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  1. Karen had just off of the phone with Justin. She had finally convinced him to get out of the house. He hadn't been out of the house much unless it was was to go to work and Karen had not seen him in several weeks. Her sister was out of town-probably enjoying time with her boyfriend. The thought of Amanda made her stomach churn. Karen was really starting to hate her sister. Especially for the emotional distress she had caused Justin.

    She met Justin at the Market down town so they could do some walking around and shopping. He just thought they were going to be doing some browsing, but what Karen had not told him was that she was going to cook dinner for him. Karen knew that when Justin was blue he did not feel like cooking. She wondered briefly if he was eating garbage, or if he was eating much at all.

    "Justin!" Karen exclaimed and ran towards her friend to wrap him in a warm embrace. He did not greet her with the same enthusiasm, and when they broke the hug Karen was able to see how much he looked liked shit. He hadn't shaved and he had dark circles under his eyes, probably from the lack of sleep.

    "Come on," Karen playfully grabbed his hand and skipped towards the market. "Thank you for agreeing to come out here with me. It's a beautiful day, don't you think?" Karen let go of his hand and walked beside him as she took in a breath of fresh air. It was the first official day of autumn and the weather was wonderful.
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  2. Justin went through many problems in his life. One was his wife divorcing him only for her to be cheating on him! The worst part was she didn't even say why she cheat and why she decided to agree to a marriage for her to cheat. It made no since but that still caused him to be hurt. He had a great relationship with her family and it wasn't even his fault she filed the divorce. He was gonna hope that her life will arrive with consequences.

    He basically removed all hope in the world and live in his basement doing nothing but mourn for the lost cause. He was doing nothing to help himself except work at home more than usual. He was always having problems but it wasn't good now. Amanda basically told him to go fuck himself in papers.

    The only person that is trying to help was his sister in-law. She was his best friend but it wasn't as close as they used to be. Though Karen called him and told him they were going shopping. As much as Justin tried his excuses she told him no buts or excuses. He was being 'convinced' to her terms to go to the place. Justin soon went into his shower to clean up.

    He drove to the meeting and soon as he got to the place Karen yelled his name and gave him an embrace "Hi Karen..." He whispered to her trying to stay awake. He was tired but Amanda having claims upstairs of their house is perposely loud so she can be a bitch to him. She soon grabbed his hand and followed with her then she told him it was beautiful out. "What's so beautiful it's a normal old day" he told her he loved autumn and Karen knew it but Justin was too sad about dealing with Amanda.
  3. Karen looked over at Justin and frowned, immediately perking up. "It's not just a normal day, it's the first day of Autumn!" Justin probably knew that but he didn't seem to care. He was too bent out of shape because of her sister. Amanda had taken over the upstairs of the house and from the looks of it, she was getting it in the settlement.

    As they walked, Karen noticed that Justin was dragging as. She probably shouldn't have called him so early in the morning-well, it was early for him on a weekend. It was only 9AM. She stopped and turned to him. "Maybe I should have suggested coffee first. Would you like to go get some? I know this great coffee shop and its within walking distance. . Or we could take my car. Whichever you prefer." She grinned at him, trying her best to cheer him up, as if her smile was going to do the job. It worked for most people, but Justin was not most people. And he was still in mourning of his that had fallen to pieces right in front of him.
  4. Justin stared at her and sighed. He didn't really have anything fun since his divorce. Though Amanda makes it feel like hell. She says its her house and all that shit, she even thinks he's lucky to live in a basement of hers. She clearly thinks that she's more prettier than she is. She was still trying to control him but he still needs a house so he can't really push her. "It just means different color leaves fall off the tree it just ruins the trees looks though" he told her.

    Karen soon spoke of a coffee shop and he sighed. "I don't drink coffee anymore Amanda told me it was bad for me and forced me to not drink it a year back" he told her. Amanda was a great wife until she started to cheat but he did realize she was very controlling after. Though it was three months ago she started to act weird and he never understood why. Karen was really trying her best but he wasn't really ready to tell anyone his problems not even his sister in-law.
  5. Karen was slightly dissapointed with Justin's response, however, she was not surprsed. He was being difficult, but that was nothing new either. She did not let that bring her down and shrugged it off. When he mentioned that Amanada had made him stop drinking coffee, she had another thing to add to the ever growing list of why she was starting to hate her sister. In her opinion, Justin was a grown man and could make his own decisions. Justin had been madly in love with her at one point, so he would have done anthing. He probably still would if that meant he could have her back. The thought of Amanada and Justin getting back together burned a hole in Karens heart, but she pushed on without changing her expression.

    "Coffee is out then... There are some wonderful green power smoothies that one of the vendors sells. I think you will enjoy that! I get them almost every time I come here and they always give me an energy boost!"

    Without waiting for his response, Karen headed in the direction of the smoothie and juicer stands. Whether he was going toget one or not, Karen walked in that direction. She was going to get one and it was his choice. She was not going to force him to but anything. For all she knew, he had some excuse as to why he couldn't drink a smoothie.

    "Mornin' fellas! I'll take a 16 oz spinach and kale smoothie, please!"

    "You got it," one of the men behind the stand nodded and then turned to Justin. "Can I get anything for you?"
  6. Justin sighed as she was thinking where to go. Amanda was everything to him but now to her he is trash. She didn't even wait till the divorce is over to date and they are still known as married. Though as soon as Amanda told Karen that she was divorcing with him she got back into his life. He knew she was heart broken when they were all younger Justin choose Amanda to date because the two girls forced him to choose.

    Karen soon brought up smoothies he shrugged though she seemed to want one anyway. That's the one fact about Karen, she doesn't like to receive the word no. Even if he says no she will make him feel bad until he changes his mind.

    Justin soon was at the smoothie stand and he spoke "I'll share off you." He told her though he is gonna figure that she was gonna keep shoving it to him to drink. Though he will hope that. Soon he walked with his friend she was sipping away at the drink though at times he had to drink it. Though he didn't understand how Karen likes these but he knew that he didn't want to hurt his friend and tell her that.
  7. Justin decided against a smoothe, just as Karen had predicted. "Alright then," she said to Justin and turned to the man behind the stand, "just one please." She pulled out some cash from her messenger bag and handed it to the man when he gave her the smoothie. The smoothie was very refreshing. Karen enjoyed the sensation of the cold smoothie going down her throat and into her stomach.

    Karen occassionally handed the drink over to Justin but he didn't seem to like it very much, so she drank the rest of it by herself. When they reached the fruit and vegetable stands, she pulled out a canvas bag so that she could do some shopping. "Do you think you need anything for yourself later?" She asked as she picked out some fresh vegetables for dinner.
  8. Justin saw her take out her money and pay for the smoothie. Though she seemed to like the smoothie. While they were walking he was given it to drink some and it wasn't good in his mind but she gave it to him until she realized. Though he wondered why Karen hangs out with him, she should go on with her life and do better things.

    Soon he was told by her if he wanted any fruits for himself but he passed on the idea he wasn't really wanting to have fruits unless he was really hungry. "Karen, why do you still hangout with me when you should do your own personal things. I might have problems right now but it's not like Amanda would kick me out. It hurt me even more than she did" he told Karen. He made a lot of money but he didn't want to handle the expenses of bills on his own. Though Amamda makes him pay for her bills and her events with her boyfriend then she calls that a 'fair' trade. He needed a new house but he thought maybe if he stays in her house and try to stay in love with her then she might change her mind.
  9. Justin continues to turn down her offers. It frustrates her a bit, but she does not let it show. Justin may be acting difficult, but she knows he will eventually come around. What comes out his mouth next causes Kaen to stop what she was doing, and she turns to face him. "Justin," she said, "I'm you're friend. I've known you for 10 years. I'm here for you. . That's what friends are for." Her words are sincere, as is the expression on her face. She truly loves Justin, but she would not dare tell him. It is more than platonic love and she wished that she had married him instead.

    I would have treated you so much better, she thought to herself.
  10. Justin smiled at her as she spoke she said something that made him smile on weeks. Though Karen was a busy worker maybe even more though she has a great passion for taking care of friends and she definitely took time off for him. "Well Karen don't we wish it works for many things?" He asked her and sighed. He wouldn't have thought since eight years ago she had a crush on him but he wouldn't think she would still like him.

    The one thing was Amanda was older and mature, while Karen is still young and acts like a young adult but it didn't matter. He did prefer Amanda but he wished he never chose to meet Amanda from the start. It wasn't fate for them to get a divorce it was one of Amanda's choices. Though maybe he can still convince her.
  11. Karen smiled back at him. After 10 years, it still gave her butterflies to see him smile. She went back to shopping but she dwelled on his question, attempting to figure out what he was talking about. "What do you mean?" She asked, seeking clarification.

    Karen did not know that Justin was aware of her crush. She did not try to make it obvious. She just thought he saw her as Amanada's friendly sister.
  12. Justin stared at her as she went back to shopping though she didn't understand him. "I meant the fact for friends staying loyal to each other. I wish that I wasn't just an Adult who is easily told what to do. I just want someone who loves for who I am and isn't controlling" he told her. He knew there were some out there but he wasn't aware of who until he knows them better.

    "Karen your acting quite weird today what's with you?" He asked the girl while walking he knew the question was always hard to answer but he wasn't even gonna expect an answer unless it's important for her to tell him.
  13. Karen looked back at him as she paid for the vegetables. She agreed. Loyalty was hard to come by. She felt bad for Justin's submissive tendencies with Amanda. Her sister was always bossy when they were children. She can't believe even she was fooled by Amanda. At one point, Karen believed that Amanda was good for Justin. She wouldn't have set them up if she thought that she wasn't.

    I guess I was wrong.

    She left the stand and started walking to another. She just needed the hummus and she would have everything she needed for dinner. "I'm sorry?" She looked in Jusints direction but did not look directly at him. "I'm fine, why do you ask?"
  14. Justin watched her pay he wanted to help her but he hardly has enough right now due to Amanda being a gold digger. Though Justin is still blinded that Amanda wasn't going to get back with him. She would probably leave him in her basement begging to be noticed while she does things he knows is wrong. Amanda locked him from having access to her part of the house.

    Justin soon leaned in to Karen and she didn't understand his pain. "Why did I ask? Well you stared to come with me everywhere the moment we divorced." He told her then sighed he didn't want her to feel bad.
  15. Karen started to feels knots growing in the pit of her stomach. They started writhing and caused her pain. She did not want to answer the question truthfully. "I'm your friend Justin," she reminded him. "You needed someone, so here I am. Isn't that what friends are for? I don't see how that is strange behavior.." She shrugged and continued walking.

    "I just need to grab some hummus. I'm making hummus crusted chicken with the veggies I picked up. Would you be interested in coming over for dinner?" Justin had been secluded in the basement and she was sure that he wasn't eating right. It looked like he had lost some weight since the last time she had seen him.
  16. Justin heard her speech of being a friend of him. Sure they were friends but do they really Talk truthfully. That was his question. He lost a lot of trust since his own wife decided to cheat on him. Worse than that she treats him like a dog and he let her.

    Though his thoughts were broken when Karen spoke to him "I'm taking you won't hear no for an answer. So if that's the answer than I guess I have to" he told her and smiles. She had her stuff and she was probably ready to go so he started to head to the car. He was hoping she was done so he won't get a speech from her.
  17. Karen was digging submissive Justin. He was never this passive when they first met. It was all Amanda's fault.

    "You know," Karen started as they made their way back to her car after she purchased the hummus, "you don't have to come if you don't want to. It won't hurt my feelings. It was just an invitation."
  18. Justin might be more submissive than usual but he still got his rude attitude and perks that don't complement it. "thats what they all say" he spoke rudely before continuing "I'm not going to say no Miss Karen, your feelings easily get hurt at times. Though I guess I see you at your place" he told her. He knew Karen wasn't the best at cooking but he was always a lier when it comes to food though food is food unless he is poisoned.

    Justin soon got to his car and started to drive away to get to her house. He hates being a more submissive person than he was. Though now that he was basically treated like a dog. He still has his old personality just it rarely comes out. Though some people say his new personality is better. He wasn't sure if they want to control him or not.

    Soon he arrived at her place and he waited for her to get there. Once she opened up he went to a seat to talk to her in. "Karen, I have to leave around nine. Amanda forces a curfew on me" he muttered the last part she really is strict to him but it didn't matter he was still trying to win her back.
  19. Karen did not like the way he had talked to her just then. She shook her head and walked over to her car without saying anything. It was not like him, but she had to keep reminding herself that he was just going through a tough time. Still, he didn't like that he was rude to her.

    They made it to her small condo and she let him inside where he sat on the sofa. He mentioned having a curfew and Karen almost lost her cool. "Justin. What happened to you? Why are you letting her control you?" She asked in a soft tone, trying not to stir his emotions
  20. Justin knew she hated him to be rude to the girl but he wasn't really great to keep his cool. He was a person who loves his family and friends. Though when she was talking she looked like she was gonna lose her temper. He knew her temper is ten times worse if he lets her lose control.

    "Karen you wouldn't understand, I'm almost fifty and I've been married for about eight years. Though there will be a time where you will do anything for love even if it's false hope. Though with her controlling me I can't help it but let her take control. I wish I can tell her no but then she bribes me with her 'love'" he told her. When he tries to not let her control him she offers up a night with her in their bed and he gives in to it for love.
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