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Which Of The Following Would You Read If You Found It In Your Local Library?

  1. Secrets

  2. Kingdom's Ruin

  3. <No Title>

  4. Reincarntion

  5. Stone Hearts

  6. Blood and Ties

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  1. Hi!:bouncy:

    I have a shit-ton of stories that are in what I call "The Bin". They are plots and characters that I've been working on for a while, and for whatever reason I am having issues with character development or plot transitions. :banghead:

    So enough about me let's get to the characters/plots!


    (If I ever say something is closed and you just desperately want to RP that one you can pitch which character you want to play and why and I might start a second one for you but I'll never do more than two separate RPs for one idea.)
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  2. Secrets

    Kahlan lives in London above a Magyk trade store with her sister, Salvation and their Angel. Their angel has been training them for seven years in the ways of dark and light magic and natural healing. The sisters have been asured their destinies are to make sure no mortals find out about magic but one day Melisma receives a visit from an unknown secret caller and their training seems to turn dark.

    Characters You Could Play:

    Salvation: a 15 year old who trusts almost to much in everyone she meets. Some would call her naïve or stupid but she really just wants to believe there is good in everyone.

    Nevaeh: Kahlan's ghost companion who can be a bit mischievous at times (never more than a pulling of the hair or invisible nudge). She appear to have been about ten or so when she died. It's never confirmed whether she chooses not to let Kahlan hear her or if the fact she's a ghost means she can't make any sound.

    Adrian: Kahlan's banished lesser demon best friend. There is a reason he never made a very good demon. He's a bit clumsy, shy and has a little crush on Kahlan. He has his demonic powers still but very little communication with the underworld.
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  3. Kingdom's Ruin

    Twins AnnahStasia and AlecZander (Annah and Alec) have been haunted by their older brother's disappearance since they were 8. Many believed that the prince and princess caused Antony's death in order to gain first in line for the throne. Now that they are older, Alec has been knighted and Annah has been groomed in the ways of managing an estate. But since the apparent death of their beloved brother things around the kingdom of become more and more peculiar. What was once the subjects of fairytales seem to be making bold appearances in the land. But they aren't as nice or enchanting as the stories told them to be. There is rumor they are forming an army. An army lead by none other than Prince Antony.

    Characters You Could Play:

    AlecZander: He's bold boy with strict morals. He takes his vows to knighthood very seriously. He's always been a bit protective of Annah who in their younger years seemed very clueless. Now that he is first in line for his father's throne he wishes more and more than Antony were there to take his place as all Alec wants is to be a knight.

    AnnahStasia: In the past few years she's made up for her childishness in the past, with her strict loyalty to her studies. While she knows as a woman and the second born twin, she will never be queen over her homeland, she wants nothing more than to govern her people. She is driven and strong willed.

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  4. <No Title>

    Aerodella thought running from her father's inappropriate love and to a convent would be a good idea. It would seem though that the convent she chose was not meant to be her home. After months of intense beatings and odd punishments that were more embarrassing than difficult, Aerodella ran from her residence for a second time. Along the coast, in the harshest storm of the winter a couple found her passed out in three feet of snow, nearly dead. She spent no more than a week there before the town was ransacked and pillaged by Vikings. It wasn't uncommon but as long as the people cooperated no slaves were taken. However, unbeknownst to the villagers a new Viking king reigned- and things were to be different. Among those taken- you guessed it, Aerodella. When she thought all to be lost, she was given to the king's oldest son, a brutal man who wanted nothing more than another bed warmer.

    Characters You Could Play:

    Alrik: The king's second eldest son. He's got a bit of a temper but only wishes to restore his village to the way it was before his father took over. It has become plain to Alrik but to no one else that his father is slowly destroying all their resources; over using their crops and over killing their live stock. He is sure his idiot brother will lead in the same manner. But despite it all he refuses to leave. This is his home and these are his people. When he first lays eyes on Aerodella, she has accidentally poured soup into his lap. Despite this disrespect, he is intrigued by the girl who refuses to break down and cry.

    (If it isn't obvious yet at this point there isn't a plot and Aerodella and Alrik end up hooking up.:bananaman:)
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  5. Reincarnation

    There are some souls in the universe who are destined to be with one another. And sometimes one lifetime is not enough to convince each soul they are meant to be... Or two lifetimes- or three... Well you get the point. A love story that has traveled several centuries and touched many other lives. Matthew remembers all his past lives and how Rachel and one other man are the only common denominators in each one. Could this other man be the reason he and Rachel have yet to fall in love?

    Characters You Could Play:

    Matthew: For whatever reason he can't remember how he has died in his past lives or why he and Rachel never can be together. Matt seems a little eager to make their paths cross rather than leaving it to fate. But he has a good heart.

    Rachel: She doesn't remember anything about her past lives. Her goal in this life is to go to college, finish school and get a job as a teacher. However falling in love might just be on her list.
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  6. Stone Hearts

    Gargoyles are like pests- nothing better than rodents, in the Norse lands. After the death of their former king the people of a Swedish village started a secret organization of sorts where they could send their children to become gargoyle hunters. But the gargoyles have their own agenda. While so many of their own have been murdered and are dying out, one of their adolescents has human blood in him. So when his family is forcibly turned to their dark forms after the sun goes down Simeon can stay human for as long as he likes. His wicked uncle uses this gift to send him undercover in this secret organization where he meets Samaria. Maybe between the two the rift between human and gargoyle can be mended.

    Characters You Could Play:

    Samaria: After her father was brutally murdered by gargoyles in front of her, she's had difficulty coming out of her shell and communicating with anyone but her teachers. Even then she still is hard pressed to open up. She doesn't have a violent vendetta against gargoyles. She views them much like wolves. They are predators and humans just happen to be their prey. In fact she often wonders what it would be like to meet and speak with a gargoyle.
  7. Blood and Ties

    Moniqa wants nothing more than to go back four months ago to before her grandparents passed. Not bc she missed them- she didn't even know them. But bc she missed the flat her and her dad and mom shared in Seattle, where she had friends and a normal life. But alas, after the arrival of a letter from their trust fund lawyer and the hit-and-run that resulted in her mother's death, her father made her pack up her things and move into his childhood home in North Carolina. A small town for the rich and sometimes famous, to send their perfect rich and sometimes famous children. As the only daughter of the CEO of a major tech company, she definitely could be considered rich. Although unbeknownst to her there is another reason Moniqa should want to leave North Carolina. In the thick woods surrounding her exclusive, nearly hidden neighbor hood lives a pack of werewolves. While they aren't necessarily violent, they are squatting in an old house that used to belong to a millionaire. Their pack leader won't tell them why they are there but he has his reasons- despite the restlessness of pack members. So when school starts and Lucien starts in the same private school as her, his past a mystery, she takes it upon herself to solve it.

    Characters You Could Play:

    Moniqa: she's a simple girl, growing up with money didn't really spoil her, and all she really wants is to see her friends (and her mom) again- it's not as if her dad is ever around to enjoy the house anyways. She keeps mostly to herself, drawing when she can, reading as many Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books as she can get her hands on, often times staring off into space when neither of those are an option. She doesn't enjoy gossip the way the girls in her grade relish in other's misery. So naturally when Lucien starts, the only other new kid at their school, she is determined to solve his mystery.

    :writing:Eventually I have it in my mind that one of the female pack members who has a major crush on Lucien bites Moniqa or she surprises him in wolf form and he bites her, but in the end she attacks her father during her first change and he dies.
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  8. The Reincarnation sounds really interesting
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