You're going to hell

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  1. What would your hell be like?

    Because Kitti said I never answer my own general question threads: My hell would be a long line (possibly at a bank) where everyone always and only spoke in the form of small talk.

  2. 1 minute of any Kids Bop track.
  3. Where all the failed celebrities ((Shawn White, Justin Beiber, etc.)) play strip poker with me and my ex.
  4. My hell would be a world with either no internet access at all or internet access but none of the sites I want are working. Another version of a personal hell would be having to be strapped to a chair and forced to listen to barney songs over and over again.
  5. White noise constantly! Flickering fluorescence lighting! In a small room with no one, but you know they're watching you!
  6. A small padded white room with nothing in it. No sound, no visuals, nothing stimulating or interesting or inspiring at all. BLANK BORING NOTHINGNESS FOREVER.
  7. On the road an desperately needing to pee.
  8. Pink, pink, pink, pink everywhere :o And weird people being overly nice T-T If I do something bad then they will force me to look at my litle pony and such things o.O UHÄÄÄÄ I don't wanna be there :o

  10. Bees. Bees and flies and mosquitoes everywhere. Also social conservatives.
  11. Pink elephants and Chavez.

    Oh wait I can do that myself anyway lolz nvrmind
  12. See October? Sharing fun time!

    My own personal hell...

    Alone. Swelteringly hot but in woolen clothing that I can't take off, and it itches. The walls are an ugly yellow shade and the floor is a dull, dark orange.
    There's loud noise, but random so that it in no way resembles music but is simply irritating.
    It smells of sandalwood.
    And it completely empty except for me.

  13. It was totally NOT fun *Grumbles* I'm never sharing again!
  14. As Sartre put it "Hell is other people" and I have some very specific people in mind that my hell would contain. A small room with nobody but those people. No need for food, water anything like that just the others and no way to get rid of them. FOR ALL ETERNITY.
  15. Left with nothing but the few cubic centimeters inside my own skull for all eternity.
  16. My hell would be being surrounded by Jersey Shore types, and the only form of music is dubstep/club music.
  17. Fuck yea! what Gibs posted. But Isabellas need to pee real bad and the line won't stop... ever! And Veronica is all ways cleaning the bathroom so Isabellas can't sneak away!