You're a writer.

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    Do you claim the title? Or do you hide from it?
  2. I think I am a hider.

    I've finished one novella in my entire life, and maybe a really tiny handful of short stories. Despite the fact I love writing. I do it every day. I've been in hundreds of roleplays, with hundreds of characters and plots. But when it's comes to JUST ME sitting down and telling a story all by myself, I wind up stuck. And I probably have a million different excuses for it. Some of them might be legit, (like privacy to think) but most of them really are just me making up excuses. ._.;

    I used to beat myself up about it (like every year I tried NaNoWriMo and then hated myself for never getting past the first week! ;_;) but now I've decided to stop pressuring myself. When I am ready to take my writing seriously and actual try writing a book, I'll know and I'll make time to do it. For now, I am content with roleplaying, since it still gives me an avenue for creative writing, using ideas, and keeping my skills exercised.
  3. I am more likely to call my self a forum Roleplayer than a writer.
  4. Writer, probably why I sometimes struggle with RPs.
  5. I face similar problems as Diana about the deadlines... And there's also another complication. My mind's full of ideas for stories, plotlines and twists, but then I sit down and can't get past few chapters. Sometimes, I have a clear idea only for key scenes and can't come up with the way to connect them well. Those scenes are often kinda exciting, so writing things in between is boring to me in comparison. Sure, maybe they wouldn't be boring to the reader, as they don't have access to all information, but I can't get rid of the feeling it's just not good. And when I think something is bad, I angst about it and try to correct everything... However, after that, the original idea gets shrouded. So yeah, a dead end. Writing alone makes me kinda nervous, as I see it as a "serious business," with roleplaying, though, that's a different story. It's simply fun which I enjoy immensely.
    Maybe I'll call myself a writer in a future when I overcome this little irrational shyness.
  6. You're a writer, Harry! Okay I'm sorry.

    I like being creative, I enjoy forum roleplaying, I do a little bit of writing on my own although really I've just collected story ideas in my head and not put much into them. I've run into problems as well keeping motivated when I'm writing on my own, although I've looked up at some tips to keep going. I like stories, I want to make them.
  7. My answer is that I am trying to be a writer. I am probably nowhere near being one, but I have challenged myself several times with NaNoWriMo and won every single time so far, despite all the odds which were stacked up against me. I have a lot of short stories already written and now I am managing to focus on longer, more complicated narratives. I have no idea how skilled I actually am in terms of writing, however, I always aim to improve myself and I recently have started to broaden my horizons.

    So yes. I am definitely aiming to be a writer. But am I one? I have no idea.
  8. I find the term writer to be an absolute conundrum. Are you writer simply because you've put a couple sentences down onto paper about a story you're writing about? Are you a writer once you've completed a story/several stories? Or are you writer once you're published and making it a living? It's something that I'm struggling with because so many people have different definitions of it.

    Personally, I think you are a writer if you:
    A. Know how the language you're writing with, works. You know the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and how romantic it can be.
    B. Actually write out stories. I'm not talking about having stories or ideas float in your head, I mean sitting down and writing it down. Sometimes potential publishers will not ask for just one sample of your writing, but multiple.
    C. You keep working on it. You read, you write, you blow up and rip up your work, and scream about how it sucks. But you keep working on it. It's your craft, you have to constantly improve.
  9. Actually, I once read a book from some story and tv writer (he apparently wrote the tribbles episode of Star Trek) that said you're not a writer until you get past writing a million words.

    I haven't counted. I'm probably not a writer yet.
  10. I'm better at writing essays and speeches, as well as poetry. No book I've started has ever been finished, unfortunately. I've tried and tried until I never want to try again. xD So, I stick to what I'm better at, in addition to roleplaying. I like to have a balance of creative writing and...academic writing? I guess. You know, research papers and stuff like that.

    Nearly everyone who reads my speeches and stuff say I have a great vocabulary and that I "write like a scientist". *shrugs*
  11. Truthfully, I don't FEEL like a writer. I get incredible ideas and write them out, and then constantly find myself developing the characters and plots while i'm at school or work. Then i'll fly to the nearest writing utensil and create random scenes and occasionally whole chapters for a larger piece. However... that's where it stops. I roleplay because, without someone to work with, I feel like i just... can't do anything.
  12. Opposite problem for me, Chaos. I feel like, when I'm in a roleplay, sometimes I want to take charge of whatever situation we're writing. I kind of like the freedom of writing my own things more. I don't have to ask permission, I don't have to abide by anyone's rules but mine, and I'm free to explore ideas that haven't floated as well here. I want to be a writer because then I can play God. Who doesn't want that?
  13. i find that picture to be very moving, but sadly I run from it.
  14. Well, I do enjoy writing and reading good writing. There is nothing better than feeling accomplished on a writing a good story. Also, I just love waiting to see what others will write, so that I can check it out. I don't really claim the title of writer, because there are so many people with great talent. -smiles- I just do what I love to do. That is read and write stories.
  15. To me, writer just means you write shit. There's good ones and bad ones, and sometimes it takes a long time to come out, but it's shit all the same. (I really love writing, is what I'm saying)

    Author is that you've been published and/or have been paid for creative writing. There's a ton of other types of writers, like editors, journalists, etc., but I consider myself a writer. Although by my definition I am an author, I didn't deserve being published for the poem I wrote and all the payment I get is for Hetalia x readers, so I call myself a writer.

    I improve my writing every day, either through roleplaying or actually writing my own ideas. I have been writing for many years, and to complete a whole novel is my dream.

    So yes, I am a writer.
  16. Hmmm... I prefer the term "aspiring writer" in my case. The title will come when I feel I have deserved it. Well, I have written many, many, MANY short stories that were never finished. I attempted to write a book once and, though I felt accomplished upon saying "I finished! This is the end!", it was nothing of the kind. At the moment I am working on the first draft of a book that I have been grinding on since February last year. Recently it sat through the "leave it alone and let it get worse by itself" stage (agony~). It is legitimately 31 chapters and has a prologue as well as epilogue. I am so going all the way with this one! Now, there's no telling what it'll look like when I'm done with it, but I am feeling pretty confident. Aspiring writer? Yes.
  17. Can i just be the artist to claim writers?
    I dont like making up titles for my storys or poems... Titles are the one thing that lacks my creativity....
    Did i forget to mention ima artist? not a writer? o - o