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  1. It was the first day of Daniel's third year of college. He was currently in his dorm unpacking, as he placed all of his stuff around the room and, as usual when he wasn't doing anything that required much attention, his thoughts quickly went to his best friend, this wonderful girl whom he'd been in love with ever since they'd met, although he knew she would never love him back.

    As he was thinking this there was a knock on the door, he turned arround to see Andrew, his roommate and friend.

    "Hey man." Said Andrew. "Are you done already?"

    "Yup." Said Daniel placing the last item on his nightstand, a picture of him and a couple of friends.

    "Then let's go, a couple of us are meeting at the bar."

    "Ok, let’s go."
  2. At the bar Kathy saw her friend Daniel come in with a few of his friends. Having not seen him in a few days because of having to set up her dorm and last minute paper work for the college, she was happy to see him.

    "Hey Danny! Came to forget for one more day that we're gonna have homework and essays again?" She said grinning at Daniel and friends
  3. Daniel saw Kathy and sat down next to her.

    "Yup, maybe if I get drunk enough the teachers will give me a pass." He smiled at her, she was so beautiful, he hadn't seen her in a couple of day's and he'd missed her. "So, what have you been up to this last couple of days? Anything interesting?"
  4. "Well I like your kind of thinking! An another round sir!" Kathy laughed. It was good to forget about real life, its even better with good friends.
    "Nothing fun, unless you like unpacking and doing paperwork. And where is my hug? I don't see you for days and forget all about the nice things we do." Kathy went on to pout and opening her arms wide toward Daniel.
  5. "Sorry" said Daniel with a smile as he gave her a big hug. "I missed you" he told her, hoping that she wouldn't think it was too much. He loved her hugs, they were short moments in which he could believe for a moment that she returned his feelings. "So, tell me something interesting, something must have happened since the last time we talked." He asked her as they pulled away from their hug.
  6. "I missed you too. Oh, I did try that new cafe across the street from campus, their muffins are so good! Did you get new body wash? Its smells great." As Kathy went on, she tried to figure out why she always seem to notice these kinds of things when it came Daniel, but not with everyone else. Weird.
    "And what about you mister? What have you been up to?"
  7. Daniel hoped that he hadn't blushed after that comment, that would be extreamly embarasing, he sometimes acted like a 15 year old girl with a crush.
    "Not much, trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my life this semester." He said with a little smile. "And yes, I did get a new body wash, I just wonder how you noticed, did you get a crush on my all of a sudden." He was kidding of course, they often tesed each other in that way and he only meant it as a joke, but there was a small part of him that wanted her to say that she had even if he knew it would never happen.
  8. "I have no idea hahaha! And what you're gonna do this semester? I'll tell ya, you're gonna study with me while eating a mountain of muffins and other bake goods. Yep thats the plan. But for real, what do you have in mind?" Looking Daniel in the eye to show she wanted to know. 'I never really understood crushes or the like. Never clicked in my head' Kathy thought for a minute, like she always does when someone would bring up love and the sort.
  9. He laughed. "Right now I only plan on trying to keep up with my classes, anything beyond that I'll figure out tomorrow, tonight I just want to have a drink with my best friend, I'm not even going to try to pick up anyone." Daniel was used to at least hitting on people when he was at bars, he was a hopeless romantic, but when he was single he liked keeping his sex life interesting, he wouldn't call himself a player but he wasn't s monk ether.
  10. "Well than, we'll face the real world tomorrow! In the morning before class want to get breakfast together, you know trade class schedules, map out the best routes, the works." Kathy felt oddly relived that Daniel wasn't picking up anybody tonight, 'cause when he did she felt upset but also happy because he seemed happy. 'Grrr whoever invented emotions forgot to give the rest of us the manual'
  11. He smiled at her.

    "I would love to have breakfast with you." He said. They exchanged schedules and decided on a place and a time.

    "Let's go dance." He told her.
  12. The dance floor was full of people, making everyone dance real close to one another. Being so close, Kathy could smell Daniel's body wash again and felt how warm he was. 'This is nice' was the thought going though kathy's mind when she was this close to him.
  13. Daniel loved dancing like this with Kathy, it felt so nice being this close. Everyone was jumping and moving around to the beat of the music and then, suddenly there was a new song playing, a slow love song.

    He got a bit nervous, he wanted to keep dancing but he wasn't sure he could keep it cool being this close to her and stop himself from going in for a kiss. He didn't let this emotion show and simply moved closer to her.

    "May I have this dance?" He asked Kathy with a smile.
  14. "Sure, Danny" Kathy put her arms around his neck and stepped closer. The warmth she felt from earlier was growing and wanting to get closer to it, Kathy laid her head on Daniel's chest. 'I wish I knew how he can be so warm'
    "You're so warm, I like it. Whats your secret?"
  15. He laughed.

    "I think the word that you're looking for is hot." He joked, he loved being like this, she felt so good against his body, she smelled amazing. He rested his head on her hair and closed his ayes, letting himself pretend, if only for a moment, that she was his, that he could just kiss her right here, right now without any repercussion. He let those thoughts go and simply felt happy that he could have this amazing girl in his life.
  16. Raising an eye brow slightly "That's not what I'm talking about, I mean its like when you're wrapped up in your favorite blanket. Ya know?" Kathy was speaking in to Daniel's neck because she still was on his chest.
  17. He let out a small, soft laugh. "I like being your blanket." He said. "You don't feel that bad yourself." God I want to kiss you so bad. He thought. He sighted sadly, he wanted so bad to get rid of this thought, she was his friend, he loved her and she loved him, why couldn't that be enough?
  18. When the music started to change, Kathy didn't want to move just yet, but she also didn't want to get bumped by the other dancers.
    "You want to go sit down? I think something to drink sounds nice right now." She just couldn't figure out why she would feel so happy and warm when the two of them were together, why was it only Daniel? 'Maybe its because we've been friends for so long that I felt more comfortable around him than around my other friends?'
  19. "It does." He answered.

    They turned around and started moving towards the bar. In a moment of bravery he stopped and grabbed her hand to make her turn around to look at him. They locked eyes and a million things went through Daniel's mind, kissing her, telling her he was in love with her... He didn't do anything, he just looked at her.
  20. Looking back at Daniel when he grabed her hand, Kathy looked in his eyes. They looked like they were shining, Kathy's heart skiped a beat. 'What just happened? Am I having a heart attack?'
    "Your eyes look really nice. . . " That part was supposed to stay in her head, why was his eyes any different now than any other time? 'I need that manual!'
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