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  1. Astropath x67b3 'Ameli'
    Encryption level Vermillion
    Attention: Inquisitor lord Vasquez

    Transmission begins

    I have come across a possible acolyte upon this wretched world, m'lord, someone who may be of use to our cause. As you know the taint of heresy is binding to the very soil in this system and yet this one may prove useful, perhaps more so than the last. The whole... Head exploding thing was of little boon to our efforts. Heretics psykers are truly a nuisance. Alas I believe that I may now be able to root out the rot here. More will follow, emperor willing, and I hope to deliver this system to salvation or damn it to the purgation of cylconic torpedoes within the standard month's end.

    Your humble servant,
    Inquisitor Davrios =I= Ordo Hereticus

    Thought of the day: A good partner is all one needs for stories to last a millenium.

    Message ends.


    I do hope my request for an acolyte to do a bit of 40k role playing was worth the summary execution of astropath Ameli. After all you simply cannot let one live at that high of a security risk. Do take heed that if you reply his death will not be in vain but another servant to go to the grace of our god-emperor. Please, do send your messages post haste to my personal astropath for considerations for this post. As always, the emperor protects.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.