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  1. [​IMG]
    Name: Nao Mushibi
    Age: Looks 17 years old
    Species: Neko

    -(Too) Independent

    [ @HollowEastWord ]
  2. Name: Kian
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Personality: Stubborn || Caring || Playful || Outgoing || Studious 155ab8ef6f6d544571766f0dc277abea.jpg
  3. [Okie dokie!]

    "Get back here, you little freak!"

    Nao was running as fast as he could. He was ducking to avoid low-hanging branches and changing routes to loose the men that were chasing him. He had just took a sharp right before sprinting forward, hoping that he was free. His hope died when he heard pounding footsteps behind him. If that didn't let him know then the dart that barely missed him, grazing his arm, did. He was panting heavily and his legs felt like they were jelly at this point. He didn't know how much further he could go.

    It was at that moment that the skyline of the city had appeared, bringing newfound hope to him. If he could just get into the city, he could loose the men chasing him easily. Another barely dodged dart and he was pushing himself, running faster than he was before. He burst out of the forest that he had been running in, the forest that they had tracked him down in. Now he was on a vast, open land. There was nothing to cover him, nothing to help him loose them. All he could do was run and, possibly, zig zag.

    So that's what he did.

    Nao ran, ignoring the burning in his chest that seemed to spread throughout his entire body. He was on fire and he was beyond exhausted but he kept pushing himself. He wasn't going to rest until he had entered the city. And, even then, he still wasn't completely safe. He would have to find a place to hide until he could move again. No doubt the government would start to patrol the city once they learn that he's somewhere in it.

    His thoughts for survival were interrupted once he came upon a fence. He halted to a stop and gripped the fence, staring at it with wide eyes. What the hell was he suppose to do now?! A noise from behind made his head whip around. They were gaining on him. Throwing it all out of the window, he began to climb the fence quickly. It was easy since he was part cat and cats were known for climbing trees and such. Before he knew it, he had dropped down to the other side of the fence, but not without a price. A stinging sensation had manifested in his right arm and he came to notice that he'd been shot. Not with a dart but with an actual bullet. Guess they ran out, he thought sarcastically as he held his right arm, teeth gritted.

    That didn't stop him, though. Nao still went deeper into the city, blood dripping in his wake. Since he didn't hear footsteps behind him, he assumed that they didn't follow. That was all fine and dandy, but that didn't mean that he was safe. With that in mind, he went to go search for a place to hide and, possibly, get medical help.

    [It's long, I know. >.< So we're starting on the night that they first meet. You can decide if Nao enters Kian's house and that's how they meet or Kian sees him while doing something else and invites him inside. Or whatever else you have in mind. Up to you~!]
  4. Kian slung his school bag over his shoulder and let out a sigh, he was walking home from school. The sun was already setting but the city was still buzzing with cars and people. He took out his mp3 player and put on his headphones letting the music drown out all the city sounds.

    He was pretty close to home, but he stopped to look at some suspicious cars and men standing around them. The cars looked different from the usual ones the men looked like they meant business. He knew it best to stay out of that situation and just kept walking but couldn't help the feeling that those men were looking for something 'Maybe a criminal' he thought to himself 'better tell my dad'

    Soon he turned onto a quieter sidewalk, away from businesses and people to the more homey part of the city. He came to his house and opened the door to be greeted by his 5 year old sister, Hana "Kiiiiiaaaan!!" She yelled and almost jumped him over "Hey kido" he smiled "Hey dad" he greeted his father and walked to his room. Kian's family ran a small bakery from home, his mother died when giving birth to his sister.

    After doing homework and eating dinner he lay relaxing in his room when a sound caught his attention. He walked downstairs "What is it son" asked his dad "Oh I just gonna go outside for a bit" he smiled and went out to his backyard. The same sound came again, it sounded like it came from behind the garage.
  5. Nao was resting against a wall near someone's garage. He was still gripping his arm quite tightly, trying to stop the bleeding. Or, at least, slow it down. It would be the worst thing in the world if he were to die right there. And he just received a bit of freedom. Sure, he was still being hunted, but, at least, he was able to run and do whatever it was he liked. He just had to be secretive about it. A noise was sounded near him, making his ears swivel in its direction. His body stilled as he waited for another noise, energy building up just in case he had to run. Nao's eyes were red slits, scanning the area for any suspicious looking figures.
  6. Kian squinted but could see nothing, it was too dark already. Deciding to go check just in case it meant danger he slowly walked that way. Once he was there right by the garage he picked up a shovel that was standing against the wall, he needed some sort of self-defense. "Okay here we go...1.....2...3" with that he jumped and was about to swing the shovel when what sat there fully came to view. "Wha!" He asked and stared at the person or thing.
  7. Nao had scrambled to his feet and moved far away from his spot before. He stared at the other male who held a shovel in his hands. The teen's teeth were bared and his ears were flat against his head, tail swishing behind in an irritated manner. He truly looked like he was part cat as he analyzed the other male with narrowed eyes.

    "....What do you want?" He questioned after some time. The other male wasn't a guard. And he looked about the same age as himself. Nao relaxed a little, but not all the way. Just in case the stranger wanted to attack him. He had to be prepared.
  8. Kian's eyes were as wide as saucers "Your a cat!! And you just spoke to me!!" He yelled lifting the shovel higher ready to swing, he had a million things flying through his brain at that point, then the cat's question hit him "I live here!" He screamed still really freaked out.

    "Kian is everything okay" came his sisters soft, tired voice "Yeah sis I just walked into the garage" he lied not once taking his eyes off the cat. The silence signaled that his sister had gone back to sleep. "What the hell are you" he said in a voice just above a whisper "I should call the cops!" He didn't really know what to do. He stood still staring at the taller male not at all sure if he was dreaming or not.
  9. Nao wrinkled his nose. A cat? He wasn't a cat! He was only part cat. There was a huge difference. As the other male screamed that he lived there, the white-haired male mumbled an 'oh'. It was then that he noticed how high the shovel became. He shuffled back further, hissing.

    Another voice filled the garage. One ear perked and swiveled as the human male answered to it. So he has a sister?, Nao thought. The male's next question caught him off guard and it took some time for him to answer it.

    "I'm a Neko. Only part cat," he informed him, putting emphasis on the word 'part'. "And you shouldn't call the cops, really. What are you going to tell them? That a half-cat, half-human is in your garage?" He questioned. "They'll think you're crazy," he purred with a smirk, assuming he was safe. He hissed as pain shot through his injured arm, glancing down at it. It seemed the blood had stopped, at least.
  10. "No in fact I'll just tell them that there is a stranger in my yard, I'm not that stupid" he hissed back, how dare he take him for some idiot. That's when the cat...neko..made a pained sound and Kian was torn between hitting him with the shovel and asking him what was wrong.

    "What are you doing here?" He asked instead, he was sure that the men he saw earlier were after this cat, he knew it for sure.
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