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    Name: Becky Leenia Trucey
    Sex: Female
    Age: 21
    Grade: Sophomore in College
    School Participate: Bon Bears' Female Kickboxing Team

    Personality: Becky is quite a quiet girl at fist until you piss off. She has quite a short temper and would flare out at anybody that gets in way of the target that she is trying to punch in the face. Though she is really a sweet girl and is quite open for any ideas that is thrown her way and bit of a drama queen as well. She is also known to be a bit materialistic and to the point where she could tell if someone had touch her things even if they had put it back at the exact same spot. Becky is also quite intelligent despite her getting easily distracted, or dumbfounded.
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    Troy Casey Emerson




    College Sophomore

    Track & Field, Soccer, and Basketball

    Casey is someone who doesn't like labels and resents when they're used. They believe in people doing what they want, when they want and is fond of anarchy now. Earlier in life they went through a kind of "free love" phase and still have some of those values wherein they aren't very possessive and stay very down to Earth. They're a very laid back individual, but once they get competitive in their sports the ugly side of competition comes out and they need to calm down afterwards. Usually they just need a walk or a blunt or a hug. Any of them will do the trick.
  3. Messenger bag over her shoulder and hanging across her chest as she walked across the campus, it was about lunch time and she ready to horse if she could right now. She glanced at her phone to check time before cursing under her breathe. Her professor just had to keep her in to have his 'famous' lecture about things that most of the time did match with lesson. With that out of the way she ran down the walkway outside toward the cafeteria and slowed her steps o open the door and not bust her head on the door again like before and entered in. She stood there for a minute to let the smell of food to dance around her nose teasingly to make her even more hungry than before. "What should I have today?" She began think what to eat as she walked around and taking her money out of her dark brown leather messenger bag. Tacos! The first thing that finally pop in her head.

    Soon she was back out in the chilly, but warm weather, with perfectly made taco in her hand as she held the napkin in her hand as she eat her food. During break she would go to her private practices at the gym if it was open today...well it should be since its a school property...but it is the publics too, hmmm.. Becky continued to walk toward the gym with that in thought. Once she gotten there she wiped her mouth with the napkin and threw it in the trash after she finished with her lunch. Becky pushed the door opened and walked in, she glanced around with her bright blues seeing that they added new things in the gym and went to the back where the locker room stood. She changed into her gym clothes and wrapped a long white cloth around her hands and up her arm stopping a couple inches away from her elbow.

    He grabbed her phone and earbuds after she put her things away in her locker. She put her earbuds in her ear and hooked it in her phone as she walked toward the boxing court where the weights, punching bag, and ring stood. She turn the music on an upbeat station and faced the beat up the punching bag and began practicing on it. Yea she was in a kickboxing team but it doesn't hurt getting upper body strength as well.

  4. Troy didn't really have much to do that day. They only had night classes and that meant there were at least eight hours to kill. They'd already been up for most of the morning but hadn't quite left bed. Their dysphoria kept them awake last night. To cure this, Troy smoked a bowl of whatever their roommate Julian had on him. Normally their supplies didn't cross over, but Troy didn't have a job anymore and Julian was really generous and nice; he was the only guy within the housing arrangements that was cool enough with who Troy was to bunk with them. It didn't seem like much, but it went really far with Troy. That being said, they were out of bed now and needed their endorphins going. It left them with a dilemma, one they were contemplating the entire walk to the gym. The downside about most of their sports involving running was that they couldn't wear their binder while they did it; they had done it before and it resulted in chest pains, broken ribs, and a punctured lung.

    The walk was nice and people occasionally threw out a greeting to them. Most people didn't know whether they were a boy or a girl, something that made their sports teams interesting. They played on the women's basketball team, but the school only had a male soccer team which they were on and track and field was neutral. People were either confused or just made assumptions that they accepted as the truth. Either option was fine with them. It was fun to fuck with people. So long as people weren't mean about it, they could usually stay in a pretty good mood about it. There were some days, but they were trying to avoid thinking about those as they changed in the gender-neutral bathroom; the coaches let them use it instead of either of the locker rooms.

    They were dressed in two sports bras, basketball shorts, and a male tank top. Troy swallowed a little nervously as they walked towards the equipment. Their chest dysphoria wasn't pleasant, but the double sports bras were helping. There were treadmills that overlooked most of the gym since they were in a corner along the walls. Troy hopped on one and plugged in their music. There was a nice view at least... Most of the time people weren't in the gym. Working out wasn't really a priority in college for the general populace. They could understand it since most people didn't enjoy it. There were other hobbies that were much more enjoyable... but Troy was enjoying themselves. That was enough.
  5. After an hour or so on the punching bag she slowed her movements to stop and took a breath or two as she left to get a drink. She left the room and began to unzip her jacket a bit to air herself out from the heat that was building up that was causing her to sweat. Becky glanced around with her blues as she heard a treadmill and footsteps. "Hm?" She entered the room and seen a someone running on it. It slightly surprised her seeing someone here actually working out. A smile appeared on her face slightly though she wasn't going up to the person..yet anyway. Becky went to the small refrigerator and opened it. She stared at it for a bit before grabbing a water bottle and closed the door. She was about to go speak to the other, but stopped herself and turned around and opened the it again. She grabbed another before walking to the male. "H-hey." She said putting the water in the bottle holder that was attached of the mill. Becky opened her own and gave it a good couple of gulps before speaking again though stopped seeing that the other had earbuds on.
  6. Troy was in their own zone, thinking about everything but at the same time nothing. It was a weird thing they had trained their minds to do to get the anxiety to back off, the thoughts... everything. Running let their mind run too. They didn't focus too often, but they did pay attention every once in a while to the pretty girl at the punching bag. The burning in their lungs was steadily increasing...Why did I do this again? they asked themself as they felt that familiar ache for their binder. They clenched their jaw and picked up the pace... faster, faster... and then slowed down when the thoughts went away and when they saw the pretty girl was no longer there. With a deep sigh, they decided it had probably been long enough. They'd scrolled through the same album a couple of times and didn't want to go through it a third. As the music faded out, Troy heard a voice that didn't belong to the artist and turned off the treadmill. They turned around and saw the girl who they'd periodically watched right there. "Oh, hey... Sorry, earbuds," they said, clearing their throat after the word 'hey'. They hated their voice. They knew a few tricks to make it more bearable though, thank God. "You kicked ass over there."
  7. " I seem really into it." She chuckled a bit quietly then poked the water bottle again to make sure the other knew it was there. " Don't push yourself too hard though..." She noted to him...wait why was she telling him this? Ugh he might already think she's weird coming to him likes, Sniff. Oh god she reeked of sweat. She is going straight to the dorms after this and get washed...maybe get something else to eat too..hmm she wonder if she had anymore of that veggie cassa' left at home, or maybe she should eat a bagel instead since games are coming up. She began rubbing her shoulder feeling that she had strain it just a bit. Should have moved a different what she was doing. Her eyes blinked a bit as she looked at the other then realized she have been staring off to space again and quickly looked at something else. " Hm?..O-oh thanks!" She said realizing what male said about her practice earlier. "You too-I, " She mentally slapped herself in the wasn't the day. " I didn't know anyone else came here..You come here often?" She asked him, an original question that she came over here.