinner after all. Maybe bread was all there was. For a brief moment, he felt slightly guilty. If bread was all that was being served, then he’d accidently eaten everyone’s portion.

    It wouldn’t be the first time, he’d misunderstood things. Rhett was notorious for getting the plan wrong. Luckily, it was a character flaw that didn’t bother him much.

    Maybe there’d been a note in his room telling him to make his way to one of the mansion’s many other rooms. Maybe everyone was sitting there right now wondering where he was. He was about to get up and investigate, when a thought struck him. If he left now, he might miss more bread.

    And so Rhett waited.
  19. Adrian noticed that another person was standing next to him... Looking at the picture the butler was holding up, he turned to him "Clark... Right?" he asked uncertainly, sounding very indecisive to say the least. The only thing that helped him make the decision that this persons name was Clark was that picture the butler was holding up. However he did have to wonder where the other person went; there was still another picture being held up with the name "Alexander" on it, the man seemed to be just a tad late to the party.
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