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  1. Invitation, Brown Dear [Character Name],

    It is with great pleasure that I write to invite you to my home on Saturday, 08 November 2014 for an opportunity to win $1 million. The evening will consist of a welcoming dinner, meet-and-greet with your fellow contenders, and a night of terrifying thrills. These thrills will be marked by some of your wildest fears, and in order to come out on the winning side, you must 'survive' the week. Only the 'survivors' will win the $1 million.

    The night will be sponsored by my company Anxter Industries. Additional information about the event, together with details about how to get to my home at the Riverbend Farms, are enclosed. I would be extremely grateful if you could R.S.V.P by no later than Friday 17 October to anxterceo@ or 202-555-0105. Please advise us of any special mobility or dietary requirements you may have.

    I hope you are able to accept this invitation and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours Sincerely ,
    Garrison Carter

    Welcome to "You're Invited," a roleplay that is strongly inspired by the Mafia games. These games can go by many names such as Rabbit Doubt, Werewolf, and Day&Night. If you have never played these games before, that is perfectly alright. You can find the wikia here. Feel free to use this throughout your game-play as you see fit. Throughout the course of the game, you may message me at any time and as any questions you wish. I have been GM'ing these games for a few years, but this is my first attempt at making it in a RP version.

    Below you will find 10 Pre-Made characters. These characters are very bare-bone and you are free to add whatever you would like. Each character will have a secret role attached. Each role has a special ability. Only you will know your role and you are not allowed to share this role with anyone. A list of roles being used will be listed below.

    This roleplay will be driven by YOU. My only job is to put the pieces together. You will influence what happens. Each player must promise to be active for the duration of the game. It is important that you maintain communication with me through PM's. The game is not built to last for months. The goal is one week to one month. If successful, I will be creating many more with different themes.

    This game relies on strategy. Hidden within these characters is a role called "Murderer". Whoever gets this role will have two goals. Their first goal: Kill the other characters, one by one. Their second goal: Don't be found-out. This game will be set in two phases:

    A Day Phase, which will be the time in which all of your characters are free to interact. You may post as many times as you want during this time. This is also the time for your characters to try to figure out who the "Murderer" is. Throughout this phase, there will be an ongoing vote for who is believed to be the "Murderer." At the end of the Day Phase, whichever character has been voted as the Murder will die and their role will be revealed. If they were the Murderer, the game is over and all survivors win. If they were not, the game will continue into the next phase: Night.

    A Night Phase is a time for silence. Absolutely NO roleplay posts are allowed during this time. OOC talk may continue, but IC talk is strictly forbidden. During this phase, I will be communicating with everyone to learn what they will choose to do for that night. This is the time where the Murderer must choose which character to kill. This is also the time for various roles to choose which character to effect for good or evil. You will get more detail on this part when you are given your character's role. All roles will be communicated by PMs.

    The Roles that you may (or may not) find in this RP are:
    Murderer - Kills 1 Character every Night
    Doctor - Protects 1 Character every Night
    Cop - Investigates 1 Character every Night (Good or Bad)
    RoleBlocker - Blocks 1 Character's Role every Night
    Double Voter - Their Lynch Vote counts for 2
    Survivor - Can not be killed by Murderer. Can be Lynched
    Healer - Can Revive 1 Character. Can only be used Once
    Watcher - Investigates 1 Character every Night (Learns who that Character Targeted)
    Lovers - Two Characters who are in love. If one dies, the other will kill themselves.

    Now that all of that is out of the way, here are the characters that you can choose from. Each Character already has a role attached to them. This role will remain a secret until that character is chosen. You are NOT allowed to share this role with anyone at any time. You are allowed to scheme with each other among PMs, but you are still not allowed to reveal your role at any time in any way. You may add whatever you want to these profiles, or keep them the same. It's up to you. The Characters are First Come; First Serve.

    All players will be checked to ensure Activity. Post Quality is set to Intermediate.

    Character Profiles:
    Nancy Powers / Taken (open)

    Nancy Powers
    • Original and Creative
    • Keeps personal opinions secret
    • Active, Independent
    • Neither a Leader or a Follower
    • Loyal
    • Empathetic and Warm

    Adrian Eaton / Taken (open)

    Adrian Eaton
    • Very Dependent
    • Relies on Others to Make Decisions
    • Intuitive
    • Restless
    • Popular
    • Feel Guilty Easily
    • Remorseful

    Bridget Norton / Taken (open)

    Bridget Norton
    • Struggles to See Things in Other's P.O.V
    •Decisive and Motivated
    • Organized and Effective
    • Overbearing
    • Manipulative
    • Can be Sentimental but thinks it is a Weakness
    • Doesn't take Other's Feelings into Account

    Greg Robinson / Taken (open)

    Greg Robinson
    • Secure
    • May Be Taken Advantage Of
    • Successful
    • People-Oriented
    • Quiet
    • Loyal
    • Generous

    Clark Donaldson / Taken (open)

    Clark Donaldson
    • Objectively Critical
    • Restless and Abandons Things if Not Understood
    • Unconventional and Hates Routine
    • Dislikes Leadership
    • Truthful
    • Unsupportive

    Jane Martin / Taken (open)

    Jane Martin
    • Intelligent and Thorough
    • Desires Approval from Others
    • Focused and Down-to-Earth
    • Brings out the Best in Others
    • Cooperative and Helpful
    • Strong Moral Code
    • Hurt by Indifference

    Summer McCormick / Taken (open)

    Summer McCormick
    • Irrational
    • Lacks Realistic Goals
    • Observant
    • Abused Drugs in the Past
    • Assertive
    • Untrustworthy and Blunt
    • Detached

    Rhett Gates / Taken (open)

    Rhett Gates
    • Irrational
    • Dislikes Thinking Ahead
    • Over-Indulgent
    • Team Player, but Capable of Hate
    • Lively
    • Generous
    • Kind-Hearted

    Jasper Owen / Taken (open)

    Jasper Owen
    • Intelligent and Cynical
    • Skeptical
    • Flexible and Unconventional
    • Outgoing
    • Truthful and Values Knowledge
    • Inadvertantly Apathetic

    Leila Stone/ Taken (open)

    Leila Stone
    • Poor Judgement and Lacks Insight
    • Judges Others Too Quickly
    • Abuses Alcohol
    • Extroverted and Fast-Talking
    • Manipulative
    • Incapable of Love
    • Emotionally Shallow

    Alexander Washington / Taken (open)

    Alexander Washington
    • Intelligent and Objective
    • Hates Standards
    • Hates Mess
    • Dislikes Being Alone
    • Natural Leader When Needed
    • Honest
    • Rarely Gives Praise

    Cynthia Kent / Taken (open)

    Cynthia Kent
    • Quick Thinking
    • Low Patience and Perfectionist
    • Organized
    • Overbearing and Intimidating
    • Blunt
    • Has Control Issues

    Gena Davenport / Taken (open)

    Gena Davenport
    • Spontaneous
    • Independent, Instinctive
    • Extroverted
    • Protective
    • Easily Embarrassed
    • Nurturing
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  2. I'd love to play Bridget Norton!~
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  3. Sounds great! Would you like to add anything to her character or keep her the same? It's up to you. :) I'll send you the Role that Bridget was assigned very soon. :)

    I should say that the Roles were given to the Characters after I had already made them. The roles were also done randomly, so you can't tell which character has which role by their Personality listed in the Spoiler. :)
  4. I think I'll leave her as she is :)
  5. Sounds good! I have sent you her role. If you know of anyone who may be interested, feel free to invite them!
  6. Never done this kind of game before, but something fairly light and easy might be the best way to break ground on a new site.

    Sign me up for Jasper Owens.
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  7. You got it, Dude! :D If you want to add anything to him, feel free. I'll send you his role shortly.
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  8. I'm taking Jane Martin. I will leave her as is.

    Fuck this fucking fuck fuck. My brain is scrambled.
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  9. Awesome! The role should be in your inbox. :)
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  10. Nope, changed my mind again, I'll be Greg Robinson. XD I'll take him as he is.

    It's my first time playing this kind of game so forgive the odd mistake. :)
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  11. Leila Stone
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  12. Perfect! I'll send you the role shortly. If you have any questions at all, please send them all to my PM's. If they don't pertain to the role, I'll make the answers known publicly if anyone else may have those questions. I'm glad you're playing.

    Great! Your role is coming to you once I send Craos.
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  13. I can't wait to be an alcoholic
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  14. I can't wait to not be an alcoholic for once! xD
  15. Aw man I love these kinds of games! I'll take Summer McCormick and leave her as she is. :D
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  16. Sweet! Let me finish eating and I'll send you her role!

    *que thunder and lightning*'
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  18. *dances*

    3 Slots Left! Get 'Em While They're Hot!
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  19. If I didn't sign up for Murder, I'd be here :'(. Have fun
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  20. Taking Greg Robins I guess o.o don't worry, I'll treat him nice :P
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