You're here anyways, might as well take a look.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to come and skim over this introuduction.

    I'm new to Iwaku, however not to roleplaying. I operate on another forum, however I have been looking to branch out and look for another great community for quite some time. After some investigation it seems like this place is spoken of with fairly high praise not to mention growing popularity!

    I'm hopeful to become a part of the community, and as a writer (fan-fic, original short-stories, ect. ) and a roleplayer I am looking forward to participating. If you have any questions they are more then welcome, and if not well thank you.
  2. Why hello there! Welcome to Iwaku!

    Iwaku is constantly growing, more and more new members everyday! Super exciting.

    If you have any questions or need some help, don't hesitate to send a message!

    Enjoy your time here.
  3. Thanks, love the Yorik AV! ( Yep, I'm a LoL Nerd as well. )
  4. You're a LoL fan? Well, Iwaku has quite the LoL community! I'd recommend joining the gaming guild if you would like to be involved in that :P also, you should check out the cbox if you want to meet some cool people.

    Anyways, I'm Rubix :D Your friendly neighborhood cube. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm sure you'll love your stay here because the community is absolutely amazing and we've always got cool events going on!
  5. GOSH... So many LoL nerds.... >.> hahaha ^.^
    Welcome to Iwaku!
  6. Thank you both, it's a pleasure to be here!

    Yes, LoL nerds everywhere it seems!
  7. I've seen a post or two of yours around the site already, but I'll say a formal hello.
    Welcome to Iwaku, Harlot, I hope you enjoy your time here!
    I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.
  8. Will do, and thank you for the greeting!
  9. Hello, Harlot, and yaaaay! Iwaku is spoken of with praise! Personally I think it's a fairly wonderful site, but I may be biased. ;) Welcome!
  10. Seems to me you guys have a great community. I've yet to see any of the drama or bullshit I ussually manage to spot in other forums! ^-^
  11. Am I the only person who finds LoL pretty boring? >.>

    Anyway, I'm MohawkMan, a name given to me in the CBox, due to my avatar ^^ I tend to go through periods of lots of activity on the forums, then go quiet for a while... but I'm in the CBox quite a lot :D

    Hope you like it here!
  12. A pleasure to meet you, I've seen you in there a few times!