You're blind, Matt.

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  1. Okay, so here's what's up. I've finished season two of DD and I gotta have an RP or two with the horned guy. Maybe the Series isn't your flavor of DD, not to worry, my dear friend, I've actually read some of the comics. I've read the one involving his back story( well, really the first part of it. ) Guardian Devil ( Not gonna lie I cried a bit.)
    I'm almost finished with Vol. 3 ( the one involving Kristen Mcduffie.) I'm also continuing to read others. So we don't have to do something based around the Netflix version. Please do note that I'm not all that well versed on the comics. I can only tap into so much money for comics or find places to read said comics. Therefore, I do expect some tolerance for my lack of knowledge for certain characters or events that take place within the comics.

    (( Just a side note, I'm not looking for a huge number of people messaging me or commenting about canons x OCs. I might take a few. I'd preferred if we had a solid good plot for the RP as well, or it just becomes boring. ))
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