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  1. Dearest people ff Iwakustan.

    As you are away your joyful and productive lives only happen under the care of your great and powerful administrators.

    You have Diana, Jory, Jack Shade*, and some other guy, the face you know and respect or else.

    *retconed by dept. of corrections

    But did you know there is another Administrator?

    No you did not?


    Iwakubot. All you ever do is lounge around and take credit for things diana does. We already have 3 2 other admins doing that so I'm afraid we're letting you go. ENJOY YOUR NEW LIFE AS A FOOTSTOOL!
  2. Who is this Jory person!? AND WHEN DID HE BECOME ADMIN!? *shakes Vay*
  3. Hes the japanese rory.
  4. It's about damn time that bot got fired!
  5. I don't get it ..
  6. That fucking freeloader...

    And Iwakubot too...
  8. He's cheating on his wife with Iwaku instead.

    It's probably worse in her eyes.
  9. when the wife is away, I don't give a fuck.
  10. [video=youtube;hxWe75ML6hQ][/video]

    This is what Fel does in his free time, these days.
  11. Holy shit I hadn't laughed that hard in a while.
  12. It's that fucking UFO...Best part of the whole thing.
  13. We're Fel's mistress.
    That makes me teary-eyed with pride. xD
  14. *blackmails fell into being more active by threatening to reveal his activity to his wife, 'cos that totally what mistresses do.*
  15. *Drops into thread with a black babydoll*

    This is what a mistress does, actually.
  16. I got fired BEFORE it was cool.

    hugs and kisses,
    homeless hipster ex-staffer with no pension
  17. Well, Orohic, I hope you feel proud of yourself.
  18. I remember that group we made for fired staff members.

    But we stopped going 'cause everyone was so lazy.
  19. That's pretty much the story of it all, isn't it?
    While the wife's away, the Fel will play.

    And Orohic, you had a pension.
  20. She'll take all you've got and resent you for not giving her more.

    Heat your heart our and leave you on the floor.

    Make you love it,

    Make you hate it,

    Can't make her stop it.